Finished Knit: Wool and the Gang Josie Gloves

What can I say? The mitts are perfect for me. I loved this kit. And my cat Yarn loves them, too. She loves to be held like in the photo below, on my shoulder:

Finished Knit: Wool and the Gang Josie Gloves |

Pattern: Josie Gloves

Yarn: Wool and the Gang Sheepaca in Ivory White

Needles: 5 mm (US 8)

Modifications: None.

Finished Knit: Wool and the Gang Josie Gloves |

Ravelry Project page is here.

This was a really fast project, and would have been even faster if I didn’t accidentally make two left hand mitts. I also managed to accidentally move the beginning of the slipped stitch cable one stitch off, which means that on one mitt the cable doesn’t flow perfectly form the ribbing, Ah well. It’s not that noticeable, and it doesn’t bug me- ah, the benefits of not being a perfectionist!

I loved reading and responding to the comments from the knit in progress post last week, it seems like we are all on the same page about wanting knitting project vending machines, but not just in airports- everywhere we travel! Now that I’m finished the mitts, I’m even more convinced that these kits are perfect for taking with you on the road.  Although knitting kit vending machines don’t exist yet, it’s still a fun idea to pick up a kit before traveling and taking it with you as a special travel treat.

I always get a little frazzled when packing for a trip, trying to remember everything, trying to figure out what kitting to bring, and a kit like this would be so perfectly appealing at that moment when I’m staying up too late trying to figure out what to bring.  Especially if it has the Sheepaca yarn like this one does- I’m so in love with it. Everything should be a blend of merino and alpaca. Everything!

Finished Knit: Wool and the Gang Josie Gloves |

Finished Knit: Wool and the Gang Josie Gloves |

p.s.: Here’s another time I was taking photos of newly knitted fingerless mitts, and Yarn was not feeling nearly as cooperative as she was for these gloves. Maybe she prefers to be petted with white gloves?


  1. Laura from beautiful West Michigan   •  

    Pretty mitts and gorgeous cat! I love that her name is Yarn!

  2. Betsy   •  

    That first photo is so fun!

  3. Alicia   •  

    I love that your cat is named Yarn. 🙂 And your mitts are super cute! They must feel lovely.

  4. Tanis   •  

    Is there anything more knitterly in the world than fingerless mitts with tea and cats!? You are queen knitter for the day. Yarn looks like she’s totally loving those mitts.

  5. Kat   •  

    Those mitts are beautiful!

  6. loulou   •  

    What wonderful shots of you and Yarn. She is so pretty, as are you and your new gloves!

  7. Pia   •  

    Aww… Your cat is adorable. She steals the show completely. Look at that paw all stretched out with her nails and everything. My cat loved to be held like that too. It must make them feel safe or something. The mittens are pretty too, but your cat… awwwww.

  8. Rosie   •  

    Your kitty is so cute and I love her name. She looks so comfy in that top photo.

    The mitts look pretty soft and snuggly too, I would love to knit a pair but I’m fairly new to knitting so I don’t know if they would be too advanced.

  9. Val   •  

    Aw, Yarn is such a sweetie. Looks like she recognizes an awesome glove when she sees one, too! Love this photo shoot!

  10. Valerie   •  

    Beautiful! And I love that cable in the middle. I’m impressed their kit came with so much stuff. Also Yarn is the cutest cat name ever 🙂

  11. Ine   •  

    Gorgeous mitts! That cat is a cutie and her name is awsome!

  12. Wanda   •  

    Oh my goodness- I love the mitts, and your little guy is just beautiful! He looks very content on your shoulder! And a hearty YES to knit kits for traveling – taking a vacation next month and already trying to decide which project to bring!

  13. Wanda   •  

    Whoops – your little *girl* … 😉

  14. Jolene   •  

    Can’t tell you how much I love that first photo — fantastic! Nice pairing of yarn and pattern, too.

  15. Alina   •  

    Your cat’s name is Yarn?!!! How lovely is that! My can’s name is Petrushka, which means “parsley” in Russian 🙂 I love your gloves, they look like a very fast knit!

  16. Becca   •  

    Your cat is called Yarn! She’s such a darling. This mitts are more delicate and lacy than other Wool and the Gang stuff I’ve seen.

  17. Sam   •  

    Your gloves are lovely, but nothing beats your beautiful cat! Also, you always take such wonderful photographs.

  18. Tahnee   •  

    Beautiful mitts and you cat is so lovely. Yarn is such an adorable name for a cat as well.

  19. Christine   •  

    The gloves are very pretty and the photos are excellent as usual.

  20. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    love the stitches used for the mittens. They arer looking beautiful – and gorgeous pics as always!

  21. kessanlin   •  

    I have so much to catch up on here.Those mitts look perfect! The fiber blend sounds and looks like a dream! Yarn looks like she is enjoying being petted very much here! 😀

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  23. Lis   •  

    I cannot begin to describe my excitement at finding your blog post.

    I submitted the design for the Josie Gloves for WATG’s Gang Lab design contest and was utterly shocked when they won; they were my first not-self-published pattern! I am absolutely delighted to see someone who knitted them AND enjoyed knitting them!

    Thank you for trying my pattern out and for putting a smile of my face 🙂

    Happy knitting,

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