Modification Monday: Alice in Wonderland Dress


Modification Monday: Alice in Wonderland Dress|

Original Pattern: Alice in Wonderland
Knitter Extraordinaire: Cathy (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Raised the neckline, shortened the cabling section, and turned the top into a dress. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: You might remember seeing Cathy before, as she is no stranger to the modified pattern (check out her previous Mod Monday post here). I love her take on the original top pattern. The dress turned out beautifully, and is a great reminder that so many tops can actually make great dresses, especially ones like this that already have waist shaping involved.  Cathy’s dress is a stunning example of just how good a sweater dress can really be. I haven’t knit one yet, but knititng a sweater dress (I do have store-bought ones) is definitely on my must-knit list!

Modification Monday: Alice in Wonderland Dress|


  1. Bekah   •  

    Pretty! That is so clever to turn a top pattern into a dress!

  2. Lotta N   •  

    What a wonderful dress, it’s beautiful!!!! You are incredible, I’m impressed.

  3. Karen Chassels   •  

    That’s really nice. How clever!

  4. Pia   •  

    I live in couple of knit dresses. They are so comfortable. In the summer I favour the ones I’ve made out of linen.

  5. Katie Lynn   •  

    I will stick to my sewn dresses, because of all the lumps and bumps would be on full display in this kind of dress! I love the idea of turning a sweater pattern in a dress, and I’m envious of those who can pull off the look!

  6. Kim   •  

    Gorgeous! Off to fav it immediately. I too would like to knit a dress (and then, you know, wear it), but the amount of knitting involved feels a bit intimidating to me. I also have a couple store-bought knit dresses, they are indeed comfy.

  7. Val   •  

    Amazing project… and sheer dedication, since that looks like fingering-weight! Beautiful!

  8. Mary Elaine Henderson   •  

    such a beautiful dress and a great color. Looking forward to next weeks modification to see what is working inside of your mind.

  9. Tahnee   •  

    Wow this mod is absolutely gorgeous, what a great idea!

  10. Wanda   •  

    Beautiful color, great mod! And yes – completing a sweater dress one day is on my knitting bucket list!

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