HuffPost Live!

It was a bit sudden, but yesterday I was asked to participate in a Huffington Post Live chat about ‘Low Key Weddings’, since I’m always game to talk about my $5,000 wedding.  It was me, a recently engaged bride-to-be from Maryland, and a wedding planner couple from Seattle. It was fun!

You can check out the segment here, but the same video is posted on their partner site, AOL, and it’s a much cleaner video to watch:

I bob my head around a lot. Consider yourself warned! 


  1. A Babys Smile Knits   •  

    That’s amazing, congratulations on the segment. Your wedding looked beautiful!

  2. Seanna Lea   •  

    Very cool. Ours was a bit spendier than that, but only because we like food (and really it was still in the 5-7K range). I always like hearing stories about affordable weddings rather than the 25K and up affairs that are supposedly the average.

  3. Bookworm   •  

    You looked great on camera and your input was really interesting and well-spoken. Branching out to TV seems like a natural step for you, Julie!

  4. Joyatee   •  

    I adored the video! You were so wonderful on TV 😀 and your wedding is definitely inspirational.

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