5 Small Goals for Winter: Try a new-to-me Craft

TFA mug

I had been wanting to try sharpies on mugs for ages, it looked so simple and fun. I finally got myself a set of sharpies, and gave it a try:

 As you can probably tell, it was a gift for Tanis, as we had been talking about sharpies on mugs in the past month. After reading all the information I could about this craft (and pinning ever so many  examples on my pinterest), I opted to bake the mug at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.  For best results, put the mug int he oven while it is still cold, and then turn on the oven- this prevents any potential breakage of the mug as the oven heats up. It worked perfectly! Hand washing with a cloth or soft sponge keeps the design intact.

TFA mug 2

I really enjoyed seeing which colours held up with the baking, since a lot of the lighter colours faded quite a bit, but it was a very neat effect. Red, dark blue, purple and black seem to have held up the best, the lighter colours faded quite a bit. But I definitely want to try this again! I really recommend- and these would make great last minute gifts for coworkers or friends…..


  1. Laura   •  

    I love this make! You have the most elegant handwriting – just perfect for projects like this! 😀

  2. Alicia   •  

    Super cute! love the polka dots.

  3. Looks great! I’ve been thinking of making some of these as well. Just got a new set of dinnerware and since I am the only coffee/tea drinker in the house I thought these plain white mugs could use some personality.

  4. Teresa   •  

    I love this! Thanks for posting. It’s a great idea. I need to be doing this over the holidays 🙂

  5. Tanis   •  

    Your photos are so bright and cheerful and fun! I love them and I love this mug. You’ve definitely got a future in sharpie mug art!

  6. Zeeknits   •  

    Love the mug. Have sharpies, need mug. On my way.

  7. Loulou   •  

    This is so neat! I love how your mug turned out.

  8. Natalie B   •  

    Beautiful! Looks like some of the colours mute out quite a bit (the yellow and the purple). Any tips as to which colours you wouldn’t bother with? Thanks!

  9. Jolene   •  

    What a fun goal. Love the mug!

  10. Voie de Vie   •  

    Well that mug rocks! It turned out fantastic. Just love it.

  11. Tiffany   •  

    That turned out really nice. I’ve avoided doing projects like that because my handwriting is horrendous! Good to know how the colors are effected in the baking process though.

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