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I’m leaving for England today, we’ll be gone two weeks (normal Monday and Friday blog posts will still happen!) and I couldn’t be more ready to get away- I’m feeling a bit down, discouraged, and off-center; I’m ready for a change of scenery and what that does to change up one’s perspective. A trip away will help shake the cobwebs off, and I’ll work on trying to figure out how to get from here to where I want to be.

I love Instagram, but I do find that it sort of creates a bit of life envy- people have these amazing photos, and some of them have clearly spent a lot of time on crafting their shots, and it’s hard to remember that when you are scrolling through what looks like someone else’s amazing life while you sit on your couch in your pajamas. The flip side of that is Instagram helps celebrate and document the everyday wonders, the little things, and makes you realize that your life is filled with all sorts of beauty and goodness.  So it helped to be pulling together this post and looking through these photos when I was feeling down, because it reminded me of all the lovely things that have happened recently, too.

Top row, left to right: you might remember that mug of eggnog from this post, that sweater is almost done and I found the cutest buttons ever (little black kitten buttons! they are wearing striped dresses!), Gatsby got a lion cut (some people think this is cruel, but we did not do it lightly- he got severe, painful matts in his fur and we had to get him shaved, so we figured we might as well make him look stylish) and he LOVES it- we might have to keep him trimmed because he’s so much happier;  and lattes from our old neighbourhood.

Second row: My favourite people, some beautiful white crocuses I found on a spring walk, a family photo of us in High Park, Gatsby napping in Lila’s crib.

Instagram Collage|

Third Row:  one of my favourite tops- a cotton bicycle print pullover, a perfect little birthday cupcake that a coworker brought in, a photo of an about-to-be-frogged toddler Sized Windswept cardigan which was coming out too big (I’ve since cast on again, for a smaller size), and a glass of wine after work.

Fourth Row: I meet a good friend of mine from university once a month for lunch at this restaurant, and I adore the light fixtures; blackberry squares (inspired form the recipe in this post), Lila looking ever so coy in front of the donut display at Tim Horton’s, Lila having a nap in our bed while I’m wide awake (she likes to suck on my fingers).

Fifth Row: Mr Tiger Goes Wild is a wonderful children’s book that I highly recommend- it’s one of Lila’s faves; Lila so excited that her dad can juggle!, little Yarn having a sun nap on our bed, and a wonderful mother’s day gift- a framed feet and handprints bouquet from Lila. I totally cried when I received it.

How about you- do love Instagram, don’t bother, or loathe it?


  1. M   •  

    I don’t bother. I’m rather like you, too much time on instagram or facebook and I start to feel blue. I love seeing what others post, but I like them the way that you do them, in a lump sum on your blog. Much nicer than a constant stream of My Life is Awesomeness. But you’re right, fresh air and a change of scene will just set you up. Have fun!

  2. Melinda   •  

    Have a fabulous time in the UK!
    Sorry to hear you’re a bit down at the moment. Hopefully the trip abroad will help.

  3. Wanda   •  

    A trip away from it all can sometimes be the best cure ever for discouraging times! I hope it’s wonderful for you – refreshing and revitalizing and just plain fun! the instagram pics you’ve posted are sweet – it’s true that one can look at online pics and posts and think other people are having perfectly beautiful hilarious non-stop-fun lives compared to one’s own. Appreciating the little niceties should be enough, and yet we can all lose sight of that at times. Your photos are sweet without making me feel bad or boring… thank you for that! 🙂

  4. melody (mandarine's)   •  

    I’m hooked on IG too!
    I hope that you’re going to have a beautiful time in England!


  5. Christina   •  

    I hope you have an amazing time in England, so far it has never failed me though it has been years since I’ve been back. I personally love IG, I mostly look to it for inspiration and to see what my fave dyers are up to. A colourful twitter if you will.

    maybe another Toronto TFA knit’n’night is in order?

  6. Jennifer   •  

    Instagram keeps me in touch with those we moved away from mostly so I like it. But what you describe I think is something most mothers go through at some point. We tend to take one point or slice of a day and compare ourselves to that rather than look at the dirty dishes piled behind! Also, my baby used to put his fingers in my mouth to sleep, and he’ll be 18 this year. Enjoy the moments whether good or bad, they are what make YOU Lila’s mommy.

  7. Mary   •  

    I adore those car buttons! Where did you get them?

    I’m not on Instagram, but I certainly see my fair share of hyper-styled photos in social media. I like to imagine the things that *aren’t* in the shot – the pile of bills and dirty dishes hastily stashed just out of sight, etc. It’s far closer to the truth!

  8. Mary   •  

    Sorry, I meant CAT buttons.

  9. Tanis   •  

    I LOVE instagram. Probably too much! But for sure you have to keep in mind that the gorgeous photo’s in your feed are just carefully edited close ups from a much different scene. I love it when people post slice of life pictures too from time to time. It’s a nice reminder that we’re all human. Enjoy your time away! There is nothing like literally removing yourself from your everyday life to re-balance.

  10. Kelly   •  

    Chin up! Have a wonderful relaxing time away and I’m sure you will be feeling rested and ready to tackle anything once you get back.

