Arm & Finger Knitting: Book Review and Giveaway!

Have you guys been hearing about arm knitting lately? There have been a few videos and tutorials popping up, but this is the most comprehensive book on the subject:

Arm & Finger Knitting Book  Review |
Arm and Finger Knitting: 35 no-needle knits for the home and to wear

 I was really impressed with this book. I know you can do arm knitting for cowls and scarves, but it wasn’t until I saw all 35 of the patterns in this book that I was really struck by how much you could do with these techniques. First of all, there are clear and well-photographed instructions for how to get started with arm knitting, and finger knitting (I didn’t even know about finger knitting before this book! Did you guys know about finger knitting?!) and how to make t-shirt ‘yarn’. All the directions are really straight forward, very suitable to first time arm and finger knitters (like me).  There are even projects in different categories, some wearable and some for the home. My favourite wearable ones are:

Arm & Finger Knitting Book Review |

Clockwise from top right: Stack ‘Em Up Bangles, Layered Loop Necklace, Infinity Scarf, and Beaded Leather Necklace.

I thought that doing these projects would just eat up yarn, but I was pleasantly surprised by how little yardage most of the projects take- the infinity scarf pictured above takes only 282 yards of yarn.  I’m also so inspired by the idea of doing some of these projects with upcycled t-shirt yarn, which makes me feel like I could be crafting and clearing out my closet at the same time.

There were also lots of great projects for the home, and my favourites are:

Arm & Finger Knitting Book Review |

Clockwise from Top Right: Comfy Stool Topper, Twisted Stitch Lap Blanket, Nautical Sailor Knot Pillow, and Handy Storage Tubs.

 That stool is truly the solution on how to fix every ugly stool out there. And for the blanket, I didn’t even know you could do cables with arm knitting! I’m convinced that arm knitting counts as cardio. It does, right? Don’t spoil my fantasies if it doesn’t.

So, you want this book. Not only do you get to make amazing new knits- you’re learning a new technique, possibly cleaning out your closet to make t-shirt yarn, and it’s practically cardio.  Now, you can definitely go and buy a copy (it available most places, and there is an Amazon link under the title page up top), or you could (maybe, possibly, fingers-crossed) win a copy here!

To enter: 

1. Check out all 35 of the amazing patterns on Ravelry, here.

2. Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know if you have ever tried arm knitting or finger knitting, and which pattern you would most like to make.

3.Contest closes at midnight on Sunday night (Eastern Standard Time) and I’ll post the winner on Monday morning.

And I recommend taking a peek at Laura’s excellent crafty blog,  Made Peachy. She knits, crochets, and does all the crafty things you can possibly imagine. There are lots of fun and original tutorials, too.  It’s worth checking out!

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