Finished Knit: Golden Hour

I’d like to tell you about this sweater I knit. Because it is awesome.

Pattern: Golden Hour

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna in ‘Pink Sand’

Needle Size: 3.75 mm (US 5)

Mods: Added faux seams for stability. You can read how I typically do this here, if interested.


I could rave about my Golden Hour sweater all day. It is my most favourite pullover I’ve ever knit, and I am already planning on knitting this pattern again (I have the yarn and everything, but that will be a future post!). I love the neckline, the fit, and the yarn is so wonderfully soft and perfect for pullovers that are worn next to the skin.

If you compare the original pattern photo with my photos, you’ll see a couple of differences- one is the yarn overs at the raglan increases, which are oddly not in the pattern, and that the original looks more oversized. I chose to knit a smaller size, and while I can wet block quite a bit more length into it (the silk in this yarn helps with that), I actually popped it in the dryer when it was a bit damp because I thought it was too long on me, and it worked out perfectly. I know that it is pretty much sacrilege to put yarn this decadent into a tumble dryer, but I like to live dangerously. There is an Audre Lorde quote that I like to think of at moments like that – “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing.” It’s an excellent life motto, or even just a knitting motto, should you find yourself in need of one.

I adore the asymmetrical chevron design. I love how they travel up the sleeves, and I love how they look on the front of the sweater. I never knew I could have such strong feelings for chevrons, but here we are. In chevron love.

The neckline for this sweater is a boatneck, which I adore. There is something elegant about then line it creates, and I can bend over with the kids as much as I want and not be flashing anyone. Not that you can tell in any of these photos! It was so windy, and I had spent a solid twenty minutes on doing my hair so I was definitely wearing it down, but now I realize you can’t see the front of the neckline in full in any of my photos – just my hair, going crazy, or my hands trying to hold it down. But I do have a photo of the back of the neckline, to show off the perfect little back of the neck button. I accidentally messed up which side was which, so mine does a tiny cable cross, but I like the effect. Happy accidents, am I right?

Guy took these photos when we were in England, and I think he did an amazing job. There were so many great shots that it was hard to pick just a handful, even with all the wind and the crazy hair. But of course, not every photo turned out like an introspective magazine shoot for whatever actress who ‘is so tired of the game, you know?‘. You know what that means, right? An outtakes post!


  1. Kim   •  

    I have loved this pattern for so long and your version is just beautiful, Julie! It’s definitely in my queue, but will have to wait til I’m through the breastfeeding stage of my life. Right now it’s cardis for me. Such lovely photos & I think your hair looks great, despite the wind! Glad you enjoyed your break but happy you’re back as well. 🙂

  2. Tanis   •  

    This is so stunning! I love your modified slimmer fit. And how crazy about the eyelets in the sample knit not being part of the pattern!? This sweater is just perfect on you.

  3. miss agnes   •  

    What a gorgeous sweater, no wonder you’re in love ! The fit is perfect. Looking forward to the outtakes, the pics are really lovely, as usual.

  4. Meredith MC   •  

    That color is amazing on you! And the sweater is beautiful. I think you did the right thing in making it closer fitting- the oversized version has a much more casual feel, and it can function better as an under layer in winter. You’ve inspired me- but my WIP pile is tall and my knitting time is taking a big hit- I’m a teacher and the year is starting. We’ll see- it would make a lovely spring sweater as well.

  5. Christine   •  

    Wow that is the perfect sweater for you. I love the design, the colour and the fit. Awesome…you will get a lot of wear out of it.

  6. Stephanie   •  

    Such a beautiful sweater and it looks just perfect on you! If I remember correctly, you repurposed this yarn? Good call–this is a perfect match of yarn and pattern for you! And Guy’s photos are gorgeous as well!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Stephanie,

      You are right, it was repurposed from my delineate tank! I was amazed at how well the yarn held up, considering it has cashmere and silk in it. I’m so glad I re-knit with it, though- I’m much happier with this sweater. 🙂



  7. DWJ   •  

    I love the chevrons and that shade of pink is perfection. I actually just did my first faux seam in my pink cardigan I made this summer. I love that little finishing detail.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks so much! And I’m so glad that you tried out faux seams, aren’t they brilliant/ I find they really do add more stability and reduce the odds of garments stretching or sagging around the midsection.

  8. Melanie   •  

    Nice to see you again– I’ve missed your posts. The sweater is gorgeous–definitely going in my favorites in Ravelry.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks Melanie! I appreciate that.

  9. Alina   •  

    You look so beautiful, the sweater turned out perfect! And what a lovely scenery!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks Alina!! It was a really good photo shoot, I was so happy with how the photos (and the sweater, of course!) turned out!

  10. Renee Anne   •  

    I love this one on you. I don’t think it would work as well on me (boat necks look and sit oddly on me for some reason). But on you it’s lovely 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks so much! I’m a big fan of boatnecks, but there is no neckline that works for everyone.

