Modification Monday: Faded Leftovers Antler

Original Pattern: Antler 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Gen (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Using the leftovers from her Find Your Fade Shawl, Gen created this fantastic Antler sweater. details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: How many people have had loads of leftovers from making a Find Your Fade, or another large scale project? This is a brilliant idea for using a great colour combination for another knitting project. Gen does a great job of breaking down exactly how she used the colour combinations in this top down sweater, and it works out so beautifully. It’s very rare to get a garment out of leftovers, but when you have been working on a large knitting project hat already blends together a great combination of colours, wouldn’t it be great to make a garment with the same combination that you love? I love the result, this sweater looks so cozy, and perfect for weekends.



  1. miss agnes   •  

    It’s amazing that she had so much yarn left over from a shawl ! This makes a nice twin-set with the sweater.

  2. urielh   •  

    So prettyyyyyy!!!! ^^

  3. Alina   •  

    There something so satisfactory in making a wearable piece out of the leftovers! Great project – perfect for wearing with jeans and boots!

  4. Clever. And it worked out quite well, I’d say.

    I love using leftover yarn for blended projects like this. Otherwise, it just sits around in your stash.

  5. Wanda   •  

    How great!! And this really feels serendipitous to me; I have FINALLY finished my first sweater – I knew I had to do a top down sweater to be successful (I have such trouble getting gauge, I decided that doing top down allows for constantly trying on and adjusting a bit if not fitting right). My first finished sweater was Antler – a good one for a sweater newbie. It came out just the right size even though my gauge was off! I was so excited so of course began an immediate search for my next sweater, which will be the So Faded sweater. (I’m going to do a mostly blue fade, with a pop of hot pink.) I love the combination of the two in this mod; maybe this will be my third sweater!

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