Modification Monday: Brandywine Cardi

cardi 2

Original Pattern: Brandywine Falls  and #20 Smocked Cable Coat 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sam (Ravelry ID, blog

Mods: Turned the original shawl pattern into a gorgeous cardigan, using details from the Smocked Cabled Coat pattern and a heck of a lot of improvising. Project page with more details can found here

What Makes This Awesome:  Sam started off loving the texture of the Brandywine Shawl pattern, but wasn’t much of a shawl person. Using the Smocked Cable Coat pattern as a guideline, she worked the great textured design of the shawl into the lower third of the cardigan, altered the cabled design to carry up all the way through the fronts and back,  and changed the neckline to a lovely rounded garter edge, which looks even better than the original. It balances out the design, and the whole effect is stunning. Sam did an amazing job!

card 1


  1. Eileen   •  


  2. Carla   •  

    Isn’t that gorgeous! Such detail

  3. Mary   •  

    I really like your combination of these two patterns! Your cardi is gorgeous!!!

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