Modification Monday: Jasmine Hat

Original Pattern: Jasmine Scarf

Knitters Extraordinaire: Alice (Ravelry ID, website)

Mods: Using the stitch pattern from the popular scarf pattern, Alice incorporated it into a hat design instead. Full details – including a chart on how she did the crown decreases-  can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: When you see a stitch you love but it’s in a knit that you might not wear, why not use the stitch in something else? Alice did just that, taking the beautiful caliper cable from the Jasmine Scarf pattern and incorporating it into a hat instead. Alice is a pattern designer, so the details are well thought out, and she has made it super easy to knit one just like it for yourself (thanks Alice!) by following the info on her project page.  The results are stunning.

If you see a cable of textured design that you love in one type of knit, why not think about how to incorporate it into another design, like a hat? Don’t let the crown decreases make you nervous – in a smaller knit, it’s a good opportunity to experiment with how to make the design narrow in a way that you like, and you can always rip back a bit if it isn’t working and try something new. Hats are a great knit to experiment with! And look how beautiful the results can be.


  1. miss agnes   •  

    Indeed, the result is awesome. I remember loving this scarf pattern, but I don’t wear scarves. This stitch pattern would be beautiful on a sweater too. Hope you are feeling better, Julie, and have a great week.

  2. Nikki   •  


  3. Wanda   •  

    So pretty!

  4. Alina   •  

    Such a great stitch pattern and fit!

  5. Alice   •  

    Happy you liked it, Julie! I completely agree, hats are a great project type to experiment shaping on. (PS. I just read that you’ve been ill, hope you’re doing better, pneumonia is grim.)

  6. Lisa   •  

    YES! I love how simple hers looks in the photo. Very lovely.

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