Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie

I’m sorry, guys. There were just so many amazing photos from this shoot, I couldn’t hold myself back.

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

Pattern: R & R Hoodie

Yarn: Biscotte Yarns Worsted Weight Griffon in Farfadet, Gris-Gris, and a custom self striping between the two.

Mods: Eliminated the pocket from the pattern, and added ears. Details on the ears can be found on my Ravelry project page, here.

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

What can I say? I am crazy in love with this sweater. It turned out exactly how I was hoping. Well, almost exactly.

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

This was my first time sewing a zipper into a knit, and I have to say that the sewing of it was pretty easy (thanks so much for the great tips on the previous post, everyone!). I laid it flat, pinned it into place, then hand sewed it in. And I was so proud,  so excited! I was at the cottage with my in-laws, the kids were sleeping, and I waved the sweater around in the air like a flag and cheered and marveled at how cute the ears were and then I tried to unzip the zipper….. and it was locked at the end. It zips all the way down, but I can’t separate the fronts.

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

Friends, why didn’t anyone tell me that there are different types of zippers? I bet you all thought I’d know this, that I’d be somewhat smart about it. But as someone who never sews, I bought 3 different zippers, at different places, with different attributes (thank goodness zippers are cheap), and I never – not once! – checked to see if I could unzip them all the way. I am a zipper idiot. I don’t know how to buy a zipper. So naturally, none of the zippers I bought unzipped all the way. Maybe the zippers were such a good price because you can only use them for… I don’t know, skirts? What else would you do with a 9 inch zipper that doesn’t open into two halves?

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

Oh well. I can still get it on and off easily. It wasn’t hard to put it on him ‘unzipped’ to the hem. And even though it was a beautiful summer morning, James seems pretty chipper in his supercute baby bear hoodie, don’t you think? I think he knows how good he looks in it.

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

There is still room for James to do some growing, so I’m feeling pretty confident about it fitting him through the fall and hopefully well into winter.

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

I enjoyed knitting this sweater so much. The yarn was a joy to work with and the pattern was awesome and so straightforward. It recently got revamped to include adult sizes, and now I’m itching to knit the grown up one for myself. But first- I need to learn how to buy a zipper.  All zipper purchasing tips would be most welcome.

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |

I feel like Oprah Winfrey when she gives huge prizes away on her show- Look under your chairs! YOU get a picture of James, and YOU get a picture of James and YOU get a picture of James!  So, you know… here’s another picture of James:

Finished Knit: R & R Hoodie |


  1. debbie conway   •  

    just adorable!!! james and the hoodie

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks so much! Baby sweaters are always a fun knit, this pattern especially.

  2. Jackie   •  

    The last one is the absolute cutest!! What a happy looking little boy!

    • Admin   •     Author

      I agree, the way he is looking right at the camera and smiling…. out of the ten faves, this might be my most favourite.

  3. Carolyn   •  

    Too bad about the zipper. James is beyond adorable though!

    • Admin   •     Author

      I know, so bizarre to have bought 3 zippers all with the same problem! A learning experience.

  4. onkuri   •  

    So adorable! Both the baby and the sweater!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thank you!! I’m biased, but I totally agree. 😉

  5. Heather In Montreal   •  

    As a sewer as well as a knitter, I got a good chuckle out of your zipper saga! So when shopping for zippers, look for the ones that say ‘seperating’. Also the two kinds look quite different at the bottom. It really is difficult to explain, but look at them in the store and it is obvious, especially now that you know there are different kinds! Oh and that 9 inch non seperating goes in a skirt or pants, or in a small zippered pouch!
    Oh and BTW, love the sweater! It looks fantastic and James is a sweetheart.

    • Admin   •     Author

      separating zippers, so that’s what they are called!!! Sigh. I’ll know better next time. I was so focused about getting the sewing part of it right, it never occurred to me about the actual zipper itself.

