Modification Monday: Second Take Lempster


Leempster 2

Original Pattern: Lempster

Knitter Extraordinaire: Sarah (Ravelry ID, blog

Mods:  Adjusted sleeve length, waist shaping,  smaller neckline, added a split to the hemline with a button detail.  Project page can be found here

What Makes This Awesome: This is Sarah’s second time knitting this sweater, which meant she was in a great position to make modifications- knititng a pattern for a second time can really show you what sort of changes you might want to make to improve upon the pattern and fit your needs exactly.  I love this short sleeved version- it’s great for layering and looks very modern, and adjusting the neckline and adding waist shaping was the perfect customization. I especially like the modern split hem, with the slightly long back than front- very popular in modern sweaters that you see in stores, and makes this pattern even more fresh and timely.


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  1. Michelle Nussey   •  

    I love the mods on this piece. Especially the split hem and button detail! I really have no idea why, but I am a huge fan of things that are longer in the back and shorter in the front, or a baseball hem!

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