Giveaway: Deluxe Edition of Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

Alana Dakos (of Never Not Knitting fame) has written the most charming book about a little girl learning to knit I can possibly imagine. And it’s not just the book that is wonderful- the puzzle, paper doll set, the stickers; there’s even a little note from Annie that makes you feel like this gift set is truly just for you:

And the paper dolls (which I totally forgot to get a photo of, but see here for fabulous detailed photos) are all Alana’s patterns! Get the book or the deluxe set  right here.
This deluxe edition is the perfect gift for a little girl, no question. The story is adorable- Annie’s mom is a knitter, and one day Annie decides she wants to learn too, but finds it hard at first- her scarf gets holes that look like swiss cheese. I can totally relate, that’s what learning to knit was like for me, too. I learned when I was 7. AlanaBookCollage
How awesome are the illustrations?!
My baby is a little young for the set, but I did read her the story. She likes books, even at 8 months:
I don’t think she can follow the plot, but she enjoys hearing it read and looking at the pictures.And yes, I’m wearing the fox sweater from this post again! It’s from Old Navy. So is Lila’s sweater.

Alana has very generously offered up a deluxe gift set for me to giveaway, how awesome is that?! To enter:

Please leave a comment here or on Facebook and let me know what your favourite detail is- the stickers? the paper dolls? the illustrations? Do you know a little one that would just love the story? Tell me about it, and don’t forget to include your contact info. Contest closes Thursday at midnight, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday.


  1. Sara   •  

    Don’t enter me because I bought one! I think the illustrations are adorable, and I can’t wait for my almost-11 yo to open it on Christmas. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

  2. donna   •  

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  3. donna   •  

    I love the paper doll. My youngest daughter is 7, just the right age to learn to knit (and play with paper dolls).

  4. Echo Rigby   •  

    Wow! this book it’s so cute! I love illustrated books (even if I’m 24 ^_^) and I collect paper dolls! the detail I love more: Annas dresses! they’re my idea of dresses, both confy and girly! ^_^

  5. Lyn   •  

    My 4 year old grand-daughter would really enjoy the book and stickers….she loves to read ‘ Extra Yarn’ and always knows when something has been knit for her by her grandmothers.

    Ravelry Lyn41

  6. Mamucni   •  

    Cute book, cute story. I love everything in it. Unfortunately I did not see this book in Hungary. So, I would love to have one to read it with my 6 years old. She might get some motivation for knitting as my always knitting silhouette is not enough.

  7. Minivan Mama   •  

    I love how true the story is. I have recently started teaching 8 and 9 year olds to knit as part of our school’s “wooly Wednesdays” lunch club. They are all knitting scarves, and all of them look like Swiss cheese. Having said that, they couldn’t be prouder of their knitting and I am amazed at how quickly they have become knitters.

  8. veewee   •  

    Why, the fact that it’s about knitting of course!

  9. Jaimee Drew   •  

    I love that this was a mother-daughter collaboration! What a sweet memory for Alana and her little girl to share! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    jaimee on ravelry

  10.   •  

    This is so adorable! I must say that the illustrations are my favorite part.

  11. Zenitude   •  

    It is a great book. I purchased the set for my grand daughter but will give it to her on her fourth birthday next September. I plan on knitting her the red scarf and the cardigan so she can feel like she’s a bit like Annie! The fact that the scarf pattern is included in the book, makes it the best part for me. I will also be translating the book in French for her.

  12. Kassia   •  

    My older daughter (age 10) would love this book~ plus she’s learning to knit!! 🙂

  13. Windybrook Spinner   •  

    My seven-year-old daughter very recently had me teach her to knit and she picked it up really quickly. She would love this set. She would especially love the cat and the mouse. I’ll send my contact info on ravelry–windybrookspinne

  14. beffuh   •  

    Favorite is totally stickers. 🙂 Looks like a really cute book!

  15. TcuFrogRN   •  

    Well my favorite it the book itself with the concepts that it teaches, it is a great conversation starter with children on how we all make mistakes it just takes time as well as doing things over and over again to learn something new. I also am a sucker for anything that has stickers! 🙂

    Ravelry id tcufrogrn

  16. Loulou   •  

    How cute. My niece would love this. I sent her a ‘learn how to knit kit’ last Christmas and she took right to it! I even got a little letter in the mail saying how much she liked knitting. (She lives far away and I miss her so.) I think the puzzle is such a neat aspect of the package.