  6. miss agnes   •  

    Ha, ha, this happened to me also the very first time I bought a zipper, if that’s any comfort. Yes, there are zippers for skirts and trousers, and zippers for sweaters and coats – totally different. I had found a great zipper the exact same color as my yarn, but realized it would not unzip all the way back home. I just had to buy a very boring grey zipper for my rust cardigan in the end. Rookie mistake, it won’t happen twice.
    This hoodie is so cute with its cute bear ears. Yes, it’s clear your son knows you adore him, and boys are charmers too….

    • Admin   •     Author

      I feel better knowing I’m not the only one who has made this mistake. I felt pretty dumb when I realized what I had done! James is super charming, and adding the ears…. yeah, little baby heartbreaker.

  7. Jane   •  

    Oh my gosh James is the cutest little kiddo in that hoodie. It looks absolutely adorable, and the striping you did on the body is fabulous!

    Re: zippers – I’m so sorry about your mishap! That must be so frustrating. Yes, there are two kinds of zippers: “separating” for coats/hoodies/etc that open all the way, and non-separating (really useful for pants, skirts, bags, pouches), and it’s prettty tough to convert one if it’s already been sewn in. At least James is small enough that pulling his hoodie on over his head is still practical, and you still got to learn a lot about how to insert a zipper into your knits!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks so much! I got fooled by the end of the zipper, it has a thick rectangle at the end, I assumed that was where the other side went in…. but I never tried it. Rookie move on my part!

  8. Monica   •  

    James is delicious!!! Absolutely adorable!! The hoodie is great, I love the ears!! I may have to copy your mods, my daughter would rock that look?? And thank you for being Oprah with the photos, they really are great, those cheeks, those eyes, that smile, and those tiny dimples!!

    • Admin   •     Author

      You should totally do the ears!! They were very easy and took hardly no yarn at all. And with the hood shaping, it’s easy to just line them up against the flat part.

  9. Ellen   •  

    this is such a cute sweater not to mention the model! he is just the sweetest little one in this sweater! I love the ears. great job even with the zipper mishap and who knew there were different zippers???

    • Admin   •     Author

      I’ve been pretty impressed with his knitwear modelling skills so far- he’s easy with the camera, which helps! I certainly didn’t know about zippers before this knit. But I feel like I could do knit something with a zip again and be even more confident- now that i know what sort of zipper to get!

  10. Kelly J. R.   •  

    I would have had a hard time slimming down those adorable pictures too. That smile!

    And I had no idea that they even made zippers that don’t unzip the whole way! I don’t sew either and I’m sure I would have made the same mistake. But now I’ll know better thanks to you! In any case, the sweater (and the baby) is adorable!

    • Admin   •     Author

      All the more reason to share my tale of zipper woe- I hope to spare other knitters from the same sort of slip up. I’ve noticed so many knitters also sew, so I guess they have some great crossover knowledge, but for us non-sewers….. it was eye opening! But sadly not zipper opening…. oh well. It still works well enough!

  11. Melissa   •  

    Such cuteness! And the sweater is lovely, too! Well done–and the zipper makes for a good story 🙂

    • Admin   •     Author

      I think he’s pretty cute, too! And that sort of zipper experience is definitely memorable. I’ll know better next time!

  12. Deb from Kingston   •  

    That is one adorable baby!! And good work on that sweater!!!! So the zipper isn’t right? So what. Just tell people it was planned, so he wouldn’t take the sweater off. No biggie. But I think, since the sweater has ears, it should also have a tail somewhere. When Annie was wee, I made her a sweater with ears, and her only comment was where’s the tail. She seemed to think they had to go together, and I guess they do! So a little soft, rounded “flap” was all I did, and she loved it.

    • Admin   •     Author

      A tail is such a good idea!!! I could totally add a little nub of a bear tail at the back. Great suggestion about the flap, so that it’s still comfortable against a car seat back.

  13. Marcy   •  

    Your zipper (mid)adventure gave me a good chuckle to start my morning. And what a cutie pie face! What’s a little zipper mishap when you can start the day with this sweet guy. Never too many pictures of your beautiful family.

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks so much, I’m glad the photos weren’t too much! Sometimes when I see recipe posts and there are twelve photos of brownies before the recipe, I find it to be overkill. now I know how it happens!

