Modification Monday: Dog Sweater

Original Patterns: Honeypie hat and Maine Morning Mitts

Knitter Extraordinaire: Parkdale (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Incredibly Parkdale didn’t use a dog sweater as the base for this – she used the child sized hat brim for the dog sweater neckline, and the thumb gusset increases form the Maine Morning Mittens as the method for the chest increases after the neck. Then, she used basic sock toe decreases for the general shaping towards the pack of the sweater. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: If you look at Parkdale’s other projects, you’ll see that she has knit the Honeypie hat and the Main Morning Mittens before, as well as all sorts of socks. This meant that she was thinking about patterns she was already really familiar with in new ways. Her goal was to create a top-down dog sweater so she could check the fit as she knitted, and she couldn’t find an existing dog sweater pattern that was top down, super bulky, and had the chest and back separated so that it could be buttoned on. This was a very important detail, because that sweet pup is a rescue from Mexico, and does not let anyone but Parkdale touch her paws, so a sweater that fully buttons on was a must for times when someone else needs to walk her.

Speaking of being a rescue pup, Parkdale got this cutie from DIBS (Dogs in Better Spots), a non profit that helps homeless and abandoned dogs from Mexico (and sometimes Canada and the U.S.) find their forever homes. Three cheers for rescuing wonderful dogs in need!



  1. Wanda   •  

    Oh my gosh!! That is an adorable sweater for an adorable dog, for sure – I love it! For the last couple years, with a few weeks of absolutely frigid weather hitting us in New England, I have thought about making up a sweater pattern for my large lab mix. I’ve bought her a couple fleece dog jackets, but she hasn’t enjoyed wearing them. I tell myself, surely she will like something better if it is handmade by me..?? 🙂 This knitter’s pattern is such a nice idea for using up the stash too. The dog is super cute – I rescued my lab mix from southern US 10 yrs ago this month – one of the best things I’ve ever done!!

  2. Alina   •  

    This is just adorable! Great way to use leftovers 🙂

  3. Melissa Littlefield   •  

    Great idea! I need a pattern for a dog sweater of my own and I like the way Parkdale thinks! Thanks for sharing, as always, Julie!

  4. Linda   •  

    Has anyone noticed that the coat colours are similar to the collar colours? Tres chic.

  5. miss agnes   •  

    Linda has a good eye ! What a great outfit, and the dog seems to be quite proud to wear it.

  6. Swissrose   •  

    Lovely – and thoughtful, too! So smart.

    My English Cocker Spaniel (I’m afraid called Alina like your commenter above!) wears jackets and sweaters when it’s cold; she is clipped/trimmed so I need to replace the warmth of her copious natural coat. She is also 13 1/2 yrs old so there’s that.
    We are lucky to have no issues with regular patterns. I made her a blue colourwork sweater and also a pink one for her friend… 😉 (black/grey dogs and both sweater patterns by Drops/Garnstudio)

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