FO: Coolbreeze, Paris Style

I don’t know why, but shades of pink with black always seem a bit French to me, hence ‘Paris Style’. Maybe it’s the classic Coco Chanel I’m thinking of.

Coolbreeze Toddler Cardigan |

Pattern: Coolbreeze Baby Cardigan  (fun fact: that is a 6-month old Lila modelling the sweater in the pattern shot!)

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK in Natural, Charcoal, Royal Flush, Petal (discontinued) and Sweetheart.

Needles: 4mm (US 6)

Mods: I upsized this a bit to be more toddler sized, and give Lila  bit of room to grow. When I buy her clothes, I usually buy a 3T, since she is delightfully chubby. This meant that I knit the whole thing with 4mm needles, lengthened the body, and decided to try to stash bust a bit with the extra colours, and changed the striping pattern to use them. I added contrasting button bands in Charcoal and Royal Flush, and added  both of those colours to the cuffs of the sleeves, as well.  I think that the size turned out exactly as I wanted- it gives her some room to grow and still enjoy this cardigan in the fall. 

Notes: I love this little sweater.   It’s a really versatile pattern,  making it easy to adjust the stripes for the colours I wanted to use, and since the stitches are picked up for the collar and button bands, it was easy to change up the colours. This was my first time doing more than one colour for the button band (I was running out of Charcoal), but I like the bright pop of Royal Flush (a very cool toned red)  button band underneath.

The fun kitty buttons have been in my stash for a while (more than a couple of years), after I saw them on Ebay and had to have them, even though I had no idea what I would use them for. Turns out, they were a perfect match for this cardigan. I even had exactly the right amount.

Coolbreeze Toddler Cardigan |

We did all the photos for this cardigan when we were in England (you can see she had on different pants in a couple of them), and it was chilly enough that she got a lot of wear out of it already, which is great. I got a kick out of the pair of photos below, where you can see little Lila being photographed front and back by Guy and I:

Coolbreeze Toddler Cardigan | knittedbliss.comAt least she was pretty oblivious to all the photos! Which is great, because we probably take her photo almost every day, just for fun.


  1. loulou   •  

    How cute! The sweater turned out so nicely and you’re right, the cat buttons go with it perfectly. And now I could go on and on about the precious model.

  2. CeltChick   •  

    Awwwww! Adorableness, well-dressed! I was struck by the top photo — she looks so like you.

  3. Becca   •  

    Well, this is thoroughly adorable! Love the gentle zig zags and those buttons! Interesting to learn how you sized it up a bit 🙂 x

  4. Tanis   •  

    I love this cardigan! Makes me want to knit another right this second. The contrasting button bands and those perfect kitten buttons are off the charts. I love the first shot of her in the 3-photo collage where it looks like she’s just skipping down the lane in her awesome star jeans and glorious cardigan. She’s just the best. Also – hilarious to be the child of a knit blogger – crazy parents getting the perfect sweater shot is just another regular day.

  5. Phyllis   •  

    OK, needless to say, she is beautiful. Lovely cardigan on a lovely little girl. Winner.

  6. Bronchitikat   •  

    Beautiful cardigan, lovely toddler.

    Just one thing – 6 month old? 16 month old?

  7. Bekah   •  

    That cardigan is adorable!

  8. Karen   •  

    Adorable cardigan, and now I think my daughter may need one for fall, too. Great colour choices, too. So nice and crisp.

    And I absolutely adore the photos of mom and dad taking her picture. These little ones are so beloved by their parents, aren’t they!

  9. Jolene   •  

    She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! The sweater is perfect, especially those buttons!

  10. kingshearte   •  

    She really is starting to look like you. Also, I love the two-toned button band situation. I think it would be especially fun in an otherwise neutral sweater. I may have to keep this in mind for something at some point.

  11. kessanlin   •  

    Love how natural Lila is in front of all those cameras! And boy she looks like a big girl now! Love the colour choice and those buttons are fab!

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