FO: Rescuing a Moth-Eaten Sweater!

It’s not a knitting FO, but I’m super pleased with how this turned out:

Remember the sad tragedy of my cashmere sweaters, all chewed up with holes? Since they were already ruined, I figured I’d at least try to rescue them.

And it worked! I picked out 5 colours of cotton embroidery thread, and just free-styled. I started with the larger patch on the bust- that’s where the biggest hole was. I darned the hole shut, and then began working irregular shapes in different colours over it. I then used pairings of 2 colours at a time to cover up any of the smaller existing holes.

Once that part was done, I looked at the sweater and figured out where else I’d like a little tiny bit of colour, to balance out the ‘design’ and make it seem intentional, like it came from Anthropologie or something.

I like the amount of colour I ended up with- it feels like just the right amount, especially with the stripes. Once cashmere sweater saved, Another two to go!


  1. Hilary   •  

    That looks adorable, Julie! Anthropologie for sure. 🙂

  2. Teresa   •  

    What a great idea! I looks perfect.

  3. evergreenknits   •  

    Definitely very Anthropologie-ish!

    (In fact, next thing you know, they’ll steal this idea and have it in their stores)

  4. Monica   •  

    Perfect! What a fantastic fix. I need to get the darning part down, but I’d have no trouble with the embroidery. I’m going to give it a try! #carpetbeetleslivehere

  5. eliza   •  

    this looks so fantastic! i just love it! i’m so impressed with your abilities and taking what would in other circumstances be a ruined sweater and turning it to your benefit!

  6. Tanis   •  

    Love how you’ve added little hits of colour all over to make the patch look intentional. Totally works. And what a gorgeous backdrop for this shoot! Perfect location.

  7. Loulou   •  

    Brilliant! I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing the ‘before’ but I sure like the ‘after’. A very cool looking fix. Way to go.

  8. Silvia M.   •  

    It turned out great. I’m glad you found a way to turn tragedy into beauty. 🙂

  9. Alli   •  

    Fantastic Julie! And you’ve reminded me that I have a couple of sweaters of my own that could use this kind of repair! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. kachazet   •  

    Well, it was a really good idea! Looks great!

  11. Amy Blake-Baldwin   •  

    Another option is to needle felt over the holes which I have done (well, in addition to embroidery where my dog ate a hole through a newly purchased wool coat). Perhaps combine the two for some interesting texture?

    I love the colors you chose for your embroidery!

  12. Ghislaine   •  

    What a wonderful idea! Looks even better than before!

  13. Shannon Yeaton   •  

    What a great idea and it looks great on you as well!
    Good job!

  14. Nik   •  

    This is pretty awesome and I love the pops of color. Cashmere is definitely too precious to simply toss. Great save!

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  16. Martha   •  

    I had a nice, new 3/4 sleeve top that got bleach spots on the sleeve. I embroidered a vine and flowers in muted tones over the place, and it looks pretty cool.

  17. AtlantaJJ   •  

    So glad you posted this. Before I started knitting I ended up giving a way two sweaters that I loved that were moth eaten. Never again! I know how to protect them and repair them if needed now thanks to you! Brilliant!

  18. Andrea   •  

    What a lovely result!

    I tried to cover up fixed moth holes with buttons. but this does not work out always. I will try your upcycling!

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