Delineate Tank: Outtakes

The long awaited outtakes post, where I embarrass myself with unflattering photos!

There was lots of great discussion on the fit and some amazing tips in the comments for ways to modify it to get improve the fit, so if anyone is thinking of knitting this, I recommend a read through.  Let’s get an establishing shot, shall we?

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

Like I said in my last post on this, it’s okay. I think the shape is sort of boxy on me in a boring sort of way. Boxy can work, but I feel like it’s got to be oversized to pull it off. And when I stand up straight and don’t move, you can’t tell that there is excess fabric….. oh, wait, now you can tell:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

Super unflattering pose, am I right? Then I decided I should pose for real. This was an actual attempt at a pose:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

I think there is literally a shaft of sunlight pointing out the wobbly underside of my pasty white thigh. It’s highlighting it, really. As if to say, “Look here! At this bit! This is where the late night snacks are stored!” So since all shame was thoroughly gone, I leaned into the silliness.

Here is my “Onward, fearless explorer!” pose:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

and then there’s my strongwoman pose, still with that shaft of sunlight in the underside of my thigh:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

I hardly ever wear shorts, you can probably tell. I know self tanner exists, but I feel like next summer I’ll manage better to do that sort of thing. I’ve never been that fond of my legs (other then the fact that they work great, and I’m super grateful for that), so I’m a fan of long pants and skirts.  but it was far too hot for pants that day.

I kept saying to Guy, “Don’t show my ugly knees in the photos!” So naturally:

Delineate Tank Outtakes |

Ta-da! Good thing we are all friends here. Otherwise I’d be really embarrassed to share all that with you!


  1. Kelly J. R.   •  

    You crack me up. The back side of my legs have had crazy tan lines since July when we went hiking in Montana. I was wearing shorts and tall hiking socks. The exposed skin in between those two items got extremely burnt so now I have pasty white lower legs/ankles followed by a very dark section and topped off by another pasty white upper leg. Lovely.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Summer is the time for crazy tan lines!! That is hilarious about your tall socks/shorts combo, I love hiking, i think it might have been worth it, but I bet now it looks funny if you are wearing sandals and a skirt/shorts!

  2. Tanis   •  

    Haha! I’m off to read the comments/suggestions from your FO post about this tank. I’m convinced that there’s a way for you to make it work without having to rip it out. The bust fits really well and is flattering I think, maybe some steeking down the sides to eliminate excess fabric to make it less boxy?

    Beautiful knees don’t exist. I think that’s a fact.

      • Julie   •     Author

        Knees. just like elbows, but more visible. 😉

    • Julie   •     Author

      I should also say that I have almost two skeins of yarn leftover from this tank, so tat fact that I’m not in love makes me think it needs to be a sweater! But I suppose steeking could work! You know, I’ve never steeked before….

  3. Renee Anne   •  

    Um, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, Julie. That top looks fabulous on you. I expect that there’s going to be some excess fabric….perhaps a steek if you’re that fussed about it.

    Also, lovely knees are not a thing. Anyone that tells you differently is a lying liar liar pants. And yes, you have pasty legs. You don’t want skin cancer, obviously.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I should send you the top, then you can enjoy it!! 😉 Glad to hear we are all united on the weird knees thing.

  4. Shameless   •  

    I hope some day you will be able to laugh at yourself for ever doubting your beauty. You are perfect as you are.
    I hope for the same for all of us. Myself, I haven’t shaved my legs all summer and I wear shorts every day, like the shameless blonde I am. I swear no one has even noticed.
    Plus, we always look awkward when our moving bodies get frozen in time, like Ani DeFranco says “I have the kind of beauty that moves.” No shame, Julie, we woman are given, yet require no shame!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Aw, I appreciate the kind words! I’m not doubting my looks exactly, more I don’t feel great in this top. It’s a great knit, but I’m not loving it, and the yarn is too lovely to let it languish in a knit that I don’t want to wear all the time. And I have a lot of yarn leftover, so maybe something with sleeves! You are so right, we are all beautiful and perfect in our own ways, with beauty that moves.

  5. Val   •  

    These are a hoot! Although it’ll take much worse than a few silly poses for you to look any less than lovely! I think it’s great us fair-skinned gals are there to represent in a sea of summer-tanned legs. Natural is beautiful no matter the shade! Of course I say this after about a million failed self-tanner experiments 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      Haha, I have never managed to get self tanner right- I always end up with streaks on my legs and orange wrists. Because of course I remember to wash my hands, but don’t somehow get all the way to my wrists! Pasty legs represent!

  6. Tahnee   •  

    I love these 😀 And the knee picture is actually familiar to me, as weird as it sounds. Whenever I ask my boyfriend to help out with FO pictures, there’s always shots in there of things I explicitly told him NOT to take a picture of. These include knee shots, but there also tends to be a high amount of unusable butt pictures.