  14. Kat   •  

    ALL the James pictures! He is so precious, and the sweater looks adorable on him. I’m glad to hear there’s a little bit of grow room-this sweater definitely deserves lots of wear time!

    • Admin   •     Author

      I’m glad you didn’t find it overkill! And I was please to see that there is some good growth room, especially since it’s so crazy hot here right now. hardly sweater weather. But it will be eventually!

  15. Pat   •  

    Too much cuteness!!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Darn it, I was hoping for ‘just enough’ cuteness! 😉

  16. Marsha   •  

    It is almost impossible to find 9 inch separating zippers. Usually only white or black are available. I am still looking for an online option as I love baby sweaters that zip.Anyone?? This may be a new design detail and dressing technique.With a stretchy bottom and unzipped all or most of the way- it should be easy to take on and off. Now- about that baby! James is so adorable in his little hoodie. Take lots of photos and do not edit! The photos and the moment captured are great.

    • Admin   •     Author

      That’s a good point about shorter separating zippers, for baby knits. I’ll have to look into that, maybe on ebay? But I agree that it’s not too bad with the non separating, now that I’ve put it on James and taken it off a couple of times. Now that it’s happened, and the initial feeling of ‘oh no!’ has subsided, I think it’s going to work out fine. Thank you so much for the compliments on James and the hoodie!

  17. Christine   •  

    I love these pictures of James. He is adorable and he looks great in your sweater too! Let’s be honest he would look cute in anything. : )

    • Admin   •     Author

      I agree with you, but I’m totally biased! 😀

  18. Jennifer   •  

    Such a great sweater, and an even more adorable little boy! Congratulations on both! 😀

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks, Jennifer! I’m really happy with the sweater, and I’d love to knit myself the grown up version now, too!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks so much! 😀

  19. MelissaHB   •  

    Your sweater is so cute!! I’ve boughten closed end zippers by mistake a few times and did the palm in face when I was about ready to install! In the zipper displays it’s hard to figure out sometimes which ones are closed end and which ones are separating. Especially when your looking for that perfect color!! You might be able to convert it. I would call your sewing centre to see if they have a separating zipper head, the stopper and the pointy end that you would need for the conversion. I’ve replaced the separating zipper heads and stoppers on sweaters before and they are relatively cheap (like a few dollars) and it’s easy to do but I’m not sure if they have the pointy feeder end that you would need for the bottom of the separating zipper.

    I would totally save the other closed end zippers and sew up a couple project bags for yourself too! A 9″ zipper could be used to make a sock sized project bag! Check out Pinterest for tutorials for wedge project bags. It’s easier than you think

    • Admin   •     Author

      You can convert zippers, too?! I have so much to learn about zippers. I’m going to hand on to the other two zippers… one looks like a dress zipper (it was the firs tone I bought), but the other is similar to the one in the hoodie. Perhaps I will sew a project bag one day. Anything is possible! I do own a sewing machine…. somewhere…..

  20. stefanie   •  

    OMGosh! Look how big James is gettin’. He is so handsome and all snuggled up in his new hoodie. What a fabulous job you did on that project. The bear ears are adorable as an added feature. Bravo!

    • Admin   •     Author

      He is huge! In person, everyone comments on how big he is, he’s bigger than most 1 year olds (currently he’s 8 months old). I’mg lad you like the ears, I’m really happy wit how they turned out!

  21. Donna   •  

    The hoodie is awesome, Julie! And James is so adorable! It looks like he loves wearing it, especially with the ears on the hood. And the color looks great on him. Had you not mentioned about the zipper, no one would have known that it doesn’t separate at the bottom. I’m impressed at how well you sewed in your first zipper – it looks great! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

    • Admin   •     Author

      The bottom of the zipper has a thick bit, like the kind you would insert the side into for a separating zipper, so it’s not easy to tell just by looking at it that it doesn’t really work fully. I’ve put it on him a couple of times and he didn’t fuss when I was putting it over his head. I think it’ll be okay in the long run. Definitely a learning experience!

