Modification Monday: Foxy Lady

Original Pattern: Foxy lady genser 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Kristin (Ravelry ID, blog)

Mods: Eliminated the colour-blocked stripes from the yoke, and adjusted the length to be more cropped.Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: Simplifying a pattern is an amazing way to make one or two standout details really pop. Kristin took a great pattern and then stripped it down to a simplified palette – a warm white base colour, and three well-chosen contrasting colours for the textured ‘feathers’ to really stand out on the yoke. The stitch for those feathers is really intriguing, and the photo of the wrong side of the sweater (below) shows that they sit comfortably flat against the chest, with all the drama on the right side of the fabric. Cropped sweater lovers, you know what Kristin knows- when you love that cropped sweater length, any sweater can be cropped.

Which makes me think I should try a cropped sweater sometime. I’ve never knit a sweater at a cropped length, but I feel like I might really like it. Perhaps I’ll follow Kristin in her stunning sweater here!


  1. Melissa   •  

    Looks like a great sweater, Julie! Nice find and a cool mod!

  2. Alina   •  

    Such a great idea! Love this version so much – just enough color without being too busy!

  3. Marijke   •  

    What a beautiful sweater! The colors are very beautiful! a nice sweater for the spring; on colder days

    Marijke @zusjeknus

  4. miss agnes   •  

    Stunning is the right word! I love how she chose her colour combo: two shades of blue and the orange on the opposite side of the spectrum against a beautiful white background, works perfectly.

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