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I’ve just come off of two weeks of straight work, with back-to-back meetings and conferences for my day job. It was exhausting, stimulating, fascinating, and has left me with a mountain of work to tackle as well as training my new maternity leave contract replacement- so November shows no signs of slowing down!  But I don’t want to just rush on to November without reflecting on October, which was a month where a lot got accomplished.

My work conference ended with a black tie gala, and I rented a dress to fit over my baby bump- not that you can see it in the photos below, I wish we had taken a side view shot! The pro shots are probably going to b available soon, as there was an actual professional photographer at the event, but I still wish we had taken more photos to commemorate the night. It was the most dressed up we had been since our wedding!  Although that photo of Guy and I under a giant Bill Murray painting is probably my favourite photo of us recently. Lila picked out a grey kitty costume this year that she loved wearing around the house, but refused to wear trick or treating- she wouldn’t go out at all. When other kids came to the door, she would hide. I guess she’s not quite ready for Halloween yet. She is, however, very into jumping up and down in puddles!

Life Lately |

Guy undertook a 30 day challenge for the month of October, to rollerblade everyday and shoot a video of it. Fun fact: when Guy was much younger, he used to be a professional rollerblader and still is very passionate about it. I get that, being passionate about something- this is his version of knitting! Here are a few videos from his 30 day challenge, including one with Lila in it.  Because you know he’s been teaching her to rollerblade pretty much since she could walk!

Guy and Lila skating together.

Guy ‘skitching’ a train- this is the kind of video that makes me glad we have life insurance. Because even though he looks calm, he is literally holding onto a moving train.

Guy rollerblading at a park that was actually built for that sort of thing (no trains in sight!)

He’s been really invigorated by the challenge, and looking to keep it up- I personally have a really tough time doing anything for 30 days, but it’s inspiring when your partner does it and achieves their goals. It’s not some other random person that did what they set out to do- it’s someone in your own home. And suddenly, things look a lot more achievable. But I’ve got no plans for a 30 day challenge any time soon for myself- as I’m now 8 months pregnant, I need to make sure I’ve got room in my schedule for whenever this little guy decides to make his debut.  It’s so hard to believe that we are having a baby in the near future- it still feels like a long way off.


  1. Stefanie   •  

    Thank you for sharing these tidbits. First off, you looked smokin’ hot for that gala. Second, hearing Lila’s voice was fun and she is adorable. Her inline skates are so cool! Third, how awesome your hubb was a former, proskater. I grew up on the classic, four wheels and used to skate in front of our house all the time. My dad used to give me the whip where he’d hold onto one of my arms, whip me around a few times, and let go. I used to roller blade when we moved here but it made my knee feel wonky so I picked running over it. Probably didn’t help my skates are too big and I had to wear like 2 pairs of socks with it.

  2. You guys look awesome! Very classy. I forget your due date…but it must be soon. Best wishes.

    Reed really took to Halloween this year…He is already a little sugar addict and was very motivated to trick or treat for candy despite all the spooky disinclinations. His little bucket of candy was so heavy that he could barely heave it down the neighborhood street, but he was too territorial to let us help him carry his loot back to the truck. I think he thought Dad might eat it all (true, in fact).

  3. Eliza   •  

    You guys looked awesome at that black tie gala! Muy elegante! I was wondering if you bought a dress to fit your bump, renting is such a smart option!

  4. Christine M   •  

    You guys are adorable! And I love how you let Lylah be who she is. As a new mom, I would’ve been so distressed if my boys refused trick or treating after I got costumes ready. You are definitely choosing the wiser path.

  5. kingshearte   •  

    I don’t know; would your insurance company pay out over an incident involving holding on to a moving train? And with no helmet at that (tsk)? Kind of awesome to watch his tricks at the skate park, though.

  6. Tahnee   •  

    Certainly looks like you had a fantastic month, you guys look stunning at the black tie event 🙂 And that Bill Murray painting is awesome!!