  22. Corinne   •  

    I love it! So beautiful and you handled the three yarns in such an interesting way. I might have to steal the idea (again) and knit one for our neighbour’s kids soon 😉

    • Admin   •     Author

      I’m happy with how the colour blending turned out! who would have thought the bright green and grey could work, but I am really happy with it. By all means, steal away! 😉

  23. MJ   •  

    Gorgeous sweater and even more gorgeous baby! He looks so happy.
    Also, zippers…who knew? I’m not a sewer and it would never have occurred to me that there were different types of zippers. Although, of course, now that everyone has explained the difference it makes perfect sense.

    • Admin   •     Author

      I was hoping that in sharing this story, others who hadn’t put a zipper into their knits before would remember it when they are looking for a zipper for their knits one day! I certainly feel like I’m learning more about zippers lately than I ever realized was possible.

  24. Amy   •  

    Oh, my dear. That must have been a terrible shock. I have never had the nerve to put a zipper in a knitted item, but used to sew a lot.Yes, zippers come in many types, starting with separating and non-separating. If you look at the bottom end, there is a metal thingie, like a fat staple, that forms a dam across the two sides of the teeth/coils and holds them firmly together. A separating zipper has a wider thingie that allows you to plug in the bottom part of the left hand side of the zipper which has like a long tooth, and then you pull up on the tab and presto chango, it zips! There are other types, like metal teeth/chunky plastic teeth/smaller plastic teeth/nylon coils, and even one that zips on BOTH DIRECTIONS with two zipper heads. Now, for the fun part: just look for a longer zipper and (whee!) shorten it! I think this will give you a better color selection. You had best get either a smaller plastic tooth or nylon coil for this, as cutting the others is not fun for your scissors. Just cut through the tape about 1/2″ above where you want it, and fold the ends at an angle, hiding the ends of the teeth, so as not to itch the wearer. I have used the simple expedient of hand sewing a stop on each side at the top of the zipper, or you can buy a zipper repair kit which will have the metal pieces to make stops that will never fray in use. Your choice. I think the sweater is wonderful, and the baby is beyond darling.

    • Admin   •     Author

      What fooled me is that this zipper does have a thick base to it, like the kind you feed the side into. But no dice! I feel silly I didn’t try it in the store, so silly of me. And zippers with two zipper heads for both directions?! Oh man, that sounds like a whole other zipper universe! I have a lot more to learn. That is some great advice about the longer zipper and shortening!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks, Katie!

  25. Violet   •  

    Oh my that sweater is just adorable as is your sweet son! He looks so thrilled to be in the pictures.

    • Admin   •     Author

      He does look really happy! He’s pretty thrilled every time I plunk him down on the grass, he loves the outdoors.

  26. Tanis   •  

    More pictures of James please! Never enough! So glad that the sweater is still wearable even with the non-separating zipper. Few! Those bear ears are perfection. I love how they’re cup shaped. Such a sweet addition.

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks Tanis! They are cupped shaped, I made some other types before when I made Lila her baby bear hoodie back in the day, but I think these will stay ‘up’ a bit easier.

  27. Katie Lynn   •  

    I have also purchased a ‘all-purpose’ zipper when I meant to purchase a separating zip. The all-purpose is kind of a misnomer, IMO.

    I usually use a 7″ zip in skirts, so I don’t know what you could use that 9″ for, except maybe a little pouch?

    And I’ve been sewing a lot of half-circle skirts with cute patterned fabrics lately, so I’ve gotten pretty good at the whole zipper installation. Maybe I need to look at adding one to my knitting again

    • Admin   •     Author

      If you are happy sewing in zips to skirts, that’s got to be a good skill! And you are right, ‘all purpose’ was misleading. I will hang onto the other zipper (it’s actually a 10″ one, I wasn’t sure exactly what length I’d need after blocking), and maybe make a pouch. maybe a knitted one!

  28. Laura   •  

    Ahhh, so cute! The ears bring the hoodie to a new level of adorability (I think I just made that word up). There are so many different types of zippers, it is definitely overwhelming.

    • Admin   •     Author

      I’m a big fan of little ears on all sorts of baby knits- baby hoodies and hats need ears!