  17. Diane   •  

    I love the paper dolls! It reminds me of the hours and hours of playing and “clothing design” I spent as a child!

  18. Anonymous   •  

    I love that mom and daughter created this together! I haven’t purchased it yet but think it would be a wonderful gift for my niece. She is 5 1/2 years old. Her mother, aunt (me!), and grandmother all knit. This would be a fantastic way to introduce the craft to her. I first learned when I was about her age.
    Kim B.

  19. Bonnie   •  

    My mom tried twice to teach me to knit when I was little. It didn’t “take” either time. I learned again (from her) when I was in my late twenties. Knitting has changed my life. I love the illustrations I’ve seen in this book and would love to own it! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  20. danielle   •  

    I would love to read this to my granddaughter! Love the paper dolls

  21. Kesha E   •  

    This is lovely. Please enter me. Keshaevans on ravelry

  22. Laura   •  

    My sweet little cousin has a knitting grandma and several other knitters in her life, so she’d love this book, especially the paper dolls!

  23. knitterlydesigns   •  

    Everything about this book is adorable, and so much thought was obviously put into every detail.

    knitterlydesigns on Ravelry

  24. GynnaB   •  

    Such a fun book! I love her little grin and the mouse is super cute! I have been thinking about getting this book for my personal knitting library and sharing it with the young knitters in my life when they come to “aunties” to knit!

    ps… love the matching fox sweaters!



  25. Amy S   •  

    I bought my daughter her first set of knitting needles for this Christmas – this book would be perfect to go along with them!!

  26. Anonymous   •  

    The book itself looks great.


  27. Monica   •  

    I would love a copy of the book, i have a little boy, that has no jnterest in knitting, but he would love to read the book simply because mommy knits constantly. The illustrations are my favorite part of the book.

  28. katherinelynn_04   •  

    I love the illustrations. They are so darling!

    katherinelynn04 on rav

  29. Erica   •  

    oh my goodness, i love a paper doll.

  30. knit2theend   •  

    The paper doll is excellent, haven’t seen one in ages.

    I’d give this to my cousins little girl, no one else is in to knitting in her family so this would get her interested

  31. Jodee   •  

    What a great book! I have a 3 yr old little girl that I can’t wait to teach!

  32. Papayamaya   •  

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  33. Papayamaya   •  

    The illustrations are adorable!
    ravID mayapof

  34. Anonymous   •  

    This is about the cutest little set I have ever seen. For me it’s the paper dolls that steal my heart, I played with these for hours when I was little. I have three kids now, my son who is eight has shown the most interest in knitting thus far, but my six year old daughter is starting to ask a lot of questions. This set would be adorable for her.

  35. Helen   •  

    The illustrations really look like they could tell the story on their own!

  36. melosa   •  

    I have been admiring this since Alana first started showing parts of it. I Love the illustrations and especially the paperdolls. My daughter is 3 1/2 and, while still a bit young to learn, very impatiently waiting for mom to teach her how to knit. She does absolutely adore puzzles and stickers though.

  37. Unknown   •  

    I love the paper dolls. My oldest, who is 8, has been wanting me to teach her and my youngest has been asking as well. What a perfect book for them. Thank you for sharing.

    Rav ID stileslea

  38. Paula   •  

    I adore the illustrations. She captured the story perfectly!
    Rav id: MissPaulaKnits

  39. Anonymous   •  

    I have been dying to get this book! I absolutely adore the illustrations and think it would be perfect for my 8 year old niece, who has recently shown an interest in learning to knit.



  40. Unknown   •  

    I love everything about that book and would love to get one! I have 3 little girls it would be perfect for. Rav id: knitinmountains

  41. bren_na   •  

    My 8-year old would love this whole set. She has tried knitting, loves to read, loves stickers and paper dolls. My favorite part is the book, I guess. I’m a reader and would like it even without all the goodies!
    Bren7na on Rav

  42. Michelle   •  

    Such sweet illustrations! My older daughter is 4 and keeps asking me to teach her to knit. I’ve tried a couple times but she hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Perhaps over the Christmas break. This sounds like it would be a perfect example of not giving up for her.
    michelle (at) betahelix (dot) net

  43. RegencyKnitter   •  

    The book looks great! Both you and Lila look gorgeous in the photos as well :-).

