Lost in Translation?

I was skulking around on Susanna’s blog when she kindly posted the links to this:
It’s called Freddie’s Bolero. I love it, and would love it even more if it wasn’t a bolero at all, but a full-fledged, hip-length cardigan. I see it as a future wardrobe staple, should I actually knit it. I spent about half an hour yesterday trying to sort out how challenging it would be to decipher the pattern, which is tragically written in a language in which I have no fluency: Finnish. I left a quasi- whining comment on Susanna’s blog, and she kindly emailed me back some links for translating Finnish patterns into English. Except…..

I’m becoming buried in WIPs, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of the WIP storm letting up! Oh well, I’m happy this way. I don’t churn out finished obejcts every couple of weeks, but they get finished eventually. Like my poor Central Park Hoodie, which has been sadly neglected for over two months now….. I know I’ll finish him sometime after the Baby Norgi, and fingers crossed that it’s done in time for the snowy weather.

Update: Tina left a comment saying that this sweater looks remarkably similar to Sesame from MagKnits. I wen to check it out, and it does seem very similar. I could spare myself the translation, and just make it in that lovely cream colour instead.

I have no idea why I love creamy white sweaters so much- I slop coffee and spaghetti sauce all over myself with alarming frequency.


  1. TinaIsNoAcronym   •  

    I’d love to see that as a full-length sweater, too. In fact, I’d love to knit it too, though I suffer from the same massive amount of WIPs. It’s getting embarrassing.

  2. luxeloops   •  

    there is a great pattern that looks similar to this from phildar (last winter’s catalog i believe?). i’ve been eyeing it for a while…

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