Finished Knit: Halus Hat

I want to like this hat. And I know it doesn’t look that bad in the photos, but it just doesn’t work for me. Every time I see it, I think – ‘tea cozy’.

And now that I pointed out that it looks like a tea cozy, that’s all you can see, right? I thought so.

Pattern: Halus Hat

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Quarry

Mods: None

This hat had a fascinating construction to get the big vertical stitches – they are knitting in stockinette, and then when you get to the crown, you drop the sections down and ladder them back up with a big crochet hook. It’s such an interesting technique and a really cool effect- I would happily do that again in another project. It does create a thick, almost stiff sort of fabric which probably is a given considering the yarn is 100% wool in a super bulky weight. I’m very curious to see what the fabric would be like in a worsted weight with this techinque.

The hat looks fine from the front, I’ll give it that. But it just doesn’t suit my head – I think you need to be someone with really thick hair to pull off this style. Or just really love the shape for its own aesthetic qualities. Because of the aforementioned stiffness of the fabric, it doesn’t slouch at all.

I loved the yarn, though. This was my first time using Quarry and it was fantastic- it has great structure and produced excellent stitch definition. I would absolutely use the yarn again, but perhaps for a thick cardigan, or mittens. As for the hat- I’ve passed it along to a good friend who loves knitted hats and has thicker and more beautiful hair than I. At least the hat has found a good home!


  1. Lindsay   •  

    The stitch technique is really interesting. Maybe a big Pom Pom to add a little weight to the top of the hat?

  2. EE   •  

    Would a pompom on it weigh it down and make it look better?

  3. Allison   •  

    When I opened the email I only saw the picture and not what you wrote and I thought that it had an interesting pattern to it, but it was awfully pointy, and if i made i would have to change it someway. Then I read what you wrote.
    I do think it has a very unique pattern to it and I’d like to see it in a different project.

  4. Loulou   •  

    “Tea Cozy” … haha! You’re right, though, the hat doesn’t look bad at all in the photos. But, I know what you mean about that pointed shape because I’ve crocheted a hat that did the same thing.

    Yours has found a new home, as is, which is great, however to fix mine, I added a fairly heavy tassel, attached to the top with an inch long chained cord. It weighed the hat down enough at the back to give it a bit of a slouch. It looked much better and the tassel was cute.

  5. Sarah   •  

    I took a few rows out of the crown height on mine and think it came out a more wearable shape!

  6. miss agnes   •  

    I did not see a tea cozy at all…I was about to suggest a frog, but since you found a great home for it, it’s even better. Sometimes you want to love stuff you made and you simply don’t – isn’t it great when someone else does?

  7. Melanie   •  

    I use a commercially made Chicago Bears stocking hat as a tea cozy in a pinch–just sayin’. What is the pattern for the sweater you are wearing?

  8. Di   •  

    I am pretty particular to what I wear on my head. I can’t do pointy hats or pointy shoes:) I do think tea cozy is a gret alternative!

  9. momocracra   •  

    It looks like the crown shaping makes it pointy but if you can adjust it to a rounder crown, wouldn’t you like it better ?

  10. duni   •  

    I had the same issue when I knit the Bray hat (also BT). Granted, I subbed a lighter yarn held double, but the thing was stiff as a board. You would have thought I’d’ve stopped knitting when I realized, but I thought blocking would help (it didn’t). Even a pompom couldn’t save it. The hat has now been ripped and I wonder if the pattern would do better in the recommended weight, or if I should just give it up.
    Live and learn! 🙂

  11. Alina   •  

    Such a great stitch pattern, love it! And how lucky we, knitters, are – even if the final piece might not be always 100% for us, we still enjoy the process 🙂

    • Julie   •     Author

      So true, I at least really enjoyed knitting it! 😉

  12. Tien   •  

    Julie you can pull off anything even a tea cozy hat 🙂 The stitch pattern is gorgeous and sounds quite fun to knit. I wonder how it would look in a drapier yarn. Would be a great stitch pattern for a scarf.

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