FO Outtakes: Lady Bat Plus Toddler

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

These are some of the outtakes from  our playground FO photoshoot for the Lady Bat sweater (for the official photos, check out the FO post, here) . It was a challenging shooting with Lila scampering about and still keeping an eye on her, but that’s just life with a two year old. I actually think we would use this location again for a another photoshoot, it was at least a fun time!

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

 I don’t think I’d have used this photo even if I wasn’t being photobombed- the skirt is bunching weirdly. Maybe if I cropped it?

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

I think my legs look very weird at that angle in the above shot, so it was a no-go as well.

As seen here, Lila got a hold of the camera during what must haven been a weak parenting moment:

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

Clearly it was not in autofocus mode. I then used my smartphone (that’s the blurry rectangle in my hand, above) to put on this video, which then sparked a park dance party:

Outtakes: Lady Bat |

but the light was fading fast anyways, so after a bit of dancing, it was clearly time to go home.  I hope you enjoyed the outtakes!


  1. Tahnee   •  

    Aah, these outtakes are adorable!

  2. Rebecca   •  

    These outtakes are so sweet! I love the dance party part!

  3. loulou   •  

    haha, these are hilarious and very cute! I love the shot of you standing and Lila sitting on the yellow structure. And the sweater is beautiful.

  4. Šárka   •  

    Oh how sweet and nice of you to share!

  5. Kelly   •  

    Ahhh you lost an arm in that second one 🙂
    Always make time for a dance party!

  6. missagnes   •  

    My son loves Lila’s pineapple top. And I think you look great in that third shot.

  7. Karen   •  

    Hilarious! I love the toddler photo bombs. I also love toddler dance parties – my daughter’s dance moves always crack me up.

  8. Pia   •  

    Your daughter is adorable! What great family fun a photo shoot can be.

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