DIY Heart Onesie, and Letterpress Valentines

Just before Valentine’s Day, I went to a private letterpress workshop at Snap + Tumble, a great indie letterpress here in Toronto. Tanya often runs private workshops in her home, and it’s was an amazing way to try letterpress for the first time. I went in knowing absolutely nothing, but Tanya was amazing and walked me through the whole process. She was also really accommodating, letting me experiment with mixing the ink to get different effects scroll down for the XO cards, where I experimented with dark marbling and then light marbling)

letterpress Collage

Letterpress Collage 2 Collage

It was so nice to give Guy a special handmade valentine (the ‘be mine’ one),  and Tanya made the process very relaxed and fun. I’d definitely do this again.

card collage

Lila might be a little small to understand what Valentine’s Day is about, but I thought a DIY heart onesie would be just right. I used my Pentel Fabric Fun Pastels to draw hearts, and then experimented with outlining them with a sharpie. I ironed over the design as per the process, but I think next time I’ll iron it more, until the paper between the iron and the design comes away cleanly. There was a bit of colour transfer under the arms. I’ll remember that for next time- keep ironing with the paper in between until it comes away clean.

heart onesie

It was very easy to do,  although I really recommend that you use a sharpie or fabric marker made for fabric, not just regular permanent markers/sharpies. If they aren’t specifically for fabric, they will rub and transfer a bit during the washing.

onesie Collage

I’m really pleased with how it turned out- little hearts on a onesie just look so sweet on Lila!


  1. loulou   •  

    The Letterpress workshop looks and sounds like it was so neat, and I love the way your cards turned out. Oh, and the heart onesie on Lila? Simply adorable … both the child and the creative project. She is precious. I like her jeggings too!

  2. Tanis   •  

    So much Valentines Day fun happening at Knitted Bliss headquarters! I love Lila’s onesie, she wears it well!

  3. Christine M.   •  

    oh, look at beautiful Lila! Seems like I maybe haven’t dropped by in awhile if she’s changed so much since I last visited. All that hair she has now, plus standing and looking like her own little person and not just a baby. Fantastic fun gifts too!

  4. Michelle Nussey   •  

    Love the letter press cards, great creative Valentine’s Day gift! I may steal that idea and file it away for next year.
    That onesie is too cute! Absolutely, adorable! It’s the perfect little V-Day gift, especially since it takes less time than knitting.

  5. SarahG   •  

    I can’t believe how much Lila has changed over such a short time! She is so beautiful and looks great in her onesie!

  6. miss agnes   •  

    Agree with the comments on Lila, she is a cute little girl now, suddenly she’s no longer a baby and has reached the toddler phase. She has the most beautiful eyes, and these little hearts are so pretty. Well done on the cards, looks like it’s been a fun workshop.

  7. kessanlin   •  

    Love the idea of making a personalised letterpress card for V-day! The hand-drawn hearts looks perfect on a onesie and Lila looks so adorable in it. And how Lila has grown! Her expression resembles yours so much in the bottom left pic of the last pic!

  8. Liesl   •  

    That onesie is so darling!
    And how fun to experiment with letterpress. Whenever I buy cards and stationary, I’m always drawn to letterpress ones.

  9. Karen   •  

    Such fun crafting! Letterpress sounds so neat, I would love to try that someday.

    Lila’s onesie is adorable and she looks adorable in it. And I have to say – her eyes in the first photo are absolutely stunning! What a sweetheart!

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