Match the Pom Pom to the Hat

I need your help! I have a couple hats in progress, one for me and one for Lila. I also have 3 faux fur pom poms, because I couldn’t decide which colour would work best. Not that having 3 to choose from is helping much, mind you.  So will you help me play matchmaker with these hats? Shall we meet our lovely bachelorettes?

This is Take Heart, knit in Briggs & Little Heritage in their brand new colourway, ‘Magenta’. It’s a wonderful bright fuchsia, makes me think of pink highlighters and how cheery it will be in the winter to have a nice bright hat. The pattern – I’m still undecided, I love that the brim is long and meant to be worn folded over to help keep my super sensitive ears warm, but I am not sure if the twisted rib is a little too airy. Should I have done normal ribbing instead? I’m too lazy to rip it out, and I like the way it looks, so it’s staying:

I do like the cables, they are intertwining in a wonderful way, although it’s hard to see it here. This is one of those patterns that looks a bajillion times better when blocked (I hope). Magenta, much like red, can be a tricky colour to photograph as it bounces light, but this is an accurate representation of the colour in real life.

My other hat in progress is the Bunny Hat from Muki Crafts. I’m knitting it in some Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in Dove Heather. I have completed the hat, and just need to knit the ears:

The pattern is lovely, and comes in both child and adult sizes. I haven’t shown it to Lila yet, but she is going to go completely crazy for it when she sees it all finished. I’ve got some soft pink angora yarn leftover from this very old sweater that I’m going to use for the inner ears, and one of the faux fur pom pom is on it…. my insides are already squealing from the cuteness.  I love the little loop on the top of the hat that is folded down to go around the pom pom!

So, ready to meet the bachelors?

I called 5 yarn shops in Toronto and no one had the faux fur pom poms, so I got lazy and ordered them off of Ebay for I think about $2 a piece. The price is incredible, but the downside to buying them this way is they ship from Hong Kong by the slowest/cheapest method so it takes about a month for them to arrive. I know I’ll use them, so I picked a few colours that I thought would work with either hat. And now I can’t decide.

  Perhaps the cream one makes the most sense on the bunny hat, And maybe the light brown or pink on the magenta hat? Or the pink one on the bunny hat to match the ears, even if not ‘correct’ for a bunny tail? What do you guys think? Which pom pom should go with which hat?

Side note- I caved and bought one of those fake wooden backdrops that are printed on vinyl. I can’t deny that it looks good, yet I feel like I’m just perpetuating all the ‘knitting with wooden backdrop’ photos that are out there. I’m not sure if I’ll keep using it, but I’m trying it out for a bit. There is something so visually harmonious about yarn and knits on wood,  the eye seems to love natural materials on natural materials.  Even if the ‘natural materials’ are faux fur and a photo printed on a sheet of vinyl.


  1. Jane   •  

    I vote for the pink pom-pom to go with the Bunny hat, and the cream to go with the Take Heart. I agree that the Bunny hat is going to be just about the cutest thing ever!

    • Di   •  

      My vote as well!

    • Vanessa   •  

      Me too 🙂

    • Meredith MC   •  

      I agree. They’re both beautiful!

    • Elena   •  

      me too!

  2. Diana   •  

    I’d go with the brown for the magenta cabled hat and the cream for the bunny. That will be soooo cute 🙂

  3. Jennifer   •  

    I think pink for the bunny hat, and brown/tan for Take Heart. Whatever you decide will be lovely, though, I’m sure.

  4. Ramona   •  

    I’m not usually one to decide colours but I had a pretty strong reaction to the Pom poms. For me, the brown goes best with the magenta.

  5. Shanna   •  

    I like the brown pom-pom with the magenta hat and the pink pom-pom with the bunny hat (which is tooo cute!) – I like how it matches the angora for the ears, even if it’s not the true colour of a bunny tail.

  6. Veronica   •  

    I vote for the brown pom on the Take Heart and the pink pom on the Bunny Hat. However, they will be adorable either way.

  7. Patsy Coats   •  

    Cream on the bunny, pink on the magneta

  8. Jennifer   •  

    I think the pink one on Take Heart and cream on the bunny hat. Super cute any way, though!

    • Nikki E   •  

      This would be my choice too!

  9. Sharon Vance   •  

    The brown for the magenta and the cream for the bunny hat. Fun!

  10. Nora   •  

    Brown with the magenta and pink with the bunny hat (or possibly the other way round). Not a big fan of the yellow/cream with either!

  11. mary jo   •  

    brown on the magenta and cream on the bunny. but really anything you pick is going to be super cute.
    ps. I hope there is enough leftover for the cowl…what a cute way to keep the little one warm.

