Finished Knit: Zebra Toy

Finished Knit: Toy Zebra |

Knitting socks with 9 inch circulars suddenly seems freakishly tiny when you make a toy zebra hold them, and he looks right at home… 

Pattern: Savannah Chaps  by Barbara Prime

Yarn: Plymouth Gina in Colourway “03”, and Knitpicks Swish Worsted in “White”.

Needles: 4mm (US 6)

Notes: I have so much love for this zebra. I was inspired by the original zebra and several of the other finished ones that I saw on Ravelry, and decided to knit him with a fun chromatic striping yarn.  The best part of this Zebra? Stashbusting all the way. Toys are so great for using up single or partial skeins.  This one knit up very quickly, I cast on one Fridya night and was finished  knitting and stuffing the limbs by Sunday night, with only a little bit more time needed for his luxurious zebra mane. That part took me a bit longer, but I added a lot more mane that was originally called for. I think my zebra totally rocks his big purple mane, though.

Finished Knit: Toy Zebra |

Here’s Zebra standing up, as well as chatting with a small bunny toy and a dinosaur. He’s a very social zebra. 

The pattern is detailed and thoughtful, and amazingly contains directions for 3 main animals – Zebra, Rhino, and Elephant, as well as a tiny mousie. I still have 1.25 skeins of the chromatic yarn leftover, so I think that my zebra totally needs me to knit him some matching friends!

 I love knitting toys, and last year I actually wrote a guest post on Craftsy with my top 7 Tips and Tricks for Knitting Toys– if you are planning on knitting any soft toys, I recommend it. I read it over again yesterday for the first time in nearly a year and I still do all the things that I listed.  But the biggest tip I can offer is this:  Get a ziploc bag or a small project bag, and keep all the bits of your toy in it. Most knitted toys and animals are knit in pieces, with separate limbs. Keeping them together in one designated place means that you are less likely to misplace an ear or a leg. Also reduces the chances of your pet/toddler grabbing a limb and running off with it.  And couch cushions have been known to swallow up small pieces of knitting before. True story.

If you enjoy knitting toys, or are curious about making them but don’t know how, Barbara actually has several detailed tutorials on all sorts of different finishing aspects of knitting toys, like this one on how to embroider the facial details, or how to properly attach the head.  Very helpful if it is your first time at the knitted toy rodeo.

I’ve just found out that Barbara has a Mystery Knitalong for a new toy– I’ve heard of them for shawls, but not for toys before! I’m going to sign up. Each week she will send out the instructions for a new part of the toy. Last year it turned out to be a mama kangaroo and joey, so I’m really intrigued by what she’s cooked up this year. It’s going to be my first ever mystery KAL! If anyone has tips for how to make the most of a mystery KAL, I’d love to hear them!

Finished Knit: Toy Zebra |



  1. Sam   •  

    Aw, so cute! I love his purple mane and rainbow stripes.

  2. Corinne   •  

    I love your zebra! Now I want one

  3. Alina   •  

    That’s just precious, Julie! I love its mane – it looks kind of “rock-n-roll” to me 🙂

  4. miss agnes   •  

    Your zebra could be the lead guitarist in a rock band, so cool! Wel done. My recent rabbit experience has left me with the desire to knit more toys, it is so much fun. It will be nice to see what your mystery toy is.

  5. Barbara   •  

    Your zebra came out perfectly! I love the rainbow colours too. I keep wanting to knit another, after all the ones I see on Ravelry, but I never have time.

    I also wanted to say that, while I’m always happy to answer questions and give help with patterns, my Ravelry group (Fuzzy Mitten Toys) is also a great place to go. There are some very talented knitters there, and sometimes they’re much quicker than me at offering help and advice!

  6. Barbara   •  

    oh, and I’m so happy you’ll be joining the mystery knit-along. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

  7. Liesl   •  

    What a cutie! Someday I’d love to try knitting some toys.
    Last year I joined in the Ysolda Follow Your Arrow Mystery KAL. I wasn’t sure I’d like it because I don’t care much for surprises, but it turned out to be one of my favorite knits. I’m curious to see your finished toy! (As I’m sure you are too!) 😉

  8. Valerie   •  

    I must say, that zebra is adorable! I was a little skeptical of the rainbow stripes when it was still individual pieces, but assembled it is fantastic! The colors are great, and I love knitted toys.

  9. Tanis   •  

    That is just too cute! I love that lush mane, and the idea of a knitted toy MKAL is very cool, I’m excited to see your progress on that, the possibilities of what it might be are endless! What a neat concept.

  10. Wanda   •  

    Oh wow – is this guy cute!! And he’s social, and he’s a knitter – I think he definitely needs some other little knitting friends to join him. 🙂 I’ve made lots of amigurumi crochet toys for little kids I know (yes, ziploc bags may be your most important notion for these projects!), but I have yet to knit any toys – another thing for my always growing To-Knit List.

  11. Val   •  

    I obviously need to start keeping my leftover sock yarn bits! Love him. Social zebras are the best kind 🙂

  12. Bekah   •  

    That looks awesome! I love the pic of the zebra with the sock – so cute!

  13. Kelly J. R.   •  

    Your zebra turned out so cute! So far I’ve only knit one toy and that was Spud the Sheep. I just love how it turned out. I met Susan Anderson at the Madison Knit-In a few weeks ago and bought her Topsy-Turvey book so now I have a lot of toys on my to-make list.

  14. Adorable! Its so easy just to quickly piece the animals together after finishing all of those fiddly parts. It definitely pays off to take your time – I sometimes amputate arms and legs if they got sewn on crooked 😉 Maybe I will check out the MKAL. I have gotten away from making toys, but Barbara has beautiful designs.

  15. Betsy   •  

    This is adorable! I just love knitting toys. He’s such a cutie!

  16. Brandy   •  

    He’s so cute! I love how he changes colors. And his rockin’ zebra hair is the best. I haven’t knit a toy yet, but I used to crochet ones all the time. They are so fun. With so many family members having babies soon, I definitely want to get some toys knit up soon.

  17. Kat   •  

    He’s adorable! And he really does rock the purple mane 🙂

  18. Kim   •  

    Love him and his rainbow stripes!!! It does make me want to knit another toy. There are so many great patterns to chose from!

  19. loulou   •  

    Ohhh, he is so very cute! I love his big mane and the coloured stripes. I bet Lila loves him.

  20. erin kate   •  

    he is so cute! that’s a great tip about the ziplock bag too, i have to do that with all my projects so i don’t lose an arm/sleeve/etc. !

  21. Lolly   •  

    He is so cuuuuute! I love his rainbow stripes, he must be a very special zebra!

  22. Desiree Fawn   •  

    This is so sweet! 🙂 Love those bright, bright colours!

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