Modification Monday: Laneway


Original Pattern: Laneway 

Knitter Extraordinaire: Ririko (Ravelry ID, blog

Mods:  worked multicoloured stripes, changing colours after every 3 stripes worked;  lengthened the body,  reduced sleeves, and used an elastic bind off for the hem. Project page can be found here

What Makes This Awesome: I’m a huge fan of Veera’ patterns to begin with,  but I love Ririko’s personalized take on the pattern. the multicoloured stripes look great grouped into bands of three, which has a more elegant and refined  result than if she had changed colours for every single stripe.  Reducing the size of the sleeves works great for her slight frame, and lengthening the skirt worked perfectly- even though the dress has pockets, which can be tricky to do, so lengthened with the pockets in mind. The result is a fabulous dress that looks just so right. 

laneway 2


  1. AngelaH   •  

    I really, really love this version. If I were to knit this dress (and I’m tempted) It think this would be my template. So gorgeous.

  2. Michelle Nussey   •  

    Looks great! I am tempted to make a tunic style sweater. I really love the horizontal stripes on this one! It gives it this little pop of colour in the grey. Very classy.

  3. WoolenRepublic   •  

    It looks amazing! I love the stripey body and the flare bottom, really a cool look.

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