Modification Monday: Antlers Fingerless Mitts

Original Patterns: Maine Morning Mitts and Antler Hat

Knitter Extraordinaire: Patti (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Using the Antler hat pattern and the Maine Morning mitts as her guide, Pattie created these Antler Fingerless mitts. details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: Ah, the antler cable. It looks good on everything, don’t you think?  And you know how much  I love fingerless mitts, too. What I find particularly interesting about these mitts is that a full mitten pattern exists with the same cable, but Patti wanted something more customized with a slightly different sized antler cable, and the hat has just the ticket- the antler cable size changes as you knit from the brim up to the top. Starting with a stitch count she was familiar with, and the Maine Morning Mitts as a backdrop for the thumb gusset, she used the classic cable to make the customized mitts match her hat.

The antler cable is brilliant on so many things – and just about perfect on these fingerless mitts.

From the Mod Monday Archives: You can see another great cabled mod to create a matching set here, And another fantastic cabled fingerless mitt mod here!


  1. Wanda   •  

    That really is such a great cable! Her mitts look cosy and soft – perfect for Feb in New England.

  2. miss agnes   •  

    I’m with you, I love a good pair of fingerless mitts. These are very pretty.

  3. Lisa   •  

    Well I guess I need to do something with an antler cable now. How brilliant!

  4. Stefanie   •  

    I like the looks of that smooshy yarn. Great colorway too.

  5. Lisa   •  

    What is the yarn and colourway you use for the mittens?

    • Julie   •     Author

      Hi Lisa! It’s Madeline Tosh Vintage in Whisky Barrel. 🙂

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