Modification Monday: Axis Mundi Mitts


Modification Monday: Axis Mundi Mitts |

Original Pattern: Oak Grove

Knitter Extraordinaire: Jane (Ravelry ID

Mods:  Changed the top center cable to bobbles, and added a cable to the side seams, as well as changed up the way she knit them (two at a time!).  Details on her  modifications can be found on her project page, which can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: Even though I’ve actually knit this pattern myself, when I saw Jane’s mitts the changes look so much at home that I had to toggle between the original pattern and her project page to see all the differences (which is worth doing). I love the bobbles, they look perfect next to the oak leaf motif.  And the small faux cable along the sides are a nice touch, and help frame the oak leaf after removing the original cable.  The whole effect is so pretty!

Modification Monday: Axis Mundi Mitts |


  1. Laura Sahlberg   •  

    I love what you did to these mitts!

  2. steph   •  

    I’ve made the oak grove mitts, too…..and like you—-I ADORE these modifications!!! Thanks for sharing…..another thing for the queue!

  3. Wanda   •  

    How cute!! And, these would take a little less time to knit up than the entire mitten – I love making fingerless gloves. In Sept-Oct, when I’m having my morning tea on the screened porch, they are perfect. 🙂

  4. loulou   •  

    Those are beautiful indeed! So neat that she knit them two at a time.

  5. Marcy   •  

    The gloves are great..I haven’t made that pattern but I sure like what you did with them.

  6. Pia   •  

    Wonderful mitts and yes the changes seem so natural for the pattern.

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