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Remember this hat when it was a WIP and my cat was being a good sport about modelling it?

Now it’s an amazing FO,  with only a little bit of cat hair on it.  Presenting the Diode Hat! I loooove it. It is the perfect hat for actual winter- the double brim and tight gauge do a great job of keeping the cold and wind out, much better than most knitted hats. I feel like all my future hats are now going to have a double brim, so that my sensitive ears stand a chance of staying warm. This is now my warmest knitted hat. Ever.  If you knit this (and I totally recommend that you do), you don’t want to go down to fingering weight for this- you want sportweight, so that the fabric is a lot more likely to keep out the wind.

Diode Hat

Pattern: Diode Hat

Yarn: Briggs & Little Sport in Fawn

Needles: 3 mm (US 2.5)

Mods: none.

These photos were taken in front of a rock face in Sudbury, Ontario. I know someone will wonder about this sweater I’m wearing, but sadly I have no info- it’s a store bought grey cardigan I borrowed from my cousin, I didn’t even check the label to see from where. All I know is it’s at least a couple years old. But it also has a nice texture!  It’s a texture bonanza on the blog today.

I generally am not a bobble fan, but teeny-tiny ones like this barely count as bobbles. They are very easy to do, and at this size and gauge, they actually look chic.  And look how pretty they are on the decreases! Like a constellation. 

Diode Hat |

I normally don’t choose a soft brown like this for my knits, but I’m trying to add more neutrals to my wardrobe. And this hat is definitely proving to be a cold weather staple for me.


  1. sallock   •  

    The hat is stunning, it looks so soft and warm. Neutral colors are indeed so thankful to the wardrobe!

  2. Christine   •  

    This hat looks terrific on you Julie! Thanks for recommending the pattern…it looks like a good one.

  3. melody (mandarine's)   •  

    Your hat is abolsutely beautiful Julie!
    I’m on the same page as you, I’m trying to knit more neutrals because I really want to actually wear my knitting (a lot).
    Right now I’m knitting a “salt & pepper” cardigan. the color is so pretty and versatile that I’ll be able to wear it the whole winter. I’ve also received some dark green yarn fo another cardigan. I couldn’t resist 🙂

  4. Tanis   •  

    Gorgeous FO and STUNNING FO shots! That rock, that sweater, that hat, it’s all working so well together.

  5. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    Ahahah I was going to ask about the cardigan and then read your comment.. Love the hat, it is going to be so easy to wear!

  6. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    ahahah I was going to ask about the cardigan and then so your comment.. love the hat, I am sure you will get to wear it a lot!

  7. Christina   •  

    Love the hat!! I have the same problem with my ears so I will definitely try out the double brim … though really hoping I won’t need it till next fall/winter.

  8. loulou   •  

    Wow, Julie. It is a great looking hat, not to mention the beauty modelling it. I love it.

  9. miss agnes   •  

    Great hat, great light, great picture, but you are so photogenic that I can’t remember seeing a not nice picture of you. Thanks for the tip on the double brim, it makes a lot of sense. I too find my hats lack a bit of warmth around the ears, so I will probably try this one for next winter. Which seems to be not so far since it’s still pretty cold and windy in my corner of Montreal.

  10. Brandy   •  

    Gorgeous work! I’m not usually a tan fan, but I love your hat.

  11. Jane   •  

    Oh man, that hat is fantastic! It’s a perfect warm neutral, and the double brim looks incredibly cozy to wear. This is an awesome finish, for sure.

  12. Carla   •  

    It looks wonderful on you! A lovely knit

  13. Jenna   •  

    I’m loving this hat! I’m with you that I don’t normally love bobbles, in fact I generally avoid them, but these are quite chic! This is definitely going in the queue on Ravelry. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  14. Liesl   •  

    It looks great! I agree–the small bobbles add just enough charm but still look chic. 🙂

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