    • Julie   •     Author

      LOL- the butt pictures! men are so contrary. Whatever you tell them not to do, it’s totally what they want to do. If a girlfriend took the photos, there wouldn’t be a single shot with knees or butt. But of course, we tend to feel more comfortable around our partners!

  7. Jeannie Gray   •  

    I’m just picturing how many scrapes & bruises I’d have if I tried to climb that rock wearing slip on sandals. You rock!

    Actually, I’m really glad you showed these photos. I loved that tank when you first showed it but figured it wasn’t the top for me and my belly. But after seeing the outtakes, maybe it is the perfect top for me.

    • Julie   •     Author

      If you love A line tops, this is totally the top for you. It’s one of those knits that has nothing actually wrong with it, yet you don’t love to wear it, you know what I mean? Sometimes it jut happens. And those sandals- they are Adidas, the grips on them are amazing!

  8. miss agnes   •  

    Remember what Coco Chanel said: no woman should show her knees or her elbows, as these are the most unflattering parts of her body. I have seldom seen gorgeous knees in my life, and yours are the normal variety, as for most of us 😉 You look great, especially as you have fun on these pictures.
    On the sweater side: I can see here why you’re not happy with it, with those bits of extra fabric on the wrong places. I’m contemplating frogging a beautiful cardigan too, because it just doesn’t fit right, regardless of the great design and yarn. It feels a shame but then you just think of all the fum you’re going to have knitting another design.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I didn’t know Coco Chanel said that about knees and elbows, but she is so right. Like always, of course! And is it that beautiful white cardigan that you knit, that you are thinking of frogging? I love it, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter how good something looks in a photo- if you don’t love wearing it, it’s better to make something else.

  9. Stephanie   •  

    You and your knees are adorable, Julie! You made me think of a story from years ago, when I wore shorts on a first date with a guy I really liked. Midway through our date, he asked me why I had nurse’s white stockings on under my shorts . . . of course, it was just my super white glow-in-the-dark legs! I’m happy to say that while nothing romantic evolved, we are still friends and laugh about this whenever we are together!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Haha, that is so funny- it must have been embarrassing at the time, but what a cute story it makes now! Glad that it led to a good friendship.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Glad you liked the silliness! 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      Yeah, it’s pretty funny when we are doing them, too!

  10. Nancy   •  

    I know what you mean about the fit, and I am pretty particular about the fit of my tops too. A-line does not look good on me at all, as I have wide hips and a narrow waist. I always need something with a nice dart, or taper. I don’t do boxy. At all. So, I hear you – If I don’t feel totally happy wearing it, I frog it! 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      Exactly- I have a smaller waist than my hips, and I’m not very tall, so it tends to just hang there and make me look short. I don’t want to look short! Thanks for the frogging support it’s been a mixed bag of feedback!

  11. Loulou   •  

    Haha, you are funny! Love these pictures so much. You are such a good poser. I’m going to take a page from your book next time I’m in a gallery or something, and need a shot of myself. Look, off yonder … there’s a painting.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I find the sillier I am, gets a lot of the awkward out of my system and leads to pretty good pictures right afterwards. it’s like if you are afraid of looking dumb in a photo, do it on purpose and then you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

  12. Jess   •  

    You’re a riot! I actially think you’re adorable!!! So true about guys though – I hate my side shots and of course, I see a whole bunch of them when I’m clearing the camera!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Men, they do it on purpose! I have a theory that whatever you tell them not to do, they feel compelled to do. it’s why years ago when me and my friends were dating, I had this one piece of advice to dole out to everyone- never point out your flaws to a man. Because he totally doesn’t see them at all until you tell him about it. Men don’t even know what cellulite is.

  13. Christine   •  

    You have a great sense of humour! You still look great to me : )

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks, Christine! It was a fun shoot, silly poses help make the whole ‘we’ve got to get good photos!’ process so much more relaxed. And faster, oddly.

  14. Rita V   •  

    I love that you share the outtakes with us. They are like the goofy snapshots everyone takes when they’re with their loved ones, and it sort of welcomes us into your life a little bit more.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I’m so glad you enjoy them! I felt like otherwise the finished knit photos were so edited down to the best shots, cropped to their best angle,s that it wasn’t ‘real life’ and these show that real life a lot better!

  15. Tien   •  

    I always love your outtakes post! These are hilarious but you still manage to look naturally beautiful 🙂 I still think that tank is so pretty. Wonder how it would look paired with a flowing skirt or layered over a dress?

    • Julie   •     Author

      That’s a good idea, putting it with a dress and getting a different perspective! I tried it with a cardigan over top as well, to see if it would work. It’s okay with a cardigan on top. But I just don’t want to settle when the yarn is so lovely.

  16. Kessa   •  

    Lol.. Love your sense of humor! Guy is really good at taking pics. I stopped asking M because it is torture to us both.. Much faster and easier if I just use the timer. 😀

    • Julie   •     Author

      hehe, I hope Guy doesn’t read this, but if anything ever happened to him. a timer or remote shutter clicker is totally the way I’d go with it too! 😉

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