Modification Monday: Cusp

Modification Monday: Cusp |

Original Pattern: Cusp

Knitter Extraordinaire: Onkuri (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods:  Changed the neckline to a steeked v-neck, and made vertical arm slits instead of horizontal ones. Project page can be found here, and has amazing details and some great thoughts on other potential modifications. I highly recommend reading her notes if you are even considering knitting the pattern.

What Makes This Awesome:  Oh, where to begin! I agree that the v neck really helps echo the ‘wedges’ of the pullover, the result is great.  Her solution of the vertical arm slits help prevent the fabric from bubbling in unflattering ways while wearing the garment,  and allow for better elongation of the ‘sleeve’ which makes it much more wearable for the average person. Onkuri also noted that as it’s knit from the center out it’s very easy to customize fit, even for a variety of gauges.  The result is a drapey, flattering fit for a garment that might otherwise be difficult to wear- Onkuri’s version is shows just how wearable it can really be!

Modification Monday: Cusp |


  1. miss agnes   •  

    I had to check the original pattern page to better grasp the changes, and yes, these are clever. Especially the sleeves. It looks so comfy, just the kind of knit you want to snuggle into at this time of the year. Nice !

  2. Kat   •  

    Oh, that sleeve mod is brilliant! She did a great job, that definitely looks like the perfect nice yet still cozy top.

  3. Wanda   •  

    So cute! It manages to look both comfy and trendy, a combination that’s not so easy to strike!

  4. Snow   •  

    These miss are the very things I thought of when I saw the original pattern…v neck and vertical steeks…really..they just make sense. So happy someone worked those out!
    Love seeing favorite old styles come back round again. This style sweater is comfy and flattering on all figure types.
    And perfect for a pulled together look on those days when none of your pants fit.

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