Modification Monday: Lempster

The winner of the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible giveaway is….. Stephanie Young! Congrats, Stephanie!

Original Pattern: Lempster

Knitter Extraordinaire: Dala (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Changed out the central cable design, swapped in a honeycomb stitch, added waist shaping and lengthened the sleeves. I highly recommend checking out the project page, which is full of great resources, links and tips on how she made the finished version.

What Makes This Awesome: In the vast world of cable knitting, there are a lot of options. Any time you are looking at a sweater pattern with cables, there is always the opportunity to change out the cables for something else. The central cable of the original pattern is a show stopper, but it isn’t the only options- I love Dala’s choice to work the center panel in a honeycomb stitch, Which adds a great bit of texture to balance out the side cables. I also really like that she lengthened the sleeves, as the original pattern’s 3/4 length sleeves seemed to be a bit off balance with the dramatic cables.  Fantastic results!


  1. Alina   •  

    So happy for Steph!!! She will definitely put this book in good use and as for me I already put in my Amazon cart!!!! Thank you for the review again.

    As for this gorgeous sweater – I just can’t stop staring at these cables and texture!!! Definitely my kind of knit!

  2. Lotsofhermies   •  

    This is gorgeous. Every time I read your Mod Mondays it gets me one step closer to doing my own. So encouraging!

  3. Wanda   •  

    I love her mod – a beautiful sweater! And, congrats to Steph; I couldn’t live without that beautiful book after your post about it with some pictures, so I was at Barnes and Noble this past weekend and picked up my own copy. I have been simply oogling every picture since I got it!

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