Modification Monday: Colorwork Wyeth

Modification Monday: Wyeth Cardigan|

Original Pattern: Wyeth

Knitter Extraordinaire: Liz (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed out the textured arrow design for colourwork instead, and only did 4 arrows, including changing some of the directions. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: You would never know this was Liz’s first sweater, would you? I wish I had this sweater in my closet, I love the colourwork arrows, and the overall palette that she chose for the sweater and contrasting arrows is simple and classic. And talk about a great idea, switching out a textural design for colourwork! I need to look at designs in a new way now, and consider changing a textured design for a colourful one- I absolutely love how her sweater turned out.

Modification Monday: Wyeth Cardigan|


  1. Karen   •  

    Gorgeous! I adore the colourwork. Gosh, I have yet to attempt an adult sweater… this is incredibly inspiring.

  2. Brandy   •  

    Gorgeous! I knit up a Wyeth last Christmas and I love that thing, but doing the arrow motif in colors is genius.

  3. Pia   •  

    This is so modern and pretty! I love the idea as well.

  4. Wanda   •  

    so beautiful and impressive, esp as a first sweater! My first sweater was a disaster – gauge got completely off, one sleeve noticeably wider than the other, too long… the list of mistakes is endless. It’s been 3 years, and I havent recovered sufficiently to try another – still just scarves and hats for this knitter! 🙂

  5. Kelly J. R.   •  

    What a great idea! The sweater turned out beautifully.

  6. Erin   •  

    Wow this is beautiful, I love the design!

  7. Jolene   •  

    Really love this modification — the colorwork is just perfect with that one red one at waist level!

  8. kessanlin   •  

    This was her first sweater? Wow! In fact, I like her modification more than the original. Great job!

  9. Abbie   •  

    Unbelievable that this is her first sweater! Great choices on the modifications.

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