Modification Monday: Hazel Hat

I know it’s a little self serving, but sometimes I modify patterns too. πŸ˜‰

Original Pattern: Raituli

Knitter Extraordinaire: Well, me. My Ravelry ID is here.

Mods: Added a double brim, ears, and a felt star. Details on the mods (including directions for the ears) can be found on my project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome:Β Isn’t it so fantastic when your kid asks you to knit them something? Lila adores Hazel from the cartoon tv series, Little Charmers. She asked me to make her Hazel’s hat, which has adorable ears and a fuchsia star on the front. I looked for a pattern that had the general shape, and then modified the brim to be a double brim, like in the cartoon. The ears were fun to make, and definitely need both the dark pink and purple sections in order to be sturdy enough to stay up on their own – details on how I made the ears can be found on my Ravelry project page.

I deliberately made the hat a bit big,to give her a bit of room to grow- assuming she doesn’t lose it before then! Now, she is asking me to make her Hazel’s fingerless mitts, too. How can I say no to such a cutie?

It’s so hard to photograph kids, isn’t it? There is no such thing as ‘acting natural’ for them.


  1. Christine   β€’  

    What a great hat. Your daughter is getting so big. Adorable.

  2. Meredith MC   β€’  

    So much cute!

  3. Stephanie   β€’  

    I needed a shot of cuteness on this Monday morning! What a great replica of the hat as well! Lila looks so happy. One of the joys of knitting is making items for loved ones, Well done, Julie!

  4. Loulou   β€’  

    Oh my goodness …. this is so cute. Love the hat and the little girl wearing it!

  5. Di   β€’  

    That is adorable and she LOVES it! When are you going to let her color her hair fuschia?:)

  6. Pam   β€’  

    Adorable! Also, I love the pose — my son had a similar pose which included the upper hand curved above his head in many pictures at this age. Now it’s part of good memories. Natural, in its way.

  7. Val   β€’  

    What a sweetie! And a stellar replica!

  8. miss agnes   β€’  

    Love the pose ! She’s just so proud of her great hat, with reason. So great that your daughter asks you to knit her things πŸ˜‰ Mine would not be caught dead in anything hand knit (temporary teenager delusion, I hope). Can’t wait to see the matching mittens.

  9. Snow   β€’  

    You can’t say no. But don’t let them catch on. She’s so grown up! Wasn’t it such a very short time ago that you found out she needed glasses and were worried about getting through that process and keeping them on her face?

    • Julie   β€’     Author

      Hi Snow,

      You are right, it feels like ages ago now, now she is so good about wearing her glasses! But oh man, it’s been a journey.

    • Julie   β€’     Author

      Thanks so much, I completely agree! πŸ˜‰

  10. Alina   β€’  

    Oh wow, such a great modification, love how you completely customized it for Lila!

  11. Wanda   β€’  

    That hat is so cute, for an amazingly cute young girl!! Isn’t it amazing how true it is that the days are slow but the years are fast?

    • Julie   β€’     Author

      You are SO right, it really is true!! Although the days feel like they go pretty fast, too….

  12. Tien   β€’  

    Lila looks adorable in her Hazel hat! Love the ears and big star. Wish my little guy would ask me to knit him things. Alas, he’s a summer dude through and through.

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