Knitting Update: Fresh Off the Needles

Remember this post? Well, the R & R Hoodie is finished, and so is the Delineate tank! If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw this shot of my Delineate tank having a lovely bath before wet blocking (And yes, I totally wiped down my faucet to make it so shiny just before taking this photo):

Knits in Progress |

That is knit in Sunna from Spirit Trail Fiberworks in the ‘Pink Sands’ colourway. A little bit of dye came out in the water, but it wasn’t enough to cause any problems and hasn’t changed the colour of the top at all.

And here is the R & R Hoodie, all pinned out (still drying):

Knits in Progress |

I’m loving how the Biscotte Yarns in Griffon (talked about here) has knitted up. This is three different colourways blended together (one of them being the self striping middle!), and the pattern was great. I’m going to add some little ears to the top of the hood, but I want to put it on James first and make sure I get the positioning right. I also need to sew in the zipper! This will be my first time sewing a zipper into a knit, but I feel confident about it. While it seems absurd to knit a heavy baby sweater in the crazy heat that has engulfed Toronto,  I know it will get cool again one day, and I deliberately knit this a bit big so that he can get some wear out of it. Tanis reminded me in her recent post that it’s better to err on the side of bigger than smaller, so that you get to see your squishy baby in it more than a few times before they outgrow it!

I’m also working on a shawl, can you believe it? I hardly ever knit shawls.  I’m already thinking of another one, so perhaps the shawl bug has come to bite me at last! I was fortunate to get my hands on the just-launched Berroco Millfiori, in the Viola colourway:

Berroco Millefiori |

And it looked so darn good in the pattern photos for Kveta, that I decided to start knitting one exactly like it:

Berroco Millefiori |

This is the pinnacle of a mindless knit. It’s a two skein project, and you basically knit the first skein while increasing, and when you run out of yarn, you join the second ball and start decreasing. I love how easy it is, and I can pick it up and put it down at a moment’s notice. Which makes it perfect for my current knitting situation, which is often knitting with small children around.  Or in the car:

Berroco Millefiori |

Speaking of which, we will be road tripping this weekend so I foresee some quality car knitting time in my future! And I will hopefully get some finished knit photos of both the tank and the baby hoodie this weekend.


  1. Jess   •  

    Congratulations on your accomplishments – I have yet to finish a major summer project – just lots of daily projects (like laundry, never ending!) The yarn you found is beautiful, I LOVE it!

  2. Corinne   •  

    I love the R&R hoodie and the way you used the Biscotte yarn. You were such an inspiration that I had to try selfstriping yarn for a kid sweater as well. I am currently knitting a Playdate in Sorcerer’s Uniform. I am sure you’ll rock that zipper, I’ve done a few and didn’t find them very hard.

  3. Kelly J. R.   •  

    Isn’t it wonderful to finish knits? I’m not sure which I relish more – casting on for a new project or binding off on one that has taken me so many hours to complete. Your shawl is going to be beautiful. With that colorway, how can it not be?

  4. miss agnes   •  

    I can’t wait to see your Delineate, I just love this pattern. And mindless knitting, hooray! A perfect way to unwind after a busy day with kids. I wish I had such a project on my hands right now, my only wip is a lace project and I need to focus on a small lace chart. A few more repeats and it will be garter stitch for rows, can’t wait.
    Have a great road trip !

  5. Alina   •  

    So many beautiful projects! Looking forward to seeing them finished!!

  6. Tanis   •  

    Oooh! I’m so inspired. I’m thrilled that you were able to make your R&R Hoodie work out! Wasn’t there a potential yarn shortage issue the last time you blogged about it? It looks perfect, the colours really worked out! I’ve loved that shawl since the first time I saw it and now I’m dying to dig through my stash and find something suitable. I don’t have enough fringed accessories in my life!

  7. Jennifer   •  

    Awesome hoodie! And I love the colors in the Berroco, too! Can’t wait to see how it looks all knit up. (also, of course, can’t wait to see how your Delineate tank turns out! 😀 ).

  8. Violet   •  

    Such a colourful array of yarn! Gorgeous photography too!

  9. Christine   •  

    I am looking forward to James doing some modelled shots! He will look adorable.

  10. Kat   •  

    That looks like excellent road trip knitting! I love the sneak peeks at the R&R hoodie and Delineate tank-looking forward to FO pics!

  11. Zeta   •  

    Great projects! I can’t wait to see James wearing his new sweater! And your shawl will be an awesome one for sure!

  12. Stefanie   •  

    Pretty color of this tank yarn; it’ll look fabulous on you. The little hoodie is perfect. I love those zips of flashy green mixed with the grey. And your new yarn for this shawl is nice; it’s like looking at the inside of a cave filled with gemstones.

  13. 107   •  

    How about shawls for men?

  14. Bronchitikat   •  

    Love the R&R hoodie. James should look really cute in it, specially with the ears.

    I inserted my first zip into knitwear when H said he wanted a zipped jumper. It went quite well – make sure you have the garment on a flat surface, eg: a table. In fact it was easier than making the steeked opening for it!

    The next zipped jumper, also for H, was even easier. Tip – hand sew the zip in. It’ll be strong enough for a child’s jumper, and it will be easier to unpick should you have a bit of a disaster!

  15. Carla   •  

    I have the yarn and pattern book in my shop for the Millefiori yarn, so gorgeous. I think I should cast on –today : )
    I am going back to the post on the baby sweater to find the pattern. It’s just darling !

  16. Girl, you’ve got your knit on! Such a treat to see all your project. Wishing you a very happy and wooly road trip. May your beautiful children sleep the entire drive.

  17. Karen   •  

    I love your sink pic. Very clean, no pun intended!

  18. Sierra   •  

    Easy knitting, for me, is social knitting. I love being able to pick-up/put down my project and be able to keep working with no problems. That baby jacket is adorable! Love your color choices.

  19. Tien   •  

    Love the beautiful yarn & colorway of your shawl. The garter stitch really highlights the rich colors of the yarn. Can’t wait to see finished pics of the hoodie and tank.

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  21. Kessa   •  

    Can’t wait to see modeled pics and gosh that new yarn’s colours look amazing!

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