  44. Anonymous   •  

    The book is just wonderful. As the mother of two girls who are just learning to knit it would be perfect! I love the paper dolls. Thank you for the giveaway.

    deblyn153 on RAV

  45. N   •  

    The paper dolls are so sweet! I have always loved paper dolls, and had sets and sets as a kid.

  46. seeyouat5   •  

    The illustrations are so adorable my baby girl would love this book as your sweet Lila does.
    seeyouat5 on Rav

  47. Marilyn   •  

    The illustrations are adorable! Thank you for the chance to win!
    marilynknits on Ravelry

  48. Kim   •  

    I love both the illustrations and the puzzle! And I’d love to have this for our first baby, who I’m pregnant with right now. 🙂

    On Ravelry I’m Beanershnump.

  49. knitsnips   •  

    I would love to win the set, as I just found out we are having a little girl. I plan on staring her with knitting as soon as possible. I love the paper dolls! I think they really add a nice element to the story.

  50. crystal   •  

    What a sweet book 🙂 I love the illustrations ~the stickers ~and the paper dolls 🙂 Am fixing to teach my 8 year old grandaughter to knit and she would LOVE this :).
    haPPy holidays 🙂

  51. Aubrey   •  

    This is ADORABLE! I’ve never seen it before, but I have a baby girl now who I hope will be a knitter someday. Those paper dolls are my favorite part. I loved playing with paper dolls when I was a kid, and the fact that they go along with the story is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win! auberella (at) yahoo D0t c0m

  52. Sylvia   •  

    i would love to share with my niece.

  53. Eva   •  

    Really I want the book for myself 😉 just because I would have loved it as a child, haha. I do know a little girl who loves books and is old enough for some encouragement in knitting. I really like the illustrations!

  54. YvonneChunWei   •  

    I love the illustrations! They are awesome. I know my daughter will love the book. She has seen me knitting and I have promised her I will be teaching her how to do so soon. She will be turning 4 in March and I think her motor-skills should be ready for some needle wrangling by then. This book will definitely come in handy as a prelude 🙂 Thanks!

  55. jessica kuntz   •  

    My 5 1/2 year old daughter wants to learn how to knit, I’d love to share this with her!

  56. JH   •  

    Oh, that book is adorable! The illustrations are definitely my favourite part – they make the book, in my opinion. 🙂

  57. Jenn   •  

    The illustrations are my favorite part! Alana did a fantastic post about how they were created and I’ve just been in love ever since.

    My son is 3 and has been bugging me for at least 6 months to teach him how to knit. I know he’d love the book.

  58. Terry   •  

    I love the whole set but my favorite is the paper dolls. They are so hard to find now in the stores but I loved playing with them as a child.

  59. Tam   •  

    I have three girls would LOVE this. My favorite part is the paper dolls. My youngest daughter has always enjoyed playing with paper dolls. Those are just ridiculously cute.

  60. Silvia M.   •  

    What isn’t adorable about this book!? 🙂
    I only had boys but now have two little nieces and it would be for one of them.
    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  61. UmmRania   •  

    I have three little ones who are 8,7,5 and all love to try to knit like mamma. Many of the things they knit are “swiss cheese” but they enjoy it never the less. I would love to be able to read this to them.

  62. yarnchica   •  

    My sweet four year old is so excited to learn to knit. She steals my needles on occassion and rubs them together and says “look Mama, I’m knitting!” The illustrations are beautiful. I also message about practice and working hard to see the results you want.

  63. Sarah   •  

    Wow!! This is truly stunning, I love it all. So nice to see a lovely puzzle though, its hard to find a sweet unlicensed (barbie!) one here!

  64. Hind DP   •  

    The paper dolls! It’s something you don’t see any more.

  65. Kayrine   •  

    I love that it’s about knitting ! aaaand the illustrations of course !

  66. Isabelle   •  

    This is a wonderful giveaway!
    I love the story around knitting. Can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to understand the plot! 🙂
    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  67. Estela   •  

    I love the puzzle! What a cute idea.
    Spanishbom on ravelery

  68. Anonymous   •  

    I just love everything about this book!

    Phoebe25 @ rav

  69. wickedstitches   •  

    I love the paper dolls! My 8 year old daughter is a novice knitter; she really enjoys finger knitting, too. Plus she is a big reader so I think she would love it. Happy holidays!