  29. Melanie   •  

    Cutest smile in the world!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks, Melanie!! I think so too. 😀

  30. Ginette   •  

    James Is si cute…. And I hard a good laugh for the zipper story… I would have done the same .. James has the same smile of Lila…

    • Admin   •     Author

      I agree that James looks a lot like how Lila looked when she was a baby! Only he is much bigger than she was at the same age. She was a teeny tiny baby, but he’s big for his age! (8 months).

  31. Lisa   •  

    Oh, my goodness…cuteness overload!!! The sweater is so, so cute, but it fades in the background of James’ sweet smile! 🙂

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks, Lisa! I’m happy with both the sweater and the cuteness of the model. He was so easy to photograph!

  32. Val   •  

    Cutest baby, cutest mod! Geez that smile is contagious 🙂

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thanks, Valerie! There were some previous knitters that had done similar mods, so it was nice to check out theirs for some solid inspiration. Some great mods from this pattern! And he is a smiley baby.:)

  33. Christine M (Christine D Mo on Facebook)   •  

    HAHAHAHAHA! I just lol’ed my way through that post! You win extra points for coming clean about your zipper shopping deficiencies. You could’ve easily breezed on about the cute baby, sweet sweater and never once mentioned the zipper snafu. i think that’s why so many of us feel inadequate after reading craft blogs… we think, “How do they do it? Perfect every time!” I guess we all know on some level that they weren’t all that perfect, but it would help if others were as honest as you are. In the end, the sweater is just as beautiful and the child just as perfect, plus all your readers feel a kinship with you as a crafter when you share both the ups and downs. 🙂 xo

    • Admin   •     Author

      Trying for all the honesty here! I just hope others can learn from my zipper errors…. there are all kind of different zippers out there, who knew? Well, besides those who sew.

  34. kingshearte   •  

    I more or less said this already on your instagram, but I seriously just cannot even with your kid. Holy crap. How do you even stand it? How does he stand himself? There should be a warning label on a kid that cute wearing an eared sweater. Good grief. 🙂

    • Admin   •     Author

      haha, that will be the next sweater- ‘warning: adorable like you cannot even!!’ He was a good sport- I hope that bodes well for all his future knitwear modeling!

  35. Sierra   •  

    I just had someone come into my shop and ask me about our zippers, whether they unzipped all the way. I had no clue what they were talking about, of course zippers unzip all the way…totally wrong. His chubby little face looks adorable in his hood!

    • Admin   •     Author

      haha, I wonder if they had previously been burned by the kind that are locked t the bottom, too! Did they end up buying a zipper, or no?

  36. Biscotte   •  

    Your son is sooo adorable!!! Very well done with the zipper! Thank you for sharing these nice pictures with our yarns!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Happy to do so! I was really happy with the Griffon yarn, it was fantastic to work with. 😀

  37. Loulou   •  

    Oh my gosh, baby boy, I love him so. I spy two little tooffers.

    The hoodie is adorable. The ears are awesome.

    I laughed out loud when I read that you think you’re a zipper idiot. I’ll gladly take you zipper shopping and I know just the place to go on Queen Street.

    • Admin   •     Author

      Next time I need a zipper, I’m going shopping with you!!

  38. AngelaH   •  

    Oh. My. Gosh. James! What a little cutie! Those ears are such a great mod.

    Your zip is sewn in so well! The silver lining here, I think, is that because it doesn’t come all the way undone, James won’t (easily) be able to discard this sweater anywhere without you noticing! So, maybe you’re actually a zipper genius!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thank you! I was really pleased with the sewing part of the job, I thought it turned out well. And you’re right- that is a silver lining! No lost hoodie!

  39. Terina   •  

    This is one gorgeous baby and in a hoodie with ears – almost too cute to cope with! You must be cuddling constantly – delicious :))

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thank you so much!! He is a super cuddly baby, but he’s recently learned to crawl… so he’s also a very busy little baby!