  12. Denise   •  

    I thought the browm pom really looked beautiful against the magenta. Pink all the way for the bunny hat, it will add a bit of whimsy and girliness 🙂

  13. Wendy   •  

    Pink on bunny. Cream on magenta. The brown would look good on a denim yarn

  14. Vanessa   •  

    Beautiful hats Julie! I think that the pink Pom Pom would tie up the bunny hat nicely and the cream Pom Pom would look fresh and bright on the magenta Take Heart.

  15. Kim   •  

    I would vote for pink on the gray hat & brown on the magenta one. Or my full list: pink then brown then cream for gray. Brown then cream then pink for magenta. Good luck deciding! I think it’s so fun to pick these finishing details. And I totally feel you on getting multiple options — I recently bought 2 sets of buttons for the cardi just knit for my baby because I couldn’t decide at the store (and, um, he was starting to cry so it was time to go!).

  16. Kerry   •  

    My vote would be pink pom pom on the bunny hat and creme pom pom on red hat!

  17. Cindy   •  

    Pink for the bunny hat and cream for the magenta

  18. Lorraine K   •  

    My vote is cream pom-pom for the pink hat and the brown pom for the bunny hat. I think the pink will compete too much with the ears…

    Can’t wait to see the bunny hat on Lila!

  19. Char   •  

    Brown and magenta, cream with the bunny hat. What a lucky little lady x

  20. Nicole   •  

    Cream for the bunny, because that would be the cutest little cotton tail, and pink for the magenta hat. I like the contrast of the two pinks together–it’s certainly the least traditional of colour combos.

  21. Susan   •  

    I vote pink for the bunny hat and light brown for the magenta hat.

    LOL your fake wood background. Do what you want, even if it’s trendy. That’s ok!! 🙂


  22. Pamela   •  

    Cream or pink would look great on either one of them! I think the brown needs to go with something that has more of a brown/yellow/tan color, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong!

    And no shame for the backdrop! I often find myself using a piece of posterboard when my fake wood floor is too dirty for pictures. If it means you get to take more pictures to share with us, I think it will make us all happy! 🙂

  23. Meredith MC   •  

    Ps is the pine cone and flowers part of the printed backdrop? Or did you add them? I ask because it would seem a little odd to have those in every knit picture hat you take. Although I guess you could position the knits over that image if it is a part of the mat. I do think it’s pretty though and it looks unfussy.

  24. Nicole A.   •  

    If the pink Pom really matches the angora, then pink on bunny hat, and cream on magenta hat. Send me the brown;)

  25. Nita   •  

    I really like the brown pompom on the pink hat because the tones match. Does that make sense? They reflect/absorbe the same amount of light… They compliment each other on the colour wheel.

    The cream pompom is too much contrast with the dark pink.

    And the light pink pompom is also too contrasty light-wise and also too…wispy? for the bold colour of the hat. Its perfect with the grey, however…

    Save the cream pompom for a hat done in intarsia with cream worked in.

  26. Katie   •  

    I *love* your honesty! You go with that fake wood backdrop! I can’t tell you the number of weird things I use as backdrops – we all have our hacks.

    And I like the brown with the magenta and the cream with the grey!

  27. knithughesey   •  

    The pink pom pom has to be on the bunny hat! Too cute. I like the brown on the magenta hat. Very classy!

  28. Brenda   •  

    I’d go with brown on the magenta hat (with cream as second choice), and pink on the bunny hat (also with cream as a second choice).

    As for the backdrop, well, we all need something for a decent-looking background. And sometimes, even if your house has some sort of nice surface for such things, it can get cluttered… So it can’t hurt to have something to pull out when you just need something quick. And it does look nice. 🙂

  29. Pat   •  

    Pink with Bunny and cream with Magenta. Looking at your hats made me realize I need to make a few.

  30. Monica   •  

    My FIRST thought when I saw your post was: “She found a barn!” LOL, that’s a really good fake backdrop…I ahve to say, I agree with the majority, I’d use the pink on the bunny hat and the cream on the Magenta. And now I’ll go add this pattern to my list of favourites!

  31. Ebon Hawk   •  

    I vote pink with the bunny hat! Those two colors look so great together.

  32. Tanis   •  

    Pompoms! Yay! I’m so excited about this blog post. It really makes me happy. Irrationally happy. Ok, so I vote cream pompom for the bunny hat and brown pompom for the magenta hat. All the way. Also, I love the wooden backdrop. It’s just a lovely prop for your knits. Period. I wouldn’t feel badly about it at all. It’s just a jazzed up bristol board!

  33. Kristine Raess   •  

    Pink for the bunny and browe on the hearts!

