Modification Monday: Plum Ulysse Hat

Original Pattern: Stockholm Scarf

Knitter Extraordinaire: Nikoletta (Ravelry ID)

Mods: Using the stitch pattern from the original cowl pattern, Nikolette created a hat to match her cowl.  Details can be found on her project page, here.

What Makes This Awesome: When it comes to winter accessories, we have three main categories: neck, head, and hands. Us knitters love to have a different woolly thing on each of those three, but when it comes to feeling a little more pulled together, having two items that match can make a stylish difference. Starting with a pattern that you love and making one item – like the Stockholm scarf here – and then using the main stitch pattern on another accessory is a brilliant way to look pulled together all winter long. I love The hat that Nikolette made to match her cowl, it turned out perfectly!


  1. miss agnes   •  

    Great mod from a lovely original design 😉 This teal set is really cute, in one of my favorite colors.

  2. Snow   •  

    I was just looking at Stockholm cowl last night! Trying to line up a few gifties….I know, probably too late for that but my stash keeps staring at me.
    How wonderful that your pattern inspired another knitter to make more of it in a different form!!

  3. Nikoletta   •  

    Thank you Julie for featuring my hat! 🙂 Since I knit it, the Stockholm scarf is my favorite item to wear! <3

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