  40. Marta Varga   •  

    Oh, don’t worry, Julie, about the zipper! I did the same thing with my first cardigan with zipper :). It was baby size, too, and I loved it on my daughter! And I think babies rarely wear cardigans unzipped, they fall off too easily, don’t they? Moreover, I think it is much easier to buy a non separating zipper in baby sizes because you never find a 22″ zipper of this kind 🙂
    Your cardigan turned out adorable! James is so cute :)! And it was a wise decision to knit it in the bigger side, it’s too cute to wear only one season.

    • Admin   •     Author

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has done that! 😉 And you are so right, I don’t know how often I’d have him in the sweater and not have it zipped up, that is a very good point!

  41. Anna   •  

    Gorgeous sweater and that James, he gets cuter every time you post pictures! Adorable. I love the ears, what a genius move to add them.

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thank you!! I’m a big fan of baby hats and hoodies that have ears on them. It seems to take the existing cuteness and multiply it by a thousand!

  42. Alexis   •  

    Your sweater looks amazing!! and your baby looks darling (never too many pictures, don’t worry)! I love the added ears. I now really want to make this sweater for my babies too.

    • Admin   •     Author

      Thank you! I’m really pleased with how the sweater turned out, it’s so soft and the proportions are just right- I’d highly recommend the pattern (and the yarn!). You should totally make the sweater! Unless you are already totally swamped with baby knits. And even then, what’s one more….;)

  43. Bronchitikat   •  

    Lovely jumper, gorgeous boy. You can really see him looking like Lila in some of the shots.

    Zippers: as you now know, come in close-ended (for skirts, dresses and trousers) and open-ended forms (for eg: this hoodie!) Sorry, I thought maybe the pattern would have specified an open ended zip. It was kinda obvious to me, but then I’ve dressmade for years.

    Open ended zips come in several forms including ‘ordinary’ (but open ended); ‘chunky’ – bigger teeth, bigger everything, good for jumpers, particularly if they’re plastic zips; and metal (teeth and slider) – which can be cold to the touch, but otherwise very durable.

    If you have a tendency to ‘chew’ your zip ends, in the wash maybe, get a metal zip. The slider will also be metal, which means it won’t break and be unmendable – this is where you’ll be particularly glad you hand-sewed it into place!

    • Admin   •     Author

      You know, I’ll have to check the pattern again- I don’t know if it specified a separated zipper, I’ll look. I love the idea of the bigger zippers, but I never thought about that- plastic could easily get too ‘chewed’ and damaged. That’s such a good point! this zipper is metal, and is clear of his little neck. i was worried about it possibly being too high on him, so I went for a 9″ zipper, even though the front length is longer. And the hand sewing went great- I feel like I could that again! But, of course, with the right type of zip next time. 😉

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  45. DWJ   •  

    Ok, I just bought this pattern too and am so glad you had zipper issues so I’m aware! I’ve only ever bought zippers for skirts or to sew into a bag and haven’t thought about them needing to separate. Now I’ll definitely pay attention!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Oh, I’m so glad that you read this post! I hope I’ve spared you the same mistake! I’ve had this pattern in my queue for ages, and planned to knit it for James. I’m really excited it just got updated for the adult sizes, too! I’m going to knit myself one. Now that i know what sort of zip to get. 😉

  46. Zeta   •  

    Too cute for me to handle!!!!

    • Admin   •     Author

      Aw, thank you so much!!

  47. Brandy   •  

    What a happy little boy! With a smile like that, I don’t mind seeing it 50 different ways. (And the knitting is pretty fantastic, too!)

    • Admin   •     Author

      He is a pretty happy chap. I hope he will continue to enjoy being a knitwear model!

  48. florapie   •  

    Such a cute sweater, and I love the shape of the hood! The only reason I was able to not make a mistake sewing in my first zipper was because of Grumperina’s super clear instructions in the Budgie pattern. Not only does she tell you to make sure it’s the separating kind, she tells you to make sure it works before you bother putting it in! Lessons learned 🙂 Separating ones aren’t always easy to find in the right length, but there are instructions all over the web on how to shorten one that’s too long.

    • Admin   •     Author

      Oh, that is so lucky that you have done the Budgie pattern! I haven’t done that one, but that’s clever that she included details like that for the zipper newbies (like me!)

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks, Jill! I’m happy with it how it turned out.

