Holiday Yarn Shop Review: Beshley Wools (Bristol, UK)

A wonderful blog reader who lives in Bristol told me about Beshley Wools here in Bristol, UK, and I’m so glad she did- it’s amazing! The shop is perfection- it focuses exclusively on British-produced yarns, including lots of undyed options, and a great selection of weights and colours. It’s been raining quite a bit on this visit to England, so an excuse to be inside is always welcome, especially in such a lovely, friendly shop.

eshley Wools: knittedbliss.comBeshley Wools:

They also have a great button selection, and specialize in a great collection of British knitting books, and colourwork. The shop also has lovely crafts from upcycled felted wool like the pretty cushion above and sweet birdie  and owl below), which are perfectly suited to the environment:

Beshley Wools: knittedbliss.comBeshley Wools:

I absolutely loved my visit here, and I wish this was my local yarn shop- it was just such a great environment, and the yarns were all so amazing I wanted to buy everything, but I held back and brought back the following:

Beshley Wools Yarn Haul|

The golden yellow yarn is intended for some cabled bracelets from the new Knitting Smitten Book (which I recently won from Made Peachy  and I’m already totally in love with it!) , the all natural, undyed trio of small skeins in black and again in light grey are likely to be  mitts, or a hat, or one of each. And then the lovely Jamieson fingering weight will be a colourwork project, probably of my own design, but we’ll see!

This is absolutely going on my must-do list every time I come to Bristol; you couldn’t ask for a better shop to procure some super special British yarn.


  1. Selena Rea   •  

    Lovely review! I’ll be in Scotland this fall…maybe it’s not too far 🙂

    • RedSetter   •  

      Absolutely lol-ing my socks off! Only a yarn addict could plot and scheme to try and work out how Bristol might be near Scotland!

      I live in Scotland and if you work out how please let me know as this LYS looks fab!

  2. lora   •  

    It looks like a beautiful little shop and well worth a visit.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. M   •  

    YAY! Oh, I’m so glad you’re having such fun. What a wonderful shop! I can’t wait to see what you work up with such lovely finds.

  4. miss agnes   •  

    Beautiful shop. Love this Knit Kit packages, do you know what they are for? Looking forward to seeing your knitted bravelets, I want to make some too. Enjoy your vacation.

  5. Erica   •  

    So lovely! A shop that specializes in colorwork, that’s the dream! That Weisdale Tam is gorgeous and I like the adorably weird cowboy/cactus fabric.

  6. AngelaH   •  

    What a gorgeous shop! I am loving those tulip-patterned pillows too. Now to try and chart it so I can have my own…

  7. Beshley F Bwye-Turner   •  

    Hi Julie,
    Thank you for such a wonderful mention on your beautiful blog. It was so lovely to meet you and your family, I hope you had a lovely time in Bristol and I hope to see you again in the future.
    Best wishes,

  8. olivia   •  

    Such a cute shop! I wish they weren’t across the pond 🙁

  9. Loulou   •  

    What a pretty place you found. I love the upcycled felted wool creations. And I look forward to seeing what your choices of yarn become.

  10. Izzy   •  

    I’m so glad you liked it! Next time you visit you must come along to their lovely knit night on a Tuesday…there’s always tea and cake on offer 🙂

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  12. Melinda   •  

    What a lovely shop. I was hoping to go in september but unfortunately they seem to be closing their doors. This from their Facebook page. “Beshley’s Wool Shop is sad to announce that it will be closing on the 21st of June 2014…..I have been very lucky to have been offered some lovely new opportunities and I am not able to follow these without sacrificing the shop.”

  13. Jessica Biscoe   •  

    Hi Julie, I bought a lot of the yarns for Knitting Smitten from Beshley so you’ve come full circle with your bracelet! 🙂 I only found out today that the shop has closed, which is such a shame. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to Bristol, though!

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