  34. Christine D Mo   •  

    hmmm… after much thought and waffling, I suggest the following. The cream pompom for the bunny hat. Although the pink would match the inside of the ears, it might also fight with it for attention. The cream one is more subtle. For the magenta tuque… oh, I am just seesawing all over on this one. Ok, I’m voting for pink pompom on pink hat. And lastly, no guilt on the vinyl wood backdrop. It is a completely justified prop for your needs. Let us know how the pompom debate plays out… 😀

  35. eliza   •  

    Definitely cream pom pom with magenta hat, and pink pom pom with bunny hat!

    That bunny hat is the CUTEST thing I think I’ve ever seen!

  36. Melissa   •  

    I am terrible at color matching . .. but I <3 your photos and the puffs n hats–so fuzzy and adorable!

  37. Katie Lynn   •  

    I feel as though the white pompom blends too well on the soft grey, the pale pink is a little more striking. I would use the white or brown on the red hat.

  38. Laura   •  

    Hi Julie, My vote is for the brown on magenta hat, and even thought I like the pink on the bunny hat, would Lila say that a bunny does not have a pink tail? The cream would look good, too, on the bunny.

  39. Yvette   •  

    Hilarious! I was thinking “What’s going on with that background?” just before you confessed to the vinyl. Maybe show the edge next time. That might make a more subversive photo.
    And I am with the crowd. The light brown definitely with the magenta hat. Either of the others will go with the bunny.

  40. dagmar   •  

    I would choose the light pink pom pom for the bunny hat and the light brown one for the magenta hat.
    I´m curious to see what you went for. 😉

  41. Wanda   •  

    The hats and the pom poms are sooooo lovely, I don’t think I can really decide either!! First, your little one is going to just faint with happiness about the bunny hat (I would too!!) – since it’s for a wee one, I’d go with the pink bunny tail, she will love the pop of color, it will match the ears, and she wont be thinking about the fact that bunnies’ tails aren’t really pink. 🙂 And then the magenta grown up hat – another tough call! Absolutely beautiful color and I love the cables (I really need to make myself a crazy-complicated cable hat one of these days). Can the pom poms attach in sort of a ‘impermanent’ way? So that you can wear it with the brown for a bit, then change it up to the cream? That would be fun. But if not, I am leaning towards the brown with the magenta. And then you’ve got a cute pom pom for one more hat! Ok, now that my Christmas shopping is almost done, I feel like I have to go on a search for faux fur pom poms….

  42. Snow   •  

    Cream or pink pompom on Lila’s hat but not on the top…at the back towards the bottom where a bunny wears it’s fluffy tail!
    No pompom on yours…until you can find a pompom of the same color saturation as the hat yarn…black, turquoise, purple…otherwise the pompom looks out of place and cheapens your masterpiece.
    Use the extra pompoms as a zipper pull on coats.
    I like the lighter look of the ribbing especially because it’s a thick brim. Regular 1×1 or 2×2 would be more prominent and perhaps be too heavy looking.
    And that magenta yarn!!! Love it!
    And the wood backdrop totally believable in a house with two kids…amazed it didn’t have Froot Loops cereal and some Lego’s instead of a pinecone Lol!

  43. Holly Priestley   •  

    I also vote for brown with magenta and cream for bunny! These are going to be so cute 😀 I also just ordered my first faux fur pom pom (from a seller on Etsy) and am hoping it gets here before the year is out!

  44. Melanie   •  

    Pink on the bunny hat, white on the magenta hat. Save the brown fur pom pom for another inspiration.

  45. Melanie   •  

    Changed my mind — brown on the magenta, but still vote for pink on the bunny. I like the match with the inner ears.

  46. Anna   •  

    You could have fooled me with that ‘wood’ background. Lila will love the bunny hat. I would go with the cream for the bunny hat and with the light pink for the magenta!

  47. Kessa   •  

    Oh, seeing that old sweater brought me back to the good old days! I think the beige pompom will go well on the bunny hat (that is SO adorable.. I know a little girl here who would love it. Maybe I can still rush one out in time for Christmas… Or come Easter. XD), because it matches the pastel tones so well without being too much on the pink side. I also think the brown pompom looks like it will go well on the magenta hat.

  48. Celeste   •  

    Loving these pom poms. Might have to go looking on eBay after the holidays are over. But that might generate new knitting projects. (Not that I’ll ever complain about that!)

    I’m in the magenta + brown, gray + pink to match ears camp. How fun that you have choices.

  49. Bronchitikat   •  

    You asked – you put the pink bobble on the bunny hat. It’ll go with the inside of the ears.

    Then you put the cream bobble on the pink hat. And you’ll have to knit another for the brown pompom!

    One of these days I shall knit myself a red hat, just so that people don’t get too surprised later on!

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