5 Small Goals for Spring

I know it seems like this is quite tardy, but spring has been taking it’s sweet time getting around to visiting Toronto, Canada.  I’m still wearing a hat  in the morning and evenings.  So, since there are finally so leaf buds on the trees, I’m ready to start welcoming spring! These are the things I’m going to try sometime between now and June 20th:

5 goals for spring: knittedbliss.comA lot of the inspiration for these 5 things has come from previous Pin Up Fridays Pinterest round ups, since there are so many inspiring things out there, this is my way of making more of an effort to try them out.

  1. For trying out out 3 new hairstyles, I am very guilty of wearing my hair down almost all the time. In the winter I justify it by saying I can’t really do anything with my hair that won’t be crushed by a hat, but now that it’s warming up, there’s no excuse!


  1. I’ve seen some very tasty looking recipes on Pinterest for waffle donuts and little cakes, and there are even more on my pinterest boards for both sweet and savory treats, so who knows what I’ll go with! Maybe I’ll try a few different ones.
  2. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this very modern take on a bright eyeshadow, and I think spring is a perfect time to play with fun colours in your make up. I’m going to be brave and try purple eye make up, and see how it goes.
  3. A coffee cozy is a great way to use up small bits of leftover yarn, try a new stitch or technique you haven’t tried before, and then you don’t need to get a cardboard sleeve (it’s a small thing, but one less thing being thrown away/recycled). I like the idea of some fun, bright coffee cozies. I don’t know why, but I’m convinced they make you a teensy bit happier when you see them.
  4. I’m specifically loving the macrame planters that I’ve been seeing lately, like this one. I think my home could definitely use a hanging plant.

What about you? Are there any fun plans or activities you want to try?


  1. kingshearte   •  

    Coffee cozies. They do make you happy. I have one that I use all the time, and I quite like it. It gets a lot of positive comments from other people, too.

  2. Loulou   •  

    It’s such a great idea to list out your small goals like this. I’m keen to see your hairstyles and purple eye make-up … No doubt they’ll look lovely on you. And just the other day Nick was complaining about yet another potted plant I put on the floor near the window, so I told him that if he put some good solid hooks in the ceiling, I’d hang some. Seems it’s time to get the macrame plant hangers going around here too!

  3. Swissrose   •  

    Purple eye-make-up is great on dark-eyed brunettes – I used to use it a lot – so it’s bound to look good on you, too!
    And hair: braid, braids, braids – lots of easy ways to use braiding that are soooo pretty 🙂

  4. Michelle Nussey   •  

    Those are five really good goals, although you realize now you’ve got to keep us all updated! Photographic evidence!! I am not really sure what goals I would pick for spring. I did some spring cleaning this past weekend and it was MUCH WARRANTED. Hahaha

  5. kessanlin   •  

    Oh, I love this idea! I might just have to steal it since small goals are probably all I can manage at this point… The goals you’ve set looks fun and manageable. Be sure to share your progress with us!

  6. Jean   •  

    Definitely need some coffee mug cozies myself. I actually save those cardboard ones from places I liked and use them at work or at other cafes cuz I feel so bad making more garbage.

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