  7. Christine   •  

    You and Guy look terrific! I really like that idea of setting a 30 day challenge…it makes it more manageable. I may just have to try that. ; )

  8. Bronchitikat   •  

    Did you knit Guy’s cardigan (the hanging onto a train video)?

    Lila looks and sounds gorgeous. Is she growing through the ‘terrible twos? And how are you surviving?

  9. Wanda   •  

    Such great photos all around! But my favorite photos will always be the ones that include Bill Murray. 🙂

  10. Val   •  

    What a dashing couple! And that photo with the Bill Murray painting is all kinds of awesome. And now that’s an exciting way of riding the GO! Both you and Guy have nerves of steel; he’s lucky to have a cool-headed wife! While I was out Sunday night DH slipped and fell on his back on the stairs and after a trip to the ER and a cracked scapula, I feel like I’m yelling “slow down!” all the time and barely resisting the urge to childproof the entire house!
    Leila and her little giggle are beyond adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jenny   •  

    what a busy month! and so soon for baby too – woohoo very very exciting!! I can’t wait to watch some of the blading videos, but right now I’m at work so cant :p you look wonderful in all the pictures – I too love the one of you both under Bill Murray 🙂 jenny xx

  12. Kelly J. R.   •  

    That last video of Guy is pretty awesome. Who knew?!! In this digital age, isn’t it funny how we only know a tiny part of who someone is based on what they choose to share online?

    I’m signing up for a “Maintain not Gain” challenge that runs from mid-Nov. to January at my gym. There’s weekly weigh-ins and you can’t gain more than a few pounds otherwise you’re disqualified from winning the awesome prizes. I’m extremely competitive so I’m hoping the challenge will motivate me to lose a few pounds.

  13. Brandy   •  

    Looks like it was a beautiful and fun October for you. I love that photo of Lila with all her rain gear (and a kitty)! Hope November brings you warmth and maybe a little bit of time to relax before holiday craziness arrives.

  14. Alina   •  

    You are a real super woman! Looking absolutely gorgeous at gala event!

  15. Andi   •  

    Ah, this post did my heart good. Adored the videos, especially the one of Guy and Lila together. The one of him with the train, the one gave me a mild panic attack. 🙂
    So excited that your beautiful family will soon me welcoming a new little love!

  16. Allie   •  

    what a nice post! It can be hard to take the time to reflect on busy days, but this has prompted me to try to slow down and appreciate everything we’re up to instead of just feeling overwhelmed.

    Now, please, please ask your husband to wear a helmet!

  17. Snow   •  

    Christmas present for Guy:
    Sweatshirt with lettering….

    Love that his inner 8 year old busts out beaming when he’s moving with the train.

    And as for a helmet, I know from past experience in the ER the ones that don’t wear one are the most hard headed (in oh so MANY

    Stunning pick for the gala dress. Some conference. My past employers thought it was a huge deal to provide

    Hope these next few weeks go quickly and smoothly at work and home so you can relax a bit into the holidays before your son arrives.

    Nice to see you have an energetic husband-that will certainly help while your family is transitioning to plus one status. 🙂

    Rest when you can even if it’s 10 minutes of sitting up with your eyes closed.

    Thanks for keeping the blog up while your schedule gets fuller and fuller.

  18. Loulou   •  

    I love this post! You two looked wonderful at the gala, and also in the Bill Murray picture. But then again, you look wonderful always, so it makes sense you’d take good pictures.

    Way to go Guy for completing the 30 day challenge. I’ve never tried one, but am now inspired to try something. It sure as heck won’t be rollerblading though, lol.

  19. Kessa   •  

    Wow! That rollerblading is impressive! Lucky Lila to have a personal coach… That kitty costume is SO adorable.<3 You and Guy look awesome in those pics… I think you are such an inspiration.. I've never given it much thought before having a baby but now I think working moms have been way under-appreciated!

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