  49. andi   •  

    I think it is obvious from the number of replies that we can never have too many pictures of James or that fantastic hoodie. Bummer about the zipper, but I have never known about the different zippers and probably would have made the same mistake.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Adorable babies in knits, it’s a winning combination! Now I’ll have to knit him something else! 😉 This was definitely a learning experience for zippers, that’s for sure. but I was happy to see how easy it was to sew it in. Now, once I figure out what zipper to buy, I’ll be all set!

  50. Pam   •  

    So glad you gave us that abundance of cuteness. The sweater is cute, he is ADORABLE.

    For future reference, there are also separating zippers that can be unzipped from the bottom (2way separating) that are really handy for long coats or sweaters (where you might want to unzip them to say, sit down in a car). Not for kids clothes though.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Oh man, I’m not ready for those types of zippers yet! Next time I need a zip I’m going to bring a sewing friend who knows more about this area than I do. But I’m learning- experience is always a great teacher. 😉

    • Julie   •     Author

      I think I died of cuteness the first time I put it on him, too! Too bad it’s so crazy hot here, I’d love to put him in it every day…. oh well. Fall is coming eventually!

  51. Kessa   •  

    What lovely pics! What an adorable little baby! The jacket looks amazing on him – bravo mommy! I love the little ears – they just push the cuteness bar way up! <3

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks, Kessa! I love ears on baby hoodies. It totally amps up the cute factor.

  52. Tahnee   •  

    Couldn’t stop smiling looking at these adorable pictures!! Definitely putting this on my list for future baby gifts.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I recommend this for future baby gifts- it turned out so well! My cousin is pregnant with a baby girl due this fall- I should knit her a girl version just like it.

  53. Rita V   •  

    He’s adorable! I can’t believe he’s sitting up already, it seems like you JUST had him! Great sweater!

    • Julie   •     Author

      I hear you- it’s going so fast! And because I know I’m stopping at two kids, he’s me little baby and every stage he goes through is the last time I’ll be going through it, too. I can see why the youngest typically gets spoiled. 😉

  54. Eliza   •  

    OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE!!! Three million heart eyed emojis and internet hugs to this smiley baby! Also, A+++ on eared hoodies. And soooo annoying about the zipper! I’ve never bought zippers that stay closed on one side, but whenever I go zipper shopping, I do feel just crazy overwhelmed about my options. I guess my advice would be: get thee a store assistant? Hopefully they’ll know more about the options?

    • Julie   •     Author

      James is turning out pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself. And the zipper thing- one of the stores where I bought one of the zippers, I actually had the hoodie with me and talked about what I was going to do, and she smiled and said, ‘it’s going to look really nice!’. so I guess she didn’t know anything about zippers, either.

  55. Carla   •  

    So many commnts. It is just darling!! Your son is precious

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks, Carla! It also looks like a load of comments because I’ve started commenting back in the thread a well as emailing people the comment. it’s more work on my end, but I was getting feedback that people prefer to see the interaction. 🙂

  56. Tien   •  

    No words to describe how super adorable your little guy looks in his hoodie! He is a natural knitwear model and looks so happy wearing it, too. I had no idea about the different varieties of zippers out there since I don’t sew either.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks, Tien! I agree, he does seem like a natural knitwear model, i hope that agreeable-ness will continue. Clearly I need to knit way more for him!

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  58. Chloe   •  

    I used to be a sewer and have sewn in about three zippers in my sewing career – never once realizing what “separating” zippers meant, and yet somehow never getting the wrong zipper for my project. How did I get so lucky? (I guess in those instances ignorance, not knitting, was bliss – sorry!). I love that you sewed in your zipper by hand. My heart was always in my mouth when I did it by machine, but by hand, it seems less risky, somehow. And, of, course those pictures, and that hoodie, are ADORABLE.

    • Julie   •     Author

      That IS lucky! I’m not very comfortable sewing by machine, it feels like it’s too easy for things to get away from me… but I don’t sew much. With practice, I’d probably be a lot more confident. But it was really easy to sew this zipper in by hand, and it meant I could easily hide my sewing stitches amoung the knitted stitches.

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