Easter Knitting Ideas and Patterns: Bunnies, Chicks, Lambs and More

I love Easter- it’s the holiday with the best chocolate, and I love all the adorable baby animals and bright colours and flowers that suddenly pop up in every store you enter. After a long Canadian winter, even though we don’t yet have any buds on the trees where I live, those Easter things become such a welcome sign of spring.

 Since I’ve been loving the toy knits lately,  I went looking for some ideas on Ravelry and was blown away by all the super cute patterns that came up. I’ve put together a little round up of my favourite Easter knitting ideas for bunnies, chicks, lambs, egg ornaments, and spring flowers. Most of the patterns are free, too!

  Bunny Patterns

I had no idea there were so many adorable bunny knitting patterns available, the numbers staggering, and all in a variety of styles- and when you consider knitting the bunnies in pastels or bright spring colours, they get even more fun!  Here are the 4 that I liked best:

East Knitting Ideas: Bunny Patterns | knittedbliss.com

 Top Left:  Henry’s Bunny Top Right: Mini Bunny

Bottom Left: Easter Bunny  Bottom Right: Bunny Knit Pattern 

 Easter Chicks

Perfect for tiny hands or a very quick way to use up smalls craps of yarn, these little chicks would be an awesome find on an Easter egg hunt:

Easter Knitting Ideas: Easter Chick Patterns | knittedbliss.com

Top Left: Spring Chick  Top Right: Chick-in-an-Egg
Bottom Left: Chubby Chirps Bottom Right: Chick and Egg

Lamb Patterns

Ah, spring lambs. Is there any animal more knitterly than the wonderfully wooly sheep and lambs?

Easter Knitting Ideas: Lamb Patterns | knittedbliss.com

Top Left: Moss the Sheep Top Right: Lamb Knit Pattern

Bottom Left: Knit Little Lamb Bottom Right: Fuzzy Mitten Lamb

 Egg Ornament Patterns

I have not personally embraced the indoor Easter ornaments on branches yet, but seeing how lovely they look on branches of forsythia (bottom right), I’m beginning to think that maybe I should. If nothing else, my cats will enjoy the challenge of trying to bat them off the branches!

Easter Knitting Ideas: Egg Ornament Patterns | knittedbliss.com

Far Left: Easter Egg Ornaments 

Top Right: Easter Chickens in Alpaca Bottom Right: Easter Eggs by Drops

Spring Flower Patterns

I’ve been secretly obsessed with the idea of knitting flowers for a while now, but just haven’t taken the plunge. But when I do, that pretty daffodil (below, top right) is first on my list.

Easter Knitting Ideas: Flower Patterns | knittedbliss.com

Top Left: Spring Tulip Pattern Top Right: Daffodil 
Bottom Left: Woodland Wreath Bluebells  Bottom Right: Daisy

 What about you- are you planning on doing any Easter/spring themed knitting?


  1. Rililie   •  

    Oh… I love all those cute toys that you have found for us!
    I have knitted some really cute bunnies a couple of years ago (actually I just noticed that most toys I have knitted in the past were bunnies…!?!)
    I wonder what Mr. Freud would say about that?
    Well, whatever… now you made me crave knitting a new one…

  2. Kristen   •  

    So funny…today I made a similar post.! We are both channeling Easter knitting! I hope you are having fun with your little Lila!

  3. Tanis   •  

    I love that daffodil! Excited for you to knit it. My birthday is in April so growing up I always associated Easter with my birthday and all those bright pastel shades… all lovely and wonderful!

  4. Stefanie   •  

    oh! I’d forgotten until now, but a little stuffed bunny is what taught me to knit in the round a few years ago. These are all so cute, especially those alpaca chicks!

  5. Sam   •  

    I made crochet bunnies the other year, they were cute. You’ve picked some lovely patterns here, I love the bunny with the scarf on, and those tulips with smiley faces are so fun.

  6. jenny   •  

    My favourite has to be the Mini Bunny pattern – it looks so wonderful and straightforward enough that it will work up quickly and be a delightful addition to any room in Spring. I wasn’t planning on any Easter themed knits (too busy eating the chocolate yumyum) but I might give a bunny a go! jenny xx

  7. miss agnes   •  

    No, I’m not into theme knitting too much. Your selection is lovely. The bunny on the bottom left totally looks out of the Peter Rabbit book. So cute!

  8. alexis   •  

    Toys and flowers are some of my favorite things to knit. Although the finished product isn’t always as useful as, say, mittens or a sweater, you can’t beat the fun of watching the personality come off your needles. I’ve already knit some colorful bunnies this month, and I love the beautiful daffodil and daisy you’ve put up too.

  9. Barbara   •  

    So many adorable patterns!

    Those pretty flowers reminded me of my cousin, who knit and crocheted her entire wedding bouquet! (She’s also one of my awesome test-knitters). Flowers look like a great project for learning and trying out some fun techniques.

  10. Evelyn   •  

    You should have labeled this post … “and now allow me to enable you!” I love all these patterns … which to cast on first?

  11. Those alpaca chicken ornaments are a hoot. Great post – lots of patterns I didn’t know about.

  12. Snow   •  

    What a great collection! Thanks for spending the time on that black hole we joyfully jump into known as Ravelry.
    I’m sure you came across Easter Bunny in a Carrot Cozy by Tatyana Korobkova. Perfect for kindergarten age to adult 🙂
    Could be modified with a zipper down the side and bunny firmly sewn inside for the younger tots.

  13. Pia   •  

    Wow that is a really good collection of patterns you’ve put together for us. I want to make about 7 of those, but no time or yarn that would be good for it sadly. I think just about everything would make for lovely hostess gifts or gifts for children.

  14. Bekah   •  

    All of those are adorable!! I have been thinking about knitting some colourwork eggs… hmm… lots of ideas!

  15. kessanlin   •  

    They all look like fun knits. Unfortunately I won’t be doing any Easter knitting.. Not this year at least. Free time is a luxury around here these days…

  16. erin kate   •  

    sooo cute!! i’m saving all the bunnies & lambs for future baby gifts 🙂

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