Finished Knit: Shockwave Wrap

I dyed my hair a bit darker but I’m not used to it yet; now every time I see it I’m completely surprised. Oh yeah, I have to tell myself. I forgot about that.

Pattern: Shockwaves

Yarn: Aurora Sextet from Spirit Trail Fiberworks – Black Cherry, Antique Rose, Garden Party, and Antique Lace

Needles: 4 mm (US 6)

Mods: Not intentionally- I messed up the striping sequence. More than once. Find my project page on Ravelry here.

I started knitting this at the end of October – it was a big knit! It wasn’t the only thing I knitted during that time, I’d usually just pick it up and chip away at it over the winter. The pattern was easy to memorize, and I loved how the blended stripes are worked in gradually so that it can work with practically any sort of colour combination. But as much as I love those graduated stripes, I totally messed them up! No one is going to look that closely, but there are definitely more stripes in the first and last sections than in the middle sections, and I’m not too sure about the middle sections either.

Fortunately, there are so many stripes in each section, you’d have to sit there and count them to figure that out. And I doubt anyone is counting the stripes. If they are, then I’m really not doing my part to keep the conversation going.

I really enjoyed my yarn choice, it made knitting this so enjoyable. I used an Aurora Sextet from Spirit Trail Fiberworks – that meant it had 6 different colours in it, although I ended up only using 4. I felt like the wrap was plenty long enough (each solid colour section is about 20 inches long,not including the striping sections), so I didn’t use two of the colourways but have every intention of using them again for something else in the future.

In the end I used the Black Cherry, Antique Rose, Garden Party, and Antique Lace colourways. The Aurora base is a single ply superwash merino and incredibly soft- I must have checked the yarn label a dozen times, convinced there must be silk or cashmere blended in with the merino. It feels like heaven against the skin, so it really is excellent to wear as  a wrap or a scarf, next to your skin.

We didn’t have spring- It was snowing and full on winter, now suddenly it is summer. The days are hot, the sun is strong, it’s gorgeous – but not exactly the weather for photos of a large wrap that I imagine wearing with a jacket. So I decided to put on a vintage silk slip I’ve had for ages, channel my inner Elizabeth Taylor, and get all Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with it. Usually my photos are taken outside, wearing real clothes, in natural light. It’s funny though- in the slip and the cozy wrap, I felt as comfortable as if I was fully dressed.

But this was fun, stepping outside of my usual comfort zone for photos. Except I’m still secretly dorky, so there are all kinds of photos where I’m pulling silly faces – Next week I’ll have an outtakes post!


  1. Debbie Smetherham   •  

    You look like Claire from Outlander, waiting for Jamie to get home…

  2. Tanis   •  

    Gorgeous wrap, stunning photos! I always look forward to your FO posts and it’s so cool to see a brand new style of location/styling. Inspirational as always Julie!

  3. Meredith MC   •  

    Your darker hair really suits you and brings out the color in your eyes. And that wrap looks like it goes on forever.

  4. Melanie   •  

    The wrap is beautiful and you’re beautiful. This looks like the project that goes on forever until it’s done. Comforting for those cold nights and TV bingeing.

  5. Kat   •  

    This wrap looks stunning! I’m a sucker for a big cozy wrap like this.

  6. Kelly J. R.   •  

    What great photos! I love the one of you laughing. The wrap looks amazing as well. That color palette is just perfect. Here in Wisconsin we went from winter to summer as well. And we really didn’t even have winter until April. Craziness.

  7. Marsha   •  

    A beautiful wrap with no mess ups! Design detail is the correct term. I immediately thought the photos were outside your norm, but so lovely! Maybe your new shade of hair is a touch of black cherry!

  8. miss agnes   •  

    Lovely pictures – love your darker hair and your smile. This wrap is stunning, and who cares about the number of stripes? Really? It is just superb, and a fantastic use of this beautiful color harmony. Bravo!

  9. Jeannie Gray   •  

    Love the hair! I had the same reaction recently to new glasses. Each time I’d catch my reflection in a mirror, I’d startle myself. LOVE the wrap! Fun pattern and gorgeous colors!

  10. loulou   •  

    That is a beautiful wrap! Looks so cozy.

    I recently finished making something meant for typical spring weather too, a linen cowl which I didn’t get to wear once! Oh well, will have something nice and fresh to wear in the fall!

    So happy that this gorgeous weather is upon us, even though we seemed to have skipped spring.

    You look so pretty in these shots, not that you don’t always.

  11. Bobbie in AK   •  

    Love this post and I love your colors!
    Planning on adding pattern to my library.

  12. Kessa   •  

    Love your new hair colour. I think it suits you very well! And the shawl, and the pics. Just lovely!

  13. Carmela Biscuit   •  

    I love your new hair color, it’s so much your color, it suits your complexion and your eye color perfectly. The wrap is so gorgeous and the photosession is like from a fashion magazine – very inspiring, it makes me want to knit this wrap in your choice of yarn and colors!

  14. Anna   •  

    I love your hair, the colour really suits you. That wrap is just gorgeous. And the colours work so well together. Great pictures also

  15. Great artistry all around, my dear. I love it.

    I can’t put down that time travel/sci fi book you recommended. Even at 3:00 a.m. Gah! So tired. Thank you.

  16. Brenda   •  

    I love the hair. Makes you look like Snow White.

    The wrap is fab, too, and I like the idea of slightly random stripes anyway.

  17. lambdamuepsilon   •  

    I love your colour combination. I would have skipped over the pattern otherwise, but now you’re making me want to knit it… Gah!

  18. Andi   •  

    This wrap is everything. It is in the exact colors I would want to knit mine in if I knit it.
    Your hair looks fantastic. Seriously I think you would look good if you dyed your hair bright yellow. You are just that kind of beautiful.

  19. Alina   •  

    Love this photostory so much! So feminine and full of light!

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