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Last night was crazy. Pretending to be someone else at a party of strangers is retarded fun.
I’m sure we’ll get around to posting the proofs soon. Here to soothe the hangover is my latest crop from Phildar.

sleek drape and subtle accents

soft and cuddly

nix the bobbles on the sleeves and waistband

a suprising front that is begging to be evened out

i want to have babies with this coat. i would change nothing.


  1. Team Knit !   •  

    I hope we don’t offend anyone with the ‘retarded fun’ comment. There were also some bad, drunken photos taken outside of Romni Wools in the wee hours of the morning, but they are too embarassing to publish. Ah, knitters on the town. We get crazy!

  2. Julie   •  

    You know what? That cream coloured thing you described as soft and cuddly is a more pared-down version of that bed jacket from Knitting Lingerie Style. The construction is the same, but the edging is different- just a basic ribbing.

  3. j.sun   •  

    lol much to embarrasing
    i remembered them being much more …. PG-13

  4. j.sun   •  

    and jules, you are right about the bed jacket. I’ll probably end up making a bit of a hybrid down the road. i like the lace cuffs although it doesnt jump out at me as something I’d wear. Almost too femme maybe? I need that simplistic flow between urban and ladylike.

  5. Team Knit !   •  

    You know me- love the femme. I was thinking that I want to up the femme content of my wardrobe…. but you know, that cardi you posted loos pretty girly in that fuzzy wool. Although I know you don’t do fuzzy- You’re allergic to mohair!

  6. Nikki   •  

    that coat is wonderful. love me some phildar. must find this issue.

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