  11. miss agnes   •  

    I’m not even on it, is it bad? I don’t have an iPhone, and I already spend too much time on Ravelry, reading blogs and on Pinterest.
    Anyway, not surprising that you feel down after the horribly long and cold winter we’ve had. Enjoy your time in the UK and bring back lovely pictures and wonderful memories.

  12. Terri (terdotty)   •  

    Have to admit to being a bit of a lurker on your blog, but am commenting just for a change to say, hope your holiday gives you the lift you need and sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling low. Social media can be a great tool but also can make anyone feel inadequate in their own ‘ordinary’ lives, especially when not feeling ‘up’. (Have to admit to not using instagram, rarely on facebook and on pinterest but don’t use it! At nearly 55 I don’t feel so drawn to this ‘stuff’ but with daughters in their 20’s can understand the pressures). Take care x

  13. Carmen   •  

    Those kitty buttons are the cutest buttons I’ve ever seen!! Enjoy your trip!

  14. Isabel   •  

    If you’re in Bristol you MUST visit the new Wool Shop on Alma Vale Road in Clifton – it’s just lovely, packed with lush British yarns, and is run by the nicest woman ever 🙂

    Plus the weather is gorgeous here right now, so that should perk you up! Bristol in the sunshine really is lovely

  15. kingshearte   •  

    I still haven’t made the jump to a smart phone, so for the moment, there isn’t really much incentive for me to join instagram. When/if I get one, then maybe. But if every other post I see is of someone’s dinner, I’m out.

  16. Kim   •  

    I don’t bother…I’ve done photography for more than half my life and I love it, started with darkroom photography in HS, but these days I can hardly seem to find the time to even keep my faraway family and friends up to date with pictures of my 11-mo-old. Plus it’s like you say…on even semi-public forums like Facebook, I end up feeling like everyone’s lives look so hunky-dory, when you know that in reality everyone has their ups and downs. But especially with the way days with a baby can start to blend together, it still can make you feel bad, or lonely, and I find that’s especially the case for me since my son was born, since I’m from the US but live in Spain. Sometimes the internet makes me feel more connected or lets you find cool stuff (I love the stuff you share…thanks for the book recommendation! And I think I’m going to try out the Pentel Pastels on some onsies soon. 🙂 ), other days it can just make you feel more isolated. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip! Getting a break from the daily routine can be such a great way to shake a funk.

  17. Nat @ Made in Home   •  

    i did not even know you were on IG! Totally agree with the life envy syndrome – especially when it has been a ‘bad night’. Hope you have fun in Britain and you will find what you need at the moment.

  18. loulou   •  

    Instagram might be the main reason I break down and finally get a cell phone! It really does seem like a fun thing to participate in. I love your shots and hope you have a fantastic holiday.

  19. Nicole   •  

    Instagram is my new love. Got rid of twitter and Facebook seems to be a necessary evil. 😉

  20. Heather   •  

    I only use Instagram when I am traveling so family can follow along. This started when we were driving across country to take a car to our ‘baby’. Instagram was his idea and we have had a lot of fun with it. I use Instagram and Facebook to keep up with out of town family and that’s enough for me.

  21. olivia   •  

    I originally got instagram to keep up with friends and family back home.. its like Pinterest, you see so many beautiful photos and its easy to get envious a little.. Have fun in England!

  22. Karen   •  

    Oh my, I can *completely* relate to your mindset these days. Hopefully your time away in the UK will help clear things up. I tried four days in Chicago but it wasn’t nearly enough. 🙂

    I absolutely love Instagram. I love seeing others’ sweet moments but I also love being mindful of my own sweet moments. Instagram really helps me make pause and capture these.

  23. Teresa   •  

    Being a bit older than the regular crowd that uses social media I can honestly say that it is very similar to the ‘magazine envy’ of the past; lithe models in perfectly styled poses, perfect homes. I think, though, that SM is worse because it is perpetuated by everyday people instead of professional photographers.
    Just remember that anyone that has THAT much time to perfectly style their life to show everyone can’t be having that much fun. I know personally that I have a great time with my husband and daughter and never find the time to showcase it online because we’re too busy actually living it! 🙂 It’s funny, the people that my husband, daughter and I know in real life that style their photos the most and practically live on social media are the ones that are the least self confident. Very interesting indeed. I’m sure there is thesis for a social anthropology PhD candidate in there somewhere. 😛

  24. kathleen smith   •  

    I totally agree with Teresa. I, too, am older than the typical social media user, and I see the parallels to the way pouring over glossy magazines could make our generation wonder about our own (less glamorous) lives. I guess social media is like anything else; use it for what is best for you, but limit it otherwise and really live your life without comparisons! Julie, you work very hard and keep yourself on a very disciplined schedule. You are also intensely creative. Keeping a balance there may be part of your life’s work. Be kind to yourself, too; even though things have worked out well (thank goodness) with that lovely baby, you’ve been through a bit of an ordeal as her health issues have resolved. Those things take their toll. Rest, refresh, good luck.

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