Modification Monday: Cornflower Cardi


Original Pattern: Kai mei and Seamless Saddle Shoulder Pullover

Knitter Extraordinaire: Patricia (Ravelry ID

Mods: Combined a great detail from a sock pattern and the Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater recipe for this fully customized cardigan.  Project page can be found here

What Makes This Awesome: What a wonderful idea- customizing a perfect blue cardigan and using a great lace detail at the waist.  And for the lace, the original sock design had a lace stripe that worked perfectly- just the right amount of detail and interest. If you were building your ideal cardigan from scratch, following the wisdom of Elizabeth Zimmermann   is a great place to start. Patricia’s cardigan is a testament to how personalized (and beautiful!) you can make it. 

cornflower 2


  1. drop   •  

    It’s so nice!

    I knit too but some littles animals to see on my blog…

  2. Michelle Nussey   •  

    LOVE the blue! The lace is so delicate and pretty, and the bold blue really sets it off!
    Is it just me or does Modification Monday make anyone else want to quit their job and knit full time? I don’t think I could ever produce so many beautiful knitted things without knitting constantly! Then again, that’s the dream right?

  3. Lolly   •  

    Wow! This is beautiful, and so wearable! I love how versatile cardigans are, and the color on this is pitch-perfect.

  4. kessanlin   •  

    Wow, this IS an amazing modification. Just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

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