FO: Starry Starry Sunset Shawl

Sunset Shawl |

Pattern: Starry Starry Night

Yarn: Rowan Fine Lace in ‘Cobweb’, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe in ‘California Sunrise’

Needles: 5mm (US 8)

Notes: No modifications, previously blogged as a WIP here, when I first got the great little kit. Project page can be found on Ravelry, here.

I do not often wear (or knit) triangular shawls because I find them hard to actually wear. But this one is different, for two reasons:

1. the size. a really big shawl is a lot more versatile and I had fun tying the ends together and then wrapping the tail around me and tucking it into the knot, which gave it this awesome gathered look that you see if the majority of these photos.

2. the all over star stitch design with the thin stripes makes this a very modern shawl indeed, and I think it looks best when the rest of the outfit is unfussy and clean- a simple tee or tank top (that’s a vest for the UK readers πŸ˜‰ ) Β and jeans allow for a big, beautiful shawl to really be the main accessory.

Sunset Shawl |

This was a fun photoshoot. Sometimes it’s hard- I’m not in the mood to be photographed, or Guy isn’t in the mood to be a photographer, and when it’s forced it’s so much harder. but then there are days where it’s bouncy fun, and the wind is wild and Guy is making funny comments to make me laugh, so we move from this:

Sunset Shawl|

to this without missing a beat. Because hey, photoshoots should be fun.

Sunset Shawl|

There were lots of silly outtakes for this shoot, the wind and the mood we were in, it just made for some silliness. I’ve thought about doing outtake posts before. Is that something you think you might want to see? The silly, cutting room floor sort of shots?Β 


  1. Phyllis   β€’  

    Outtakes – totally, yes.

  2. Phyllis   β€’  

    By the way, love the Wonderwoman.

  3. Wanda   β€’  

    I love how the gorgeous colors, pattern and size of this shawl make a grey tank and dark jeans look spectacular! Now, I’m pretty sure I need to get something like this on my needles – because I’m a big fan of grey tanks and jeans, and I could stand to spruce up my Saturday look. Silly outtakes? Heck yes! πŸ™‚

  4. Kelly J. R.   β€’  

    What a beautiful shawl. I enjoy seeing outtakes. This morning I got a good laugh when I went to download some pics off my camera. My husband had taken a close-up chest shot of me while I was outside drying off the dog. Guys have a one-track mind. LOL.

  5. Loulou   β€’  

    That is beautiful, Julie. So light and soft looking. Just perfect.

    And yes please regarding the out-takes!

  6. Michelle Nussey   β€’  

    Absolutely! I really love the superwoman pose. I would love to see at least one outtake for each photo shoot!

  7. Brandy   β€’  

    Stunning! I absolutely love this shawl. The stripes are perfect, the stitch is perfect, and the styling is perfect. Now I want I big, breeze shawl just to wear it this way. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Andee   β€’  

    Oh that shawl looks amazingly soft!!!

  9. Bekah   β€’  

    That shawl is awesome – the combo of the stitch pattern and the yarn work great together πŸ™‚
    As for the outtakes – yes! They’d be funny to see!

  10. Paula   β€’  

    I think outtake shots really show great personality. I love seeing people take time out to be silly and not take themselves too seriously. πŸ™‚

  11. Jolene   β€’  

    Love the shawl but especially love the superhero shot! Yes, more outtakes, please.

  12. Val   β€’  

    It’s lovely! Especially with the otherwise muted colours, really makes the shawl stand out without overwhelming the outfit.. Great photos, too. I love silly outtakes! When photographing knits I’m wearing, I’m often waiving wildly at the camera to activate the auto-focus while trying to reach my cabled timer trigger at the same time… which makes for some pretty ridiculous outtakes. I should remember to keep one or two !

  13. Karen Chassels   β€’  

    Gorgeous shawl. Sure does look like you had fun with those outtakes…funny and shows off the shawl.

  14. M   β€’  

    I am drowning in home purchase crap. Please, please, please lighten the mood with outtakes!

  15. Julia   β€’  

    Yes to outtakes! And that is a gorgeous, gorgeous shawl. I somehow still have the mindset that triangular shawls are the preserve of dear, old, grandmotherly types, but this definitely shows that that doesn’t have to be the case!

  16. kessanlin   β€’  

    Lovely shawl, lovely pics!! Don’t you just love it when all the elements come together for a great photoshoot? πŸ™‚ Oh, and I love bigger shawls/scarves too. The best combination (imho) is big area with a relatively light/thin fabric, preferably with mohair!

  17. Christine   β€’  

    What a beautiful shawl, a beautiful model and beautiful photos. You and your husband are a great team.

  18. Kelly   β€’  

    Definitely outtakes!

  19. rililie   β€’  

    Such a lovely, soft, cozy shawl… and the colouring suits you to perfection.
    And I love the way you wear it!

    The photos are just gorgeous (as are you!). One can see that you guys had fun with the shoot!

  20. Pia   β€’  

    Oh yes please do share the outtakes. Mine are never silly, just ugly πŸ˜‰

  21. Lolly   β€’  

    Definitely yes on outtakes. I always get a good chuckle πŸ™‚ This shawl is beautiful, and makes me want to cast on a reeeeeally big one!

  22. miss agnes   β€’  

    Love the Wonderwoman shot, so funny. I also find triangular shawls a bit akward to wear, I love the way you tied it and gave it volume and pleats. Beautiful colors, and stripes are very trendy. Great FO, well done!

  23. Monica   β€’  

    Lovely, and the colours are so happy!

  24. Kim   β€’  

    Definite yes to outtakes. Nice superman pose…that’s how my brother actually stands for many, many pictures (sans shawl…).

  25. Jo-ann   β€’  

    I love out-takes. When I need moddelling shots of me wearing my knit wear the teenage son is the photographer. Our outtakes don’t tend to be silly, they tend to be epic photo fails. Missing head, blurry, etc… (Or they are exceptionally unflattering). And then there are the outtakes because of inappropriate photobombing by the cat or chickens or other children. Those I’d share….

  26. Becca   β€’  

    The colours in this are fantastic and I love how you’ve draped it. I vote yes for outtakes!! πŸ™‚

  27. Winwick Mum   β€’  

    I’ve admired this shawl in my LYS but didn’t realise it was so big! There’s nothing worse than finishing a shawl and finding that it doesn’t quite wrap in the way you want it to. I love the colours you’ve chosen; it’s a beautiful shawl and I hope you get many opportunities to wear it xx

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  29. Diane   β€’  

    I love the pink and gray.. I wear a lot of gray to work and I would love to have this wrapped around me. Thank you for the give away.

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