Modification Monday: Copse Reimagined

Original Pattern: Copse

Knitter Extraordinaire: Matthew (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Instead of the cabled rectangular wrap, Matthew used the cable design and Incorporated them fully into a sweater of his own design (no, there’s no pattern! I know, it’s amazing and I want one too). Also, to get gauge he held 3 strands of fingering weight together, to give a wonderful marled effect. Project page can be found here.

What Makes This Awesome: I don’t know about you, but I totally swooned when I saw the cables of Copse, but winced when I saw the yardage and thought that I really don’t think I’ll wear a gigantic cabled stole much. But Matthew, intrepid knitter that he is, decided to incorporate the cables into a sweater of his own design. While this sort of undertaking isn’t for the faint of heart, a good guide would be to find another cabled sweater pattern that is in the same gauge, and substitute the cables. With results as incredible as this, that’s a lot of motivation to try it out!

UPDATE: See the comments below from Matthew with tips on how to try something like this for yourself!


  1. Swissrose   •  

    What a fabulous – and unisex!! – sweater. I love this! So clever.

    My mom recently sent me a photo of a friend wearing a cream knitted dress she’d made by combining two patterns – the top had a lace snowflake and the hem showcased a black snowscape (papercut style) with a novelty yarn “snowy” edging – it was to die for! Sadly, this lady is very modest and not on Ravelry, the dress is amazing!

  2. Barbara   •  

    That is amazing! Just imaging trying to work those cables with three strands of yarn makes my mind boggle a bit!

  3. Di   •  

    Most all of his projects are works of art!

  4. Stefanie   •  

    What a great sweater. I like how the strands made the cabling look. I thought they were almost like fantasy ropes.

  5. Emily   •  

    Impressive! Well done, sir.

  6. florapie   •  

    Oh, and his marl is made out of camel and cashmere! This is a beautiful project

  7. Matthew   •  

    Thanks everyone!!! I’m very flattered.

    My best pieces of advice:

    1. Full-sized graphs (google custom knitters graph paper) allow you to figure out repeats, armhole/neckline shaping and any other potential pitfalls before you get into a project. My pattern making time is the most important part of any project.

    2. BIG gauge swatches are a must. Also, wash your swatches, don’t just steam. Most of the yarn I use is commercial yarn used for machine knitting so it NEEDS to be scoured after knitting.

    3. We are rough on their sweaters. Knit ribs and neck trim on needles at least two sizes smaller than your body fabric.

    4. Use existing garments that you wear to help you figure out how much wearing ease you prefer. also, really take your body measurements and listen to them. I like +2″-4″ in a bulky or heavily cabled piece or cardigan but prefer +0″ in something finer or jersey. Nothing sucks more than 80 hours of knitting and you NEVER wear the finished piece because the fit is off.

  8. Selina   •  

    wow beautifully made too!
    no pattern?
    gosh, he’ll have to rectify that! i would that pattern & bet many others would too!
    the cables are awesome! i just love cables

    thanx for sharing

  9. Wanda   •  

    3 strands held together while cabling? Amazing! The yarns he picked are just gorgeous too 🙂

  10. Snow   •  

    Another knitter worthy of a 21 skein salute!! Thanks for sharing this!
    I, too, swooned for that cable pattern then hit the floor hard when I saw the mileage (not a typo) of yarn needed.
    So lovely and inspiring to see what the knitting Borg mind produces.
    I’m going to work on channeling my inner Matthew.
    I dream of the day I can wear 0 ease sweaters. Perhaps if I do buy Copse and it’s required mileage, I won’t have any money left for food and I’ll live off wool fumes and sheer determination/madness to finish that epic wrap. A whole new slant to a “knitters diet”. Lol.

  11. Alina   •  

    Oh, this sweater is so so me – it has everything I love about knitwear!

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