Modification Monday: First Colorwork Sweater

Original Pattern: 164-23 English Afternoon

Knitter Extraordinaire: Nunu (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed the original 4- color stranded design into a 2-colour design instead. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: How many of you have looked at a great colourwork design, and found it a bit too intimidating to tackle, especially with all those colours? Who says that you have to knit a colourwork design with as many colours as originally specified? Nunu made a great decision in trying this as her first colourwork project- she simplified the palette to one main colour and one contrast colour. That’s it! Talk about making your first colourwork project so much easier to tackle. This isn’t just a good solution for those that are new to colourwork- if you struggle with putting colour combinations together, try the two colour solution.

And for those of you who find the inside of a well made stranded design really satisfying to look at:

And shout out to my fellow Canadians out there- Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. miss agnes   •  

    Really lovely and a great for a first colorwork project. And what a great technique for a first stranded project, very impressive.

  2. Di   •  

    Beautiful inside and out!
    Happy Thanksgiving-do you also do the whole turkey thing?

  3. Brenda   •  

    Oh my goodness, the inside is just lovely. It’s so tidy you could wear that thing inside-out!

  4. Wanda   •  

    Having a few colorwork projects under my belt, I STILL prefer 2 colors to more than 2 – this is just great! And thank you for sharing the stranding from inside – it’s so impossibly neat and utterly satisfying!

  5. Suzanne   •  

    So impressed. I am making a two color hat using the philosopher’s wool technique to manage my yarns. It’s a homework/practice hat that satisfies my need to knit for charity and get practice in. A win-win! Happy thanksgiving!

  6. Stefanie   •  

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. I like what she did and her floats are wonderful.

  7. Nunu   •  

    Thank you for the feature, Julie! 🙂 And thank you everyone for the kind comments about the project <3

  8. Alina   •  

    Love the idea of the monochrome colorwork, though it does sound like an oxymoron ☺ looks really elegant!

  9. Snow   •  

    Coming from a family of those who do all types of handwork, I always look at the back! I can remember my grandmother teaching me needlepoint at a very eager four years old, showing me how to plan each stitch to look good on the front and back. I think the picture she has of me with my first project is with the back of the project facing the camera. Nunu, Grandma would be stopping people on the street with your floats photo! Beautifully done!
    I have to admit having considered using a gradient and a solid for a colorwork project, just to get the hang of the process before taking on tangling myself up in bobbins.

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