Sponsorship Info & Guest Posts

You want to get in touch? That’s awesome, because I’d love to hear from you! My email is over there on the right under my picture. I’m pretty good about responding unless it’s the weekend, so rest assured I’ll get back to you with a few days, tops.  And thank you- really. I’m so glad that you are reading this blog and that you want to chat with me.

Guest Posts

Currently I’m accepting submissions for Knit Stories, a new feature on my blog. Knit Stories will feature long form nonfiction essays about a knit or crocheted item that has special significance.
Submission Requirements:
  • 1-2 Really clear, in focus and well lit photos of the item
  •  word count of approximately 750-1200 words (can be flexible)
  •  understanding that I may edit for clarity, or word count, and will likely add more paragraphs for readability.
  • The name you would like it published under, and links to 2-3 places where you can be found (optional).
  • send all submissions to knitbliss@gmail.com

I can’t offer any payment at this time, but I can offer a static weblink for the article for as long as I have a blog (for as long as I can imagine being alive, really) and will promote it on my social media channels.

Sponsored Content

I am happy to review products that would appeal to Knitted Bliss readers, but I also have to really like the product to give a public positive review, because I believe my readers are my friends and honesty is always the best policy.  If you feel that you have something that me and my readers are going to love, get in touch. All product reviews are promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (if appropriate for my Pinterest Boards).

Giveaways. Who doesn’t love a giveaway? I know I do! But the same rules apply to giveaways as to product reviews (see above). Get in touch with me to discuss the details.

Please note that I cannot promote your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other types of fundraising

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Please note that I cannot promote your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other types of fundraising.

**If you are a wedding dress company, please note that I’m not a wedding blog- I just blogged about the details of my own wedding one time about 9 years ago. I don’t have anything more to contribute to the affordable wedding genre.