  11. Wanda   •  

    Truly beautiful!!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks, Wanda!! 😀

  12. Snow   •  

    Welcome back! You were missed!
    This yarn color…oh…sunrises, sunsets, a new rose blossom….stunning, luminescent, perfect.
    The pattern looks as if it were designed for you. Excellent choice.
    Perfect yarn, perfect pattern.
    Love the arm detail.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks, Snow! I love the colour as well, so glad that you enjoy it. I was really happy with how the the whole thing turned out- it was worth frogging that Delineate tank to make this new sweater!

  13. Jenny   •  

    The sweater is beautiful and I’m going to tell my sister that she has no excuse…red-heads can absolutely wear pink and look fabulous!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Absolutely, redheads can wear pink! Molly Ringwald got it right! Long live Pretty in Pink. 😉

  14. Anna Prasad   •  

    What a wonderful sweater. I love the colour, it suits you beautifully! And what gorgeous pictures! Love to have you back online.

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks Anna! It’s so good to be back. 🙂 So glad you like the sweater!

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks Melissa! I’m really happy with it.

  15. Lisa   •  

    That color fits your sweater very well, and I can only imagine how lovely the yarn is to wear! I can see why this has become a favorite.

    Despite your hair mess, the photos really are nice. You found a great spot to take them in 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Lisa,

      You are so right, it is so wonderfully soft to wear! We really lucked out with the wheat field, it was a good day for photos, even with the crazy wind.



  16. Ginette L'Ecuyer   •  

    so happy to read you again…. we missed you! you looked wonderful in this sweater and you lost some weight if I am right.. you look great….! nice pictures…

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Ginette,

      you are right, I lost the rest of the baby weight, well spotted! Thanks so much for the kind words on the photos. 😀



  17. Kat @ felinityknits   •  

    Julie it is beautiful, congrats! I’d be utterly thrilled with myself if that were mine – live the colour and how well it suits you. Gorgeous 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks so much, Kat! I super thrilled with how it turned out. 🙂

  18. Katie Noah Gibson   •  

    Gorgeous, Julie! I love a boatneck too, and that color is perfect on you. Also, love the chevrons. And the hair! xo

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Katie,

      Boatnecks are awesome, aren’t they? And I’m crazy about those chevrons. I feel like there will be more chevrons in my knitting future.



  19. Tahnee   •  

    This is sweater perfection, and I think it’s all thanks to your clever modifications. I love the fit, the neckline, the faux seem, the chevrons, the colour. Like I said, it’s really sweater perfection! <3

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks so much, Tahnee! I am so happy with how it turned out. 🙂

  20. Suzanne   •  

    Yeah for you! This sweater is beautiful and even more so on you. I also agree about boatnecks. I like the modesty they provide as well as the warmth. I’m always cold. I’m off to favorite your FO and queue the sweater.

    • Julie   •     Author

      I so agree with you Suzanne- batnecks totally work out a lot of those sorts of lifestyle things that I like from a sweater or a top! I hope you knit it, I think you’ll love it!

  21. Jennifer C.   •  

    So pretty! I love everything about this sweater on you. Might I digress though, and ask about your pants? 🙂 I love the zipper pockets….can you tell me what brand they are?

    • Julie   •     Author

      Thanks so much, Stephanie!

  22. Tien   •  

    Wow, I can easily see why this is your favorite! It looks absolutely stunning on you and I love all of the little elegant details. Boatnecks are so flattering and classic looking. Kudos to Guy for such beautiful pictures, too! The fields of wheat and the light were the perfect backdrop to your hair and the lovely pink of the sweater.
    (I started to add faux seams on my seamless sweaters years ago after reading a post on your blog. It’s a terrific mod)

    • Julie   •     Author

      Photo shoots like this don’t always work out, so it was nice to have a fairly easy win with this one! But England is so picturesque, it made it so much easier. And so glad that you love a good faux seam as well! High fives on team faux seam. 😉

  23. Diane   •  

    wow, that sweater really has style! Lovely.

  24. Kessa   •  

    Great to have you back. And wow, lovely sweater! Looks fantastic on you. Love the colour and so great it fits well too.

  25. Michelle   •  

    This looks perfect on you. What size did you base your sweater off of in the pattern using the smaller gauge yarn?

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Michelle,

      I didn’t change gauge, and I knit the smallest size. Even though the yarn was different, I was careful to wet block my swatch and took all my measurements with the swatch un-stretched and laying flat. Hope that helps!



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  28. Nicole   •  

    Hi Julie,
    Wow I love the sweater, you really nailed the size and color. Michelle asked the question I had. I’m going to Knit City next month, and this may be my Sweet Fiber purchase! Did you use all of 2 skeins?

  29. Stefanie   •  

    What a pretty and sweet color on you! Terrific finish, Julie.

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