Modification Monday: North Shore R&R

Modification Monday: North Shore R&R |

Original Patterns: R&R Hoodie and North Shore

Knitter Extraordinaire: Laura (Ravelry ID) Who is such a wizard with modifying knits for colourwork that she has been featured here 4 previous times- all incredible! Check out Freakin’ Foxtastic, Cloudy with a Chance of Sunrise, Merry Stella, and Ends Baby Cardi.

Mods: Starting with the hoodie pattern, Laura switched to the colourwork yoke pattern when she got tot he yoke, and then back to the hoodie pattern after the yoke. Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: I’ve seen some amazing finished knits from this pattern, but this is a beautiful marriage between two patterns. The R&R Hoodie is a raglan, but North Shore is a round yoke (which makes sense for colourwork). Changing up the yoke like this required Laura to do some fudging with the stitch numbers, but she was able to make it work- and to such stunning effect! Laura has a real knack for combining colours, don’t you think?

Modification Monday: North Shore R&R |


  1. miss agnes   •  

    Clearly a winner ! Really clever combination of two great patterns.

  2. Susan   •  

    This is stunning! Great pick for MM.

  3. Melissa   •  

    Oh my, the color work is amazing on that yoke. I am a sucker for a good knitted hoodie. Thanks for the tip on another great modification 🙂

  4. Jessica   •  

    I LOVE this, it’s beautiful! The details are incredible.

  5. Stefanie   •  

    Amazing. I love those little splashes of color in the grey hoodie.

  6. I’ve been seeing that hoodie make the rounds (without the mod). I know I would wear it every day but there is no way I am doing a zipper. Just now way. There simply isn’t enough vodka in the world to make that possible.


  7. AngelaH   •  

    Love this! And may have to steal the idea for my nephew…

  8. Stephanie   •  

    Love the merging of these two designs, and these color choices are really spectacular! Amazing finished product!

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