  70. Barb   •  

    This book looks so great! Hope I win.

  71. Hishandmaid   •  

    Love what I’ve seen of the illustrations!


  72. Anonymous   •  

    Love the paper dolls.

    rav: denim

  73. Niebieska Kokardka   •  

    Hi, i don’t know english very well but I try write;)
    I learn knited wen I was 6, now I offten make some staf on crochet hook. At leat I try make some hat for my husband but he’s very demanding, so I give up:D
    We have a dauther, and when she will grown up maybe she will be a knitter, when she will want, maybe she will be a footballer:D

    And I like most a the paper dolls:) my email: niebieska.kokardka@

  74. Estella   •  

    Absolutely adorable – both the book and your little one!

  75. Anna   •  

    I love the illustrations…this book’s definitely on my list of ones to get.

  76. Anonymous   •  

    So cute! My niece would LOVE this book – she’s just learning how to knit.

  77. Today Wendy   •  

    I definitely need to get that for my daughter – she really wants to knit but is still finding the needles a bit too tricky to handle. She would love the story, and the paper dolls…and probably the puzzle too!

  78. Roxanne Smith   •  

    My daughter is seven and would love the paper dolls. She has been learning to knit and I think she would like the story as well

  79. Christy   •  

    I am a mom to 3 boys. My two oldest, both in high school, learned to knit a couple of years ago when we were in Northern NY. I think looong cold nights plus cute girls worked as motivation to learn!
    Now my 8-year-old is working very hard to learn. We are working on a scarf together: I knit 10 rows, he knits 6, I knit 10, etc. The result is “organized chaos” and is actually going to be very cute!
    Even though the main character is a girl, I think my son will be able to relate to her – I know he’ll love the book!


  80. lilith anne   •  

    My 9 year old niece would love this!! She’s been finger knitting like crazy for the past few months and is eager to try and learn more.

    rav id: theowlandthebee

  81. Candice   •  

    I just got my first nephew this year and knitting will be one of the first things I teach him! I actually really like that it’s kid’s storybook about knitting. It would be really neat if there was a book out there like this one to about dying yarn or spinning. Hopefully more fiber art adventures for Annie to come!


  82. Renee   •  

    I LOVE the illustrations!! I hope to win this for my niece, Ava. I’ve knit her a few things over the years and I was just thinking how teaching her to knit would be fun. I live far away but visit pretty often. She’s 6 and very fun girl!

  83. Monika   •  

    I like the book, my daughter (almost 21 months) loves to “read” them and what is very nice, she is very careful with books with soft pages. So I would like to read it with her 😀

  84. Karen   •  

    Oh my gosh! So hard to pick just one but if I have to, it would be the book itself. So darling! Thank you.

  85. SarahG   •  

    I love it all! Perfect for a little girl. Especially one who has been watching Mum knit since she was born! Although too young (3 months), I would love to have it for her as she gets older.

  86. SarahG   •  

    Already posted, but I forgot to ask where you got Lila’s pants? they are soooo cute!

  87. Jennifer C.   •  

    I have an 8 y/o who is learning to knit, and she would love everything about this set. I might have to buy one if I don’t win 🙂

  88. El Jo   •  

    I love it! My 3 yr old niece is full of questions about knitting so it’s time to teach her! Since we’ll be starting w/a Swiss Cheese scarf, this is perfect!

  89. Jen   •  

    the paper dolls were the final straw in the detail for me. I desperately want to give a deluxe copy to my niece.

  90. Joanne G   •  

    I love the illustrations! I have an on-going collection of children’s books that feature quilting, since I now also call myself a knitter, I have been looking for children’s story books highlighting this craft…what a great book to begin the knitting category!
    Thanks ….and Happy Holidays!
    RAV ID- johalley

  91. Orli   •  

    My favorite part is the paper dolls! Such a wonderful part of my childhood, and I love that they are all her designs.

  92. Jamie   •  

    I think the paper dolls are the best part. I always love paper dolls as a kid and hope my new little one will too!

    RavID: Wittknitter2011

  93. Isabel   •  

    I like the illustrations – specifically the colours.

  94. Pam Larsen   •  

    As a librarian and a knitter, I would love this for my knitting storytime.

    RavID: PamLarsen

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