Modification Monday: Legwarmers

Original Pattern: Garden Dream Mittens

Knitter Extraordinaire: Victoria (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Using the chart from the mitten design, Victoria made super warm stranded legwarmers. More images can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: How amazing are these legwarmers?! Victoria has done an amazing job, alternating the mittens charts (the flowers and butterflies are oriented differently on the right from the left)  and the cuff design. She also added side panels of a tidy row of hearts, forming a great stripe on both the inner and outer leg, which visually elongates the design and provides separation from the the charts on the front and back, which helps keep the design from looking too cluttered. I particularly like show she used a variegated and a solid yarn- the combination makes the design look even more complex, as though there is colourwork involved! For deep winter, I bet these are wonderfully warm, too.


  1. lilirious   •  

    oh man these are amazing! I really need to knit me a pair for next winter!! (or the winter after…)

  2. Melissa   •  

    gah! these are gorgeous. I am a sucker for any kind of long sock/leg warmer. What a wonderful idea to take a mitten fair isle pattern and work it into leggings! So cool! Thanks!

  3. Neulisti   •  

    Wow, I need to knit my self a looooong pair of leg warmers!

  4. Sierra   •  

    Wow! Just the thought of the leg shaping alone! Without adding in the changing of the chart and additional add on’s. This is an amazing project!

  5. miss agnes   •  

    Seriously awesome! I mean, how great are these legwarmers! At first, I thought they were leggings and my heart missed a beat: I dream of knitted leggings, a full year project I reckon with my knitting speed. And mirroring the charts, how wonderful is that? Great find this week sweet Julie.

  6. Wanda   •  

    WOW!! I just absolutely love them, and I am beyond amazed with how much work went into these!!

  7. Stephanie   •  

    I don’t think I have ever coveted a knitted item more! These are glorious–and completely inspiring! Her legs are also killer and they look incredible on her! My legs are a lot shorter, so I wouldn’t have to knit as much if I wanted to make a pair for myself!

  8. Stefanie   •  

    Holey bagels, and she had to have some increasing and decreasing for the shaping of those legwarmers too. How clever she is.

  9. Susanne   •  

    I love those legwarmers! What a great idea, to use the chart from the mittens pattern, and she executed it perfectly!

  10. Alina   •  

    Those are just stunning!!! The colors are so wonderful together!

  11. Lisa   •  

    I’ve been intrigued by colorwork with a varigated and a solid lately (I want to do it on my next pair of socks) and man oh man did she pull this off! I love seeing how she took a simple motif and really made it her own. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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