Finished Knit: Shaw Hill

Shaw Hill Cowl |

Pattern: Shaw Hill

Yarn: Adriafil Scozia in colourway 32

Needles: 8 mm circulars (US 11)

Mods: None, except needle size. Project page can be found here.

Notes: This was a total win for me. I adored the yarn, it was so soft and so awesome and I totally fell in love with the bright colours in the tweedy flecks, there’s no doubt in my mind I will use this yarn again. And the pattern! I love cables, I love cowls,  so this was just all kinds of awesome. And when you’re knitting a pattern you love with a yarn that feels amazing in your hands… the thing practically knits itself.

Shaw Hill Cowl |

I’m a fan of cowls that are big enough to pull over your shoulders like a caplet*, And this did not disappoint. It’s easy to ensure that this will fit around your shoulders, regardless of your size- the cables are knit flat, so you can measure them around your shoulders any time, then grafted together before picking up stitches for the ribbing edge. This sort of construction allows for you to totally customize the fit for whatever would suit you best.  You could even add in an extra cable repeat, if you wanted a bigger/longer cowl.  I think this might be the first project I’ve knitted with cables along the edges, and I love how it looks! Must knit more like this. Or, you know, maybe this design over and over again, in some different colours.

Shaw Hill Cowl |

I know what you are asking yourself right now- ‘The cowl is nice and all, but what the heck is she doing with that stuffed goat?’ And the answer is related to this rambunctious little monkey:

Shaw Hill Cowl |

The Outtakes post is coming very soon- let the stuffed goat be a little teaser for the silliness that ensued!

* I hate referring to them as capelets, they are so far from capes and so much closer to cowls, in my opinion. But I do like to think of them as being like the pretty caps of mushrooms. 


  1. Kelly J. R.   •  

    I just googled “caplet definition” and got: a coated oral medicinal tablet. Lovely. Not really what you had in mind… I’ve been working on a pattern for a cowl/capelet like this one (minus the cables) and always struggle with what to call it. (I don’t particularly like “capelet” either.) I thought maybe you were onto something with caplet but google just disappointed me.

  2. Corinne   •  

    wow, this totally suits you! It’s just the perfect piece for you. Beautiful photos too!

  3. Brandy   •  

    I. Love. This! I love how you styled it as a “capelet”. It looks so great and is perfect for days like today. I have some tweedy orange yarn that might have to become one of these for myself.

  4. Julia   •  

    That’s beautiful! And I love the color you chose – very fall-appropriate 🙂

  5. val   •  

    Love everything about this! And the flecks in the yarn look like the cowl could be paired with all sorts of jewel tones (that mulberry shade is pretty fabulous!)

  6. Truly Myrtle   •  

    Love the giant cables and the way it pulls down over your shoulders – it looks so cosy! Aw your little girl is getting so big! Cute 🙂

  7. Tahnee   •  

    I was wondering about that little goat 😉 Can’t wait to see the outtakes. And that is a gorgeous knit, I really love the bulky cables. The combination of pattern, yarn and colour all come together perfectly.

  8. knitgudi   •  

    You look so utterly stunning in this new whatever-it-is.
    Beautiful technique, yarn, pattern and model(s).

    Best wishes and a huge compliment from Austria

  9. Tanis   •  

    I love the cables running over the edge! Such a lush touch. That yarn looks so lush, the softness is practically jumping off the screen.

  10. Alicia   •  

    That is lovely! I’ve never succeeded in wearing a cowl capelet-style, I think on larger bodies it would have to be a REALLY wide cowl to work well. I do love cowls around the neck, though, and may have to cast this one on!

  11. miss agnes   •  

    Thought the same thing as Catherine, it reminded me so much of the knit.wear cover. I love this rusty color, so in tune with the background of fallen leaves. Makes me want to add a new shape to my cowl collection.

  12. Mia   •  

    Whether it’s a cowl or a capelet or a caplet, it’s beautiful! I love the color and the texture, and I think it looks so great with your purple sweater. I’ve been wanting to experiment with cables, so I might have to try this pattern!

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  14. Loulou   •  

    This is so nice! I love the colour and can imagine how soft it must feel. Way to go. And Lyla is such a cutie. I really like her jacket.

  15. Jane   •  

    Ooh this one is just sitting on my needles. I put it down after finishing the cables and haven’t pitched it up again. Hmmm maybe I should, one last push.

  16. mdlody   •  

    This is gorgeous Julie! This is such a nice accessorie to wear during this time of the year!

  17. Christine   •  

    Wow Julie you look stunning in these photos and your daughter looks so sweet. That pattern combined with that yarn looks amazing!

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  19. Sabrina   •  

    Wow! That is just the cutest. I want to start on a cowl soon too. I love the colors in the yarn so fall and so perfect.

  20. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    The cowl is beautiful and of course with the perfect setting for the pictures… except for the stuffed goat of course.. but I know that I would be willing to do anything to entertain my toddler whilst we are shooting pictures – saw the outtakes, they are SO funny!

  21. Deanna   •  

    I love this cowl! It’s beautiful!

  22. Kelly   •  

    This colour is great on you Julie. I love the chunky cables too.
    This cowl….shawl… capelet… shoulder thing.. reminds me of the ones you did way back when. You made a couple in a row and every time I see one now I think of you.

  23. Phyllis   •  

    Love this pattern and yarn. Did you purchase the yarn in Europe? Could you, perhaps, recommend a yarn for this project. I would like to knit it for my daughter. The outtakes are great!

  24. kessanlin   •  

    Oh, I love it! The cables look so luscious in this yarn… Looking forward to the outtakes! Lila is growing up so fast!

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