FO: Autumn Sun Caplet


This is a knit I’ve wanted to make for, oh, about five years. And now that I finally knit it, I’m probably going to frog it.

FO: Autumn Sun Caplet|

Pattern: Lace Capelet

 Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere Sock in ‘Autumn Sun’

Needles: 5mm (US 8)

Mods: I deliberately went down  a couple needle sizes, cast n more stitches, and added a 2-round ribbing at the bottom hem (which actually didn’t help much with the curling). My mods were heavily inspired by this knit. The project page for this knit can be found here.

The problem isn’t the pattern- I think the pattern is wonderfully simple, lovely, and produces a great FO. And I love knits like this, that are big slouchy cowls that can double as caplets* you can pull over your shoulders for a bit of extra warmth.  It’s definitely not the pattern.

FO: Autumn Sun Caplet|

It’s just that this yarn wants to be something else, I can tell. It wants to be something with more complex lace, but I’m not quite sure yet which pattern that would be. Or maybe the pattern doesn’t exist yet, and I’ll need to make a whole new one just for this precious skein. It’s hard to tell what to do with those precious skeins sometimes, isn’t it?  Do you have any suggestions for this skein, in the lacy, 450 yards sort of range? If so, let me know- it’s impossible to know about every knitting pattern out there, and you might point me in just the right direction!

FO: Autumn Sun Caplet|

*I prefer to use the term caplet, not capelet. This is because I think the resulting knit looks like the cap of a mushroom, and not at all like an abbreviated cape. 


  1. Melinda   •  

    I think it’s a great piece but if you’re not happy with it, what about Wisp from Knitty, Summer 2007 Issue? I made one in fingering weigh but turned it into a cowl when the yardage I used (350 yards) didn’t produce a long enough scarf for my liking.

  2. Val   •  

    I don’t have any pattern suggestions but designing something special for a precious skein does sound fun. Your finished caplet is so lovely though, maybe wear it a little bit before deciding whether or not to frog it?

  3. loulou   •  

    I too think it’s really lovely as it is, but know what you mean about a special skein of yarn needing to be a certain something. The colour looks so good on you and the yarn really looks like something one wants to touch!

  4. Susan   •  

    I actually think the yarn and pattern are a good match, myself. I would think that a more complex lace pattern would get a bit lost in the color variation of the yarn…but that’s just me. If you love knitting with it, I guess you get more bang for your buck knitting it up twice anyway, right?

  5. PJ   •  

    I recently made Starshower for a special skein of yarn — similar to Lace Caplet (may be too similar?) but a bit more complicated.

  6. Katie Lynn   •  

    Sunflower Shawl by tincanknits would suit. The colors in your yarn remind me of flowers, and the shawl would be the perfect amount of complexity for it.

  7. Sandy   •  

    Any pattern by Very Busy Monkey would be beautiful in this yarn. I love her fabulous lacy 1-skein patterns.

  8. Monique   •  

    Gorgeous colors in this capelet. Love!

  9. kessanlin   •  

    Personally I like how your caplet turned out too. The raspberry swirls in the St st sections look delicious but not overwhelming because the bit of lace breaks it up a bit. But I understand how this cashmere blend might be screaming to be something more off screen where its more than just virtual looks. I have recently made some scarf-big cowl conversions which I liked very much. Maybe they will work for this too. Unleaving (my cowl-ed version) and Khair (cowl-ed version).

  10. Bekah   •  

    That is beautiful as is! But I know what you mean – I knit a whole shawl (Multnomah, I think it was called…) and it was beautiful, but not quite right… so the yarn is currently back in my stash, waiting to become something else.

  11. Michelle   •  

    I love how this FO shows the complexity and vibrancy of this yarn! I don’t have another pattern in mind, but, if you decide to frog, I would definitely say to keep it simple so you don’t lose these gorgeous colors in something intricate. You always look gorgeous in your knitwear!

  12. Lolly   •  

    I love the color, but I could see it being something a little fancier. What about one of the Boo Knits shawls?

  13. Wanda   •  

    I love the colors of this! I think it looks gorgeous – but some yarns are just so wonderful to handle while you knit that it can be fun to frog just to handle it all over again. I don’t have a pattern suggestion off the top of my head, but I trust you will come up with something gorgeous if you frog it!

  14. Pia @ nogetuldent   •  

    While your FO is beautiful, I can see what you mean about the yarn. I hate when that happens but always try to remind myself that I get the joy of working with such a pretty yarn again.

  15. melody   •  

    I love the colors in that yarn!
    But i understand what you mean. A while back, I made a hat with a stunning yarn, but I didn’t liked the way the whole thing turned out. The pattern was delightful and the yarn exquisite. But the two of them together didn’t work for some reason.
    Though I think that your combo works really well 🙂

  16. miss agnes   •  

    Hi Julie,
    I tagged you for a little game of blog hop, if you are interested. Rules and questions are here:
    Your comments are always so kind, and your blog has been on my blogroll for a while, I never tire of reading your posts.
    This beautiful Autumn Sun yarn would also make a lovely hat and mittens combo. Or a more complex lace scarf, one with different flower or foliage motifs maybe, if you want to stay in lace territory. No specific pattern comes to mind, except a search through Vogue Knitting archives, they had beautiful lace scarves in a number of editions these past few years.

  17. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    I actually think the caplet shows the colour beautifully – but you are the one wearing it of course! Good luck with finding a pattern!

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