Modification Monday: Another Honey Cowl

Original Pattern: Honey Cowl

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sher (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Used two colours, used one skein of each and alternated colours for each row.  Also used a worsted weight instead of DK. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: When I saw this two colour version, I immediately thought that this was a perfect destashing project. Two skeins, one in each colour is all it took for Sher to create this beautiful version. It’s a simple modification, but one with a lot of impact- using two colours enhances the texture and depth of the stitches, and makes even the ‘wrong side’ look really pretty. And is it just me, or does the heavier gauge make it seem extra squishy and warm looking? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to go dive into my stash right now and see if I can come up with a couple skeins that will result in a beautiful cowl just like this.


  1. Zenitude   •  

    Wow! It’s wonderful I feel like trying it with a long colour repeat skein and a solid one to see what effect that would give me.

  2. Evelyn   •  

    Sometimes the simplest mod makes the biggest impact!

  3. Amanda   •  

    I LOVE your Honey Cowl! A friend in my knitting group just knit one in a black and gray sparkly yarn. I love the colors in yours!

  4. Teresa   •  

    So smart! I